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  1. TheBaron

    SwitchEasy Nude review

    I've been looking at this one too. I wound up buying a really cheapo ebay TPU case when I got my ipad for the time being, but I'm looking for something that fits a little better and doesn't detract from the sleek ipad form factor. Still, I keep hearing how easy it is to scratch up the Nude...
  2. TheBaron

    One thing that Android does MUCH better than Apple

    I agree completely. One thing I noticed is that an app can have great reviews with a 4 star rating and I still may not like it or find that it doesn't suit my purposes. I recently purchased Iron Man 2 for $9.99 and beat it with about 3 hours of casual game play. What a rip off. Also, I've been...
  3. TheBaron

    HP iPrint

    Does it only work for HP printers? Also, what case is that? It looks slick!
  4. TheBaron

    Turn ipad into a cell phone

    My coworker is using skype for ipad to make regular phone calls. I haven't used it yet, but he says it works great. No video obviously, but he was able to call all his friends last night and the call quality was excellent.
  5. TheBaron

    Who's having buyers remorse?

    I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. I think I might need to find an iPad AA group. I can't ever seem to put mine down. I'm an addict. :)
  6. TheBaron


    iWeb is what I want the most for the iPad. Maybe we can start a petitiion! :)
  7. TheBaron

    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    I was sort of disappointed at first, but then realized there was a great selection of indie and old movies available. I wish there were more selections available, but $9 a month is pretty cheap. Let's hope it continues to improve though.
  8. TheBaron

    Otterbox cases will be out this summer!

    Yeah, I don't think that screen protector is worth using. My coworker put his on yesterday and is already thinking about taking it off. It started getting bubbles in it and looks hazy. Otherwise, the case looks really nice.
  9. TheBaron


    That would make the most sense. I've been reading outside at work on my lunch breaks when it's been up to 94 degrees. Mine has never overheated, BUT I am sitting in the shade with no direct sunlight hitting the iPad.
  10. TheBaron

    More reasonable price alternative to Things "to do" app?

    Thanks again for the input. I think I'll continue to play around with Evernote and see if I can't get it to do what I need. A couple things that really bother me is that it doesn't have a to-do list checkbox option. I'd love to be able to make lists and check them off as I complete them. Also, I...
  11. TheBaron

    The iPad competition quites before it gets started

    Yeah, I doubt even Apple knew how popular the iPad was going to be. The iPad is just too hot right now to try to release a product to try to compete with it.
  12. TheBaron

    More reasonable price alternative to Things "to do" app?

    Hey, thanks for all the input, guys! I will definitely look into Taska and Pocket Informant. I downloaded Evernote and found that it was good, but still lacks what I need. I guess the problem is that I'm going in with a set idea of what I want and it probably doesn't exist. I'm hoping to find...
  13. TheBaron


    All these posts are really making me feel very lucky. I live in Arizona where the temperatures are already reaching mid 90s. I read outside quite a bit and have never had my iPad overheat.
  14. TheBaron

    Otterbox cases will be out this summer!

    A coworker of mine just got an otterbox case for his blackberry. I was just checking it out and have to say it has a great feel and looks very durable and nice. I imagine this is going to be a really nice case for the iPad. They aren't cheap though!
  15. TheBaron

    SwitchEasy Nude case for iPad. Possibly the BEST minimalist case! PIC link inside.

    Now THAT'S the type of cover I want. I bought a cheap TPU skin for mine that is working pretty well, but the nude case looks even better. Especially with the included stand.
  16. TheBaron

    Ipad - saving...

    I have a giant spindle of CD-Rs that have just been gathering dust since 2006 (which was the last time I used one at home). For backups I use a couple external hard drives, and for transferring files I just use an 8gb jump drive.
  17. TheBaron

    Apple will not accept cash for iPads

    Do they even have cash registers in Apple stores? Every time I've purchased something from an Apple store, the employee just used a portable device to run my card.
  18. TheBaron

    More reasonable price alternative to Things "to do" app?

    I can't find much information on Remember the Milk. I'll look into it. I have found a lot of great reviews about Evernote, but the pricing confuses me. Their site says $5/month or $45/year. How is this a subscription service? Is this just if I want to sync using their cloud? I don't want to...
  19. TheBaron

    More reasonable price alternative to Things "to do" app?

