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  1. trtuttle

    How do u set ur email to delete from the server

    I have never had any luck deleting email from the sever when I delete it on my iPad Any ideas
  2. trtuttle

    Track stuck in download on itunes

    Have a track from the cloud stuck in the download part of iTunes. I have tried to delete but won't happen always comes up with a error message
  3. trtuttle

    Sync with droid phone

    Have never had any luck syncing my iPad to my droid. Seems like it should be easy but never had any luck. I know I should switch to an iPhone but I like having the best of both worlds razr and iPad. Fun to see the battle rage in the app world.
  4. trtuttle

    Hello to all

    New here but not to iPad Got iPad 1 and love it Hope to learn some new stuff Thanks