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    Ipad restore NOT USING ITUNES

    Is it possible to restore ipad to brand new without using itunes? I want to do this and try to resync fresh... nevermind I found it...I apologize...
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    iPad battery app (timer/tracker)

    if it's first charge it doesn't equivocate...b/c you sync with computer, which kills battery and doesn't charge it...try charging it to 100% then let it charge another 30-45 mins...there's a reserve on the ipad I"m sure...there is on iphone 3gs and 4...(so it acutally goes to about 120 percent...
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    iPad 2 in the U.S.

    well, considering it just went international today, 3/25, t here'll be shortages for another month or two...not like anything will change because it's ipad 2, vs ipad 1 a year ago (waits will be even longer)
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    Ipad 2 received today

    now I unplug and itunes resets song information (and changes to correc tsong/ correct time) apple, you fail
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    Ipad 2 received today

    well, it was caching the bluray to the hard drive, not actually burning but yes...I have since tried...restarting, shutting down, turning back on (after 3 min delay to reset internal diodes on computer), uninstalling, reinstalling itunes..nothing has I'm officially pissed....
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    Ipad 2 received today

    So I was syncing, and due to the amount, and fact I was also burning a bluray (not patient enough to wait), it crashed everytime I hook ipad 2 up, itunes freezes..when I disconnect, issue remedies..WTF!!!! I know it's not my cpu is still top of the line...and I'm...
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    Canadian Pricing iPad 2 $519

    Let's not forget, our money didn't become useless and worthless like canadian money til you're your entire existence into being poor, we're only 3 years....
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    iPad 2 Starts Rolling Out Internationally

    Good to see Americans aren't the only *** waiting in lines for a electronic device...I bought mine from apple :)...pretty british lady too ....with the clipboard :)
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    Ipad 2 received today

    So I got my 64 gig 3g white att ipad 2...there's absolutely NO LIGHT LEAKAGE, this thing, is seriously x-rated...for the amount of money I'm ready to spend on apps (I bought a 100$ itunes card when I bought this march 11th from, I'm on my way to walmart, to buy 300 in gift cards...I'm...
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    List Your Two Most Favorite Apps for iPad2 (one Free + one Paid)

    I just got my i2 today...I'mma have to check most of these apps out...couldn't care less about garageband, but the rest...mmmm some could be sweet...good thread here...
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    Need Advice: ipad1 vs ipad2

    stuck with credit why? you can request and demand a corporate refund'll take a week or two, but use a credit card, buy it from apple *anyone who buys this ipad 2 from an apple store is honestly a ***** taking the chance of driving there that it'll be in stock....lmao.that line will be...
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    Need Advice: ipad1 vs ipad2

    you obviously bought the ipad 1 after it went on a 100 sale...when the ipad 2 dropped..I bought mine and started the return process having to have it back by march 11 (the day you could preorder the new one online or b uy in store)...I sent it back... here was my philosophy....I don't care...
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    Screen leaking right on bottom (on the screen, where home button is)

    That's because they're all the same, minus 3g and wifi...but att and verizon have some placement....verizon's just gives you tumors (it's well known that verizon has better 3g coverage b/c they increase a frequency that allows greater distance reception (from towers) and is proven...
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    iPad chillin in Hong Kong for 3 days?

    This is kinda weird...mine's in lantau waiting now too...waiting in china is unreal, I've never had anything in 4 years of ordering from apple, staying in china more than that day--going to hk that night...but everyone is having issues, it's just a matter of where...shenzen, hk, or ak customs...
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    Who has Backlight bleeding?

    make sure you don't wait too long as then it'll need fixed, and if it needs to be fixed by apple, you'll probably be out of it for a long long while...
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    iPad chillin in Hong Kong for 3 days?

    it is possible it is in alaska awaiting customs clearance, I have had things hit alaska, clear customs and leave alaska in 2 takes that long to clear customs...I know you're all impatiently waiting, hell, I am too...just don't be down...these ipads are in containers with 50-100 each...
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    I COULD get the iPad2!

    and macs can get viruses...just so ya know..that's a huge myth...
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    I COULD get the iPad2!

    you're only problem is you're still talking about it...go buy it already...thing is rediculous... esp with n draft should probably buy it from before a store though, stores get mass shipments tuesday, which is extras that are made...(first come first serve for online...
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    Ipad 2 not moving at Lantau Island

    no...unless it's saturday delivery, but trucks, unless slated with saturday delivery, don't move any packages except sunday thru thursday...for delivery the next day...fri and sat nights are ups/fedex weekends
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    Screen leaking right on bottom (on the screen, where home button is)

    they are too affected by it...but apple creating something that bad? yeah I highly doubt that even in the wake of light leakage and antenna gate...they're just not the dumb..and steve jobs isn't that bad of a business man
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    Screen leaking right on bottom (on the screen, where home button is)

    lol you can hate me...I ipad 2 just went into prepared for shipment less than an hour ago...I'm psyched...engraved... you can still return it... "It says on the ipad page it can be charged by a pc" when in fact IT CAN ONLY BE CHARGED BY A MAC...b/c apple changed all usb...
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    Screen leaking right on bottom (on the screen, where home button is)

