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    Export Chrome bookmarks

    My PC recently crashed losing everything. I would like to export, or sync, my iPad 7th gen. Chrome bookmarks so I can have them on my PC. The iPad still has all of them. This may sound frivolous, but I have quite a few things bookmarked that I will not be able to replace. I am having a...
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    iPad gets some emails and texts, but not all

    My iPad 7th Gen is receiving some of my emails and texts, but not all. I have two accounts linked to my email and I get some from each. My text is linked to my iPhone, where I get all of my texts, but only a small number are received on the iPad. Any idea what might be going on?
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    Texting stuck

    I have been able to send or receive a text for several days. Any suggestions on what to do?
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    Documents connection blocked

    I am trying to connect my 7th Gen. iPad to a PC using the Documents app. I have done this before, but I am encountering a new problem. When I type in the code generated by Documents into I get a message saying This site can't be reached, (my ip) took too long to respond. I...
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    Battery fading?

    My iPad 7th Gen., which is not quite a year old, seems to be having a battery problem. I admit I use it kind of hard, and don't always turn it off over night. These days it usually doesn't even get back to 100% over night. Is that the problem, or could it be something different? Any...
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    Battery not charging well

    My iPad 7th gen, which is about 8 months old. seems to discharge what I think is fairly rapidly while I am using it and also have it plugged in to charge while in use, It also seems to re-charge fairly slowly overnight. I would guess I use it 3-4 hours per day, half on videos and half simply...
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    Slightly annoying problem

    I read quite a bit on my iPad, which is also synced with a Kindle. As I read, I usually try to stop at the end of a chapter, instead of in the middle. To do that I have a tendency to rely on the clock in the lower left corner of my screen that shows approximately how long is left in each...
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    Name of my iPad

    I was just on a Webex meeting and noticed that I was one of very few whose image had only an IP address, not my name. I tried looking at settings but couldn't figure out where to fix that. Can anyone help?
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    Password too short?

    We happen to have two sources of wi-fi at home, one my wife uses for business and the other personal. Apparently the modem for the personal one is bad and a new one won't be delivered until Monday. So, I am attempting to use the business one. When I go to that network in setup and enter the...
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    Volume controls awful

    I have an iPad 7th Generation and I am hoping there is a better way to control volume than the two buttons on the side. Is there someplace in settings that does a better job? The two buttons are difficult to get to do anything, requiring a lot of pressure to cause any change. But, beyond...
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    Bluetooth not connecting

    All of a sudden the Bluetooth on my iPad won't connect. I wear hearing aids and have used the device for 3-4 months. Today nothing. Bluetooth is on in settings, the connection to my hearing aids seems fine. The device is fully charged and I have new batteries in the hearing aids. But if I try to...
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    Screen brightness

    When I powered up my iPad this morning after charging over night the screen was so dark I could barely make it out. It was 100% charged and I tried going to settings and display and brightness but the slider said it was at the top level. I was able to re-boot it and it came back on at...
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    Bluetooth problem

    I have hearing aids which can be paired with devices to bring sound directly into my devices. I have only had them for about a month, but the Bluetooth has worked fine, until yesterday. Now, I can easily pair them with my iPhone, but not the iPad. When I try to the iPad simply says "not...
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    Transferring files to/from iPad

    I am still relatively new with my iPad and finally solved a problem with adding my personal music to it. Now, however, I have a different question. I kind of understand why Apple made that process so difficult, they really only want you to buy their music. My question now is much more basic...
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    Play side-loaded music offline

    Thanks to help given on this forum I now have some of my personal music on my iPad. However, I am trying to find out if there is a way to play it when I am not online? There are a number of situations where I want to listen but have no wi-fi connection.
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    iPad keyboard won't appear

    I have a new 7th generation and all of a sudden the keyboard does not pop up in either Messenger or email. All the settings seem to be on. Any idea what could be wrong?
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    Office on iPad

    I have had my iPad less than a week and I am trying to figure out what I can do with Office. The version on my iPad says Word is free, but it really doesn't seem to be. I have a licensee for Office 2019, but is there an app that can use that license on an iPad? It seems only Office 360 can be...
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    New with Kindle app

    This is my first day with my iPad which is basically replacing a Kindle. I have downloaded the Kindle app so I can continue using, and sharing with mu wife, our Prime account. I have been able to sync all of my books, but I don't see any way to access videos, music, etc. What am I doing...