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    I want to change my email avatar!

    The emails sent from my iPad to other ipads show some avatar of a weird guy I had never seen in my life in the upper right-hand area. How do I remove or change this avatar photo?I know it's not my yahoo profile photo because I checked. Would appreciate any help.
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    My ipad1 crashing too much! Can i do anything?

    I'll try it. Thanks.:)
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    My ipad1 crashing too much! Can i do anything?

    Thanks very much. I'll give them a try.:)
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    My ipad1 crashing too much! Can i do anything?

    Recently, my ipad1 has been crashing a lot. Usually it crashes from an app and returns to the main screen. It isn't exclusive to one app. Sometimes it's when I use text on sketchbook pro, use GarageBand or play Drawsomething Sometimes it's from safari or Facebook. I paid for 64 G and haven't...
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    Is there a photo or drawing app with a good paint-bucket type function?

    Does anyone know of an app with a good color filler or paint bucket app in which you can adjust the transparency and area filled in? I'm looking for something similar to t photoshop or the old Photoimpact paint bucket features.
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    Bizarre semi transparent lines and/or grid on sketchbook pro images

    It maybe a problem with my computer, but it's all been with sketchbook pro images. I do artwork or photomanips on sketchbook pro then transfer them back to my computer. Then these faint semi-transparent lines or grids show up on the image. They're visible at the pic's actual size but if you...
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    Has anyone else had this frustrating experience with Garageband?

    I've had this happen to me a few times now where I work hard on a song, and then this annoying "optimizing" feature cuts in. Sometimes it will wreck this song by changing it too much into something that just sounds weird. This then makes the previous work into a complete waste.
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    Facebook apps

    I'm getting the annoying problem that every time I open the fb app, it goes to a YouTube video for no apparent reason. Something that helps a little is hitting that button with six squares on it quick. It's the button that takes you to the main page of icons for your photos etc - sorry don't...
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    electric guitar app with longer fretboard/neck

    I downloaded one music app I really like that you can play music on. The only thing I don't like about it is that the guitar doesn't go farther than the eighth fret; this makes it difficult to play some of the kinks and Hendrix songs. Any good guitar apps with more frets?
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    No fine pointed styluses?

    I don't know that you'd be willing to send one to Taiwan, but I'd sure love to try one.
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    No fine pointed styluses?

    You mean if I covered shipping, you'd send me a prototype to try out?
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    How do you edit your youtube videos with ipad?

    Thank you ! :)
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    How do you edit your youtube videos with ipad?

    I'm able to go in and see my videos but can't seem to actual get into the editing part for changing video descriptions and private sharing.
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    No fine pointed styluses?

    To me, none of the iPad styluses are right for drawing. Some other brand touch pads and cellphone styluses have these nice fine tips on them. All the iPad ones have these big goofy ends that's like doing fine detail with a kid's crayon. Are there any fine-tipped ones for iPad?
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    Replying to Youtube Comments Using ipad

    Sorry if I'm frustrating you. Here's the difference: If you're on a common computer, the comment will have a reply button to the right and responding that way will actually cause that user to be notified. The way you mentioned is alright, but they'll only see your response if they go back to...
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    Replying to Youtube Comments Using ipad

    Well, yeah. If you look closely you can add a comment, but I don't think it replies directly to a specific comment someone else left.
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    Replying to Youtube Comments Using ipad

    Both. I've tried both.
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    Replying to Youtube Comments Using ipad

    I'm all registered, logged in and have my own videos up. I'm able to leave new comments, but don't seem able to directly reply to comments on my videos. How can I do this or can I do it at all?