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    Request help for iphoto for ipad iphone

    Yesterday I updated to iOS 5.1 and purchased & downloaded iPhoto for iPhone & iPad . I had never used iPhoto before. I was trying to edit one photo from my iPhone camera roll, I don't remember what I did, the photo was lost. I can see in the iPhoto main page under Edited and Flagged square box...
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    How to clear the Diagnostics & Usage Data

    Somebody please advise me how to clear the Diagnostics & Usage Data for ipad2 in General -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage -> Diagnostics & Usage Data. Thanks in advance
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    How to delete the Diagnostics & Usage Data in ipad2 Someone please advise me how to delete (...

    How to delete the Diagnostics & Usage Data in ipad2 Someone please advise me how to delete ( reset ) the Diagnostic & Usage Data ipad 2 Settings -> General ->About-> Diagnostics & Usage .
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    iOS 4.3.5 for iPad and iPhone

    Thanks for reply. Yes, today morning I found out in Apple web site.
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    iOS 4.3.5 for iPad and iPhone

    Thanks for your reply. What I am looking for is what are the new and major features updated in ios 4.3.5 on ipad2 and iphone 4.
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    iOS 4.3.5 for iPad and iPhone

    Today I download and install the update iOS 4.3.5 . I did not see any difference or changes update features in both iPad and iPhone. Anybody please highlight what are the major changes for this new version. Thanks
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    Add apps to itunes library in another computer

    I normally sync and update to my iphone 4 and ipad2 with my PC's itune. Is there any way to keep all my contact and apps in my another note book itune ? Thanks
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    sky fm

    I usually listen internet radio from with iphone 4 , iphone 3G and ipod, no problem at all. But when I go to this web page with ipad 2 I have message " Our media player requires the Adobe Flash 10 plugin " I am not able to listen. If Flash require why iphone & ipod can listen streaming...
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    Office suite for ipad

    I am a new user of ipad. I would like to get some advice and guidance from experience users. I am using Dropbox with my office PC, my notebook my home PC and iphone4 for sharing my files and open/edit/work from any one. Now I installed for ipad. For office application I learned from this forum...
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    How to sync contacts from iphone to ipad

    I am new user of ipad2, I received yesterday. Please advise how to sync the contact list from iphone to ipad. I am using ipad wifi 32 G. I am not using contact on MS exchange that is pure for office. I just want to sync my personal contacts from iphone. Thanks in advance