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    MS Office for iPad

    I have Pages on my iPad and always use it for reports's great and so easy to use and put my documents into files etc.
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    E-Mail Folders on Ipad2?

    Hi....thanks for reply. I reckon my account is in Pop.... I tried the link info and did ok from the home screen to Microsoft Exchange and entering the fields until I came to Description field......this is where I got lost as I tried typing in all that was shown in the link and just got confused...
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    E-Mail Folders on Ipad2?

    Hi....I have just joined the Forum....hope I am posting this in correct section. I have a Hotmail e-mail account and it works perfectly on Ipad2 .. The only thing is I cannot seem to create separate folders to place some of the e-mails I need to keep. I do this on my laptop but cannot figure out...