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    UK iTunes far behind US.....and rip-off

    with many popular shows. We only have the first three seasons available of The Simpsons whereas in the US, as far as I know, they pretty much have all completed seasons available. I would love to download some of the best episodes across the entire run. We also don't have Columbo available. It...
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    No option to password individual apps?

    Say you have financially sensitive apps that you would like individually passworded, is there an option to do this other than password on the device login itself?
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    Where are movies stored?

    I have movies and TV shows on my iPad with total file size way in excess of the 16gb device they are on. Presumably they are stored and played off the cloud, but since I only have the default 5gb cloud storage offered, there shouldn't be be the necessary space to store all of the video content I...
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    Browser closes randomly

    Usually coincides with image heavy pages though still random. Safari and Chrome experience the same problem. I have cleared cache without success. It's not a huge issue (only happens occasionally) but very frustrating when it does.
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    iPad big or small?

    Which would you choose - IPad Air or Mini Retina - if your job involved looking at share prices, studying stock charts, having multiple browser windows operating at the same time? And for entertainment, quite a bit of Youtube video viewing, bit of gaming, and occasional iTunes movie. I will...
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    iPad mini battery life on video

    How long would a mini last on continuous video play, say at 75% brightness and wireless and notifications turned on?
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    Is demand for bigger iPad/tablets going down?

    When I bought the mini and used it for a few days and got accustomed to it, I have rarely touched the bigger iPad since. The whole point of a tablet, in my opinion, is that it should be be really comfortable in the hand, be palm-able, light, whereas the bigger iPad now feels quite clumsy. To be...
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    How to ensure the iPad always reconnects to chosen network?

    Although my iPad mini connects to my desired network most of the time, it does occasionally switch to another network, a local pay-per-use network. It use to happen a lot when I had the 1st iPad but happens rarely now. I suppose the software upgrades have improved that. However, the odd time my...
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    WiFi issue with iPad

    My iPad keeps dropping connection to broadband network. What's the best way to 'bridge' the gap between the router on top floor (3rd floor) and iPad on the ground floor? I don't think its an issue with the iPad itself because my laptop use to do the same thing until I got a 30 metre ethernet...
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    How long does your iPad take to charge?

    It takes 3 hours to charge the iPad 2 and 2 hours for the mini from zero to full charge. Do these figures seem about right? This is when its not being used whilst charging.
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    Which iPad wordproccessor works interchangeably with MS Word?

    I need something that I can import from a MS word file and then edit. I then need to be able to copy and paste the article from MS Word into Wordpress. Can you also suggest a good image editor please. I need to be able to save an image on iPad from the web and then open that image in the image...
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    Why do people keep upgrading iPads?

    For most people who use their iPad for a bit of fun like web browsing, watching a few videos and accessing email, I really don't see the need for upgrading. To me, that's what an iPAd is - an entertainment device, not something to work on; I have the laptop for that. I have iPad 2 and I can't...
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    No on screen volume adjuster since upgrading to IOS6

    For example, the volume on Youtube now needs adjusting using the rocker.
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    Holding off buying iPad mini for mini 2

    When is the release date - April or October (the two most likely)? Lot of people it seems have been underwhelmed by the display on the 1st gen iPad mini so I would probably wait for the 2nd. I am hoping the battery life will be extended a bit and that it will also be touch lighter than the 1st...
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    iTunes a ripoff

    Firstly, they overcharge for old films that are 2/3 decades old. For example, I just paid £6.99 for Robocop in SD. I really wanted to watch the film because its one of my all time favorites and I hadn't seen it in ages. But the film I am sure is shown on TV now and then because its old and am...
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    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    As most of you know, iPad 3 was a big let down with very minor upgrades that are often not noticeable against the iPad 2. You can tell people doing comparison videos on YouTube are not enthused about it. I have seen speed tests, for example, where web pages take the same time to load as the iPad...
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    When will PS3 style games come on the iPad?

    I mean games with serious graphics and gameplay like the PS3. I would have thought the iPad had the resources terms of processing power together with HD screen for game designers to take it as a serious gameing device. Take Need for Speed - the graphics is horrible compared to the PS3 version of...
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    Why isn't it possible to drive two apps at the same time?

    For example, why isnt it possible to surf the web and listen to music at the bakground on another app or on another site like you would be able to on a PC? When switching from one app to another, the first one effectively gets put on hold. Alo, I find it annoying a major site like the BBC...
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    Battery charge jumped from 60% to 100%!!!

    I had 60% left and put the charger in and it jumped to full charge in an instant.
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    Moat likely keeping iPad 2

    Thought long and hard about selling iPad 2 and buying 3 but have come to the conclusion the only real noticeable difference between the two will be resolution, which isn't good enough a reason to upgrade because there aren't enough source material produced at a resolution for the device to take...
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    Overall iPad 3 disappointing

    Same design, slightly heavier, slightly thicker, same battery life. Here is hoping for ipad 4 with new design, thinner and lighter than iPad 2 and with greater battery life. There is a despondent feeling that the new iPad is nothing but iPad 2+.
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    How will I notice improved screen resolution on new iPad?