    So you trust them? probably won't go away if it doesn't decrease in 24 hours at glue takes that long to off, they're trying to delay you until it's too late and you're stuck with it...c'mon now, it's common sense...
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    IPad stories and Plans to get the Ipad.

    just remember this tuesday martin, there's 1000x idiots just like you who'd camp out for 12 early...go for 14 hours...hahah...stores aren't gettin many, as for mass shipments, that's a lie...they're only selling the extras that are made...most go to people who buy from apple, cuz...
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    Remote desktop applications

    go into itunes and search remote desktop or RDP...I'd just look at's all very different and depending what you want..there's a few for free you can always try...and rdp controls your home computer, even if you use RDP on a fiber optic 100MB connection, it won't carry
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    What does Prepared for Shipment mean?

    Everything ships separately, one factory does all ipads, one does ipods, and two do iphones... prepared means it's engraved if you chose to have it engraved, otherwise, it's in a fedex box already with a tracking number, and fedex has been notified (usually it's what's on a pallet ready for...
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    Anyone thought returning their ipad 2

    yeah I'm selling mine...when ipad 3 comes out.....f'sho...:) Actually, I may just keep it and use it as a remote for itunes and my tv and stuff (there's an app, plus it can control schlag links locks in my house and other stuff...I know my iphone 4 can do all this, but still...that has to...
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    Waited in line, got IPad 2, probably will return it

    lol not when apple has 2 years to get ahead in that 2 years and they're already has billions to spend, and literally does, apple does it with finesse and aren't catching apple unless you're bill gates and are determined to whip apple...
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    Waited in line, got IPad 2, probably will return it

    there definitely are fan boys, when it comes to apple, droid (b/c this is a horrible google powered software that should be 1000x better seeing as it's google) playstation, and xbox....but there's no question, ps3 is better for graphics, xbox is all about multiplayer and being the overall better...
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    Osmos for iPad on sale for $0.99 (regular $4.99) - Only Today

    it's a bit rediculous, I bought the social network on itunes, then I figured well it's gonna take an hour and 40 minutes, so it's free, I purchased it again on my i4...they charged me 19.99 for hd 39.98 plus tax...I was extrmely'd think if you bought it once, you'd get it...
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    Zagg or Ghost Armor's the best might get dirty but grab a microfiber cloth and clean should it still looks better than dirty prints on the actual device (zaggs finger print resistance stuff works better than apple's oleophobic coating...)
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    Any chance of getting order BEFORE 4-5 week?

    well if it was delayed, they have to notify you...and the quake happened and went, nothing changed on my ipad 2 delivery date...all my stuff arrived on time or early (Av adapter, i beats earbuds, smart cover)
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    Pending credit card charge

    that is all with the credit card company...I have visa and extremely good credit...I had my ipod touch go in processing for 3 days, and on the same card bought an ipad 1, that notified my cell and was processed and posted within 45 mins...
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    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    I saw this thread 3 days ago and have been searching pretty much in all my spare time...this bag is it...
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    Check this out

    lmao no, there's no time sat in a warehouse in lantau island for a day...or in the shenzen warehouse waiting to go to hong's b/c you bought it with free shipping, you couldn 't with expedited...expedited you'd get it within 2 ships on wednesday hong kong at...
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    Ok who got an AT&T iPad 2 when they wanted Verizon. :)

    lol I'd send it back...the reason verizon 3g is so good, they turn up the frequency on the 3g's bad for read about it (wonder why their towers are so much better using the same technology grade, with even fewer of them than att? lol....
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    True 11n wifi?

    maybe it's your internet? or ipad 1...being old and they new ipad 2 was already in the works...n is a hell of a lot faster....
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    Is it normal that I have to wiggle around the USB cable?

    I've had ipod classic, touch, iphone 3g, 3gs, 4, ipad 1.....and no...I've never had that, but it could be the cable (has happened when a cable was old and well overused...
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    Ipad2 Pages problem

    try deleting the app and reinstalling it...and make sure it's the only thing you sync...less chance of error that way...and do NOT use your computer for anything else...if that means you need more ram...likely....or you synced too much at one time...
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    Who has Backlight bleeding?

    this isn't really acceptable, mine is still on order through, I wanted it engraved...anyway, when you realize apple is a 80 billion dollar a year'd think they'd do better....and yeah, they made 79.1 billion last year.....
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    Does Apple Cheat on their taxes like Google's 31B?

    Doesn't mean people follow the bible, 42.12.48....the point is it's america, and it's a legal loophole, but yeah screw google, they're major aholes...I like apple though...steve jobs cheats on his taxes, his annual salary is 1$, has been since he took ownership of apple in late 90's...when apple...