    I am trying to justify upgrading to new iPad but so far haven't been able to. The only thing that may persuade me is e the new retina screen. So,how will I notice a difference when watching video? I believe HD movies joy display at 1080, so how will the 2048 * 1536 take advantage when the...
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    Will retina screen mean YouTube videos will look better?

    Or, will it depend on the source of the video itself. For example, I have noticed the quality of videos vary considerably on YouTube. Some look very standard definition while a few can look close to HD. Will the retina display automatically improve the quality of all YouTube videos? Also...
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    What Improvements expected on iPad 3?

    I am thinking about whether to sell my iPad 2 32gb and buy iPad 3 (either 16gb or 32 gb) But what sort of improvements can be expected? Personally, I am looking for the following improvements on the existing model: - better resolution of video (films and programmes, and YouTube) - lighter by...
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    My friend's iPad colour on videos seem a little washed

    My friend has the white iPad and when we test videos (the exact same videos) bought through iTunes, my one has a sharper image while his colours seem slightly washed. We have the brightness set to the same level (around 75). I wonder if it's the white bezel around the screen that gives this...
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    How good is the quality of video transfer from iPad to TV using the HDMI connector?

    I am talking about movies and TV programmes.
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    I feel very sorry for Ronald Wayne

    He was the 3rd co-founder of Apple who sold his 10% share for $3K to Jobs and Wosniak, the other two founders of the company. Today, his 10% would be worth some $30bn (based on Apple's current stock value of around $300bn), instead he is having to supplement is monthly govt. check by selling...
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    Raft of cheaper tablets cheapening the iPad experience?

    Do you think all those tablets that can now be bought for 1/4 of the ipad price but pretty effectively mimicking iPad's functions is cheapening the iPad? When iPad first came out 2 years ago it was a luxurious product, but since then a plethora of tablets at very affordable prices have hit the...
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    Any compelling reasons to upgrade to iPad 3 from 2?

    How much better will the resoltion be in practical terms? Mod: you can close this thread as I see a very similar one few threads below this.
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    Does anyone love the iPad but hate other Apple products (such as the iMac)?

    I briefly owned an iMac (2011 version) but really didn't like using it at all. I found myself going back to my Windows desktop all the time and luckily the iMac was still in its return period so returned it back. I can't say anything about the Macbook (the laptop) since I've never owned one...
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    What's the easiest way to watch my DVDs on the iPad?

    I have been looking at DVD to iPad converter, but thee are so many out there its difficult to know which is the best and easiest. I am particularly looking at convenience and ease of transfer. Any help greatly appreciated. Can you store the DVDs on the iPad itself or are they streamed over...
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    How do you move individual videos from iTunes library on the computer to an iPad?

    This question may sound a little dumb, but I've never done it before. I have only transferred content from ipad to the itunes library, but I want to transfer a few items to a second iPad, content bought on the 1st ipad. I don't want to transfer the entire library, but a few films and TV programmes.
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    I am not convinced of 10 hour battery life

    It seems to be more like 7 hours. How are you guys getting 10 hours from a full charge? I have the brightness level at around 75% and the WiFi always on.
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    Two iPads , One Apple Account - Advice Please

    I have a question here. I handed down my iPad 1 to my young nephew (7 years old) after I bought iPad 2, but the iTunes account on his iPad is still under my my account (the same credit card details stored as my new iPad). What I am wondering is if I buy an app or something from iTunes store and...
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    iTunes has charged me twice for 4 recent purchases

    How do I contact them to reimburse me the extra charge? There is 'report a problem' link in the receipt you get in the email, but that's if there was a problem with the download itself.
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    Any place other than iTunes to buy films and store on iPad?

    Lovefilm has an app but despite a very extensive library to buy or rent on DVD, their downloadable library is small and full of films that are not really worth downloading as far as my tastes are concerned. I mean they don't have any if the big hit hit films and family movies from the 80s and...
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    Why are prices so dear on iTunes and lack of availability?

    Yes iTunes is very good and has a lot of inventory, but still there is so much that is not still available. For example, I am a big fan of Columbo and there is nothing there - no series or individual episodes to buy or rent. Also, only 2 seasons of The Simpsons is available. What's more, the...
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    Do you see people out and about with their ipads or tablets?

    Pretty much everyone carries a mobile phone with them these days, but I was wondering if you've been seeing people using the ipad (or some other tablet device) outside of their homes. I must admit I rarely see people using one outside, parks or in cafes. Its still mostly the mobile phone.
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    iPad 2 not much different to iPad 1

    The main difference is that it is a bit thinner and lighter. Other than that I am not really sure if people need to upgrade at all from the first one. If people do not have an iPad and are thinking about buying one, then I'd recommend the iPad 2, but if they already have iPad 1, then no need to...
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    iPad 3 - should it be thinner than iPad 2?

    I am wondering what you guys think. I would love to see it come down to the 1 pound mark in weight, but I am not sure about it being any thinner. If its too thin the fingers could start aching because it seems gripping something extremely thin for long period of time is not as comfortable as if...