    I need a good "to do" list organization app. The Things app seems like it would be perfect for what I need, but they want $19.99! What a joke. I just can't bring myself to pay this much for a to-do list app no matter how pretty or robust it is. Can anybody recommend a good alternative? I'd like...
  20. TheBaron

    Has anybody found a good movie repository app?

    Not exactly. AppleTV, iPad, iPod Touch, Iphone, etc all work in the same way in that they expect to sync with a main iTunes library on a PC or a Mac. I've gotten around the syncing with the AppleTV by using ATVFlash to essentially jailbreak it and allow me to store movies and shows on an...
  21. TheBaron

    Has anybody found a good movie repository app?

    Oh, you're talking about the Air Sharing app. Sorry about that. I guess I'm looking for something that has more of a nice interface and is more specifically for movies (with movie art and information). Obviously the iPad video app is perfect for this, but requires syncing with itunes. Sorry if...
  22. TheBaron

    Has anybody found a good movie repository app?

    Yeah, I'm not really looking for a streaming app. I'm mainly looking for an app that allows me to store and retrieve the movies directly on the iPad without having to sync with iTunes. Good Reader allows this, but has a cumbersome interface.
  23. TheBaron

    Black Space

    Ok, so I'm not sure if anybody remembers the Mac game, Escape Velocity? I was addicted to that game all throughout college and have never found anything like it since then. I'm wondering if this game is anything like Escape Velocity? Or if anybody knows any newer games with that similar type...
  24. TheBaron

    Has anybody found a good movie repository app?

    I'm really not liking that I have to sync my movies to my laptop in itunes. I have limited space on my harddrive and would rather not always have to sync movies between my Macbook Pro and iPad. Most of the movies I'd like to sync are on my wife's Macbook anyway and iTunes/iPad doesn't allow you...
  25. TheBaron

    Alice In Wonderland for iPad

    My 3 year old son absolutely LOVES the ipad version of Alice in Wonderland. We have to read from it just about every night before bedtime.
  26. TheBaron

    iPad Tethering

    I was wondering the same thing. It seems like some sort of strategic arrangement. I wish AT&T would offer some sort of package deal that would allow 3G iphone customers to have a portable hotspot for their ipads. Yes, I know it'll never happen.
  27. TheBaron

    Alternative ipad stand, what do you think?

    I went to two different Office Depots in my area and they don't carry it. Doh!
  28. TheBaron

    iPad Stand for Typing

    How do you like it so far? I keep thinking about ordering one, but I'm just not sure if it's what I'm looking for.
  29. TheBaron

    Thieves Rip Man’s Finger Off to Steal iPad

    Too bad he didn't have a chance to enable the "find my iPad" feature in MobileMe. Most people don't realize you can track your iphones and ipads. I lost my iphone a few months ago and was able to track down where I left it. You can also send messages to the home screen to try to freak out the...
  30. TheBaron

    Alternative ipad stand, what do you think?

    This is a great find! Thanks for posting. Now I can't decide if I want to pick one of these up or get a groovy stand ( What do you guys think?
  31. TheBaron

    Iphoto for iPad

    Still waiting to hear if they are going to provide an iPad version of iLife. I really hope so. It seems likely since they've added iWork. Keeping my fingers crossed! I'd really like it not only for iphoto, but also so I can update my site from my iPad using iweb.
  32. TheBaron

    Connecting iPad to HDMI TV Input

    From what I've read, you have to use the $50 Apple component kit to get it to work and even then it'll only support slideshows and itunes.
  33. TheBaron Seidio Ipad Case Giveaway!

    I love my iPad more than any other laptop or electronic device I've ever purchased. I easily spend at least 4 hours a day on it reading books, catching up on tv shows, watching movies, surfing, playing games. It's my all-in-one media device and the one thing I'd take with me if I was stuck on a...
  34. TheBaron

    Apple Component AV Cable and The Netflix app

    Yeah, unfortunately I don't have any of those devices. It's also unfortunate that you can't stream netflix over Apple TV since I do have one of those. I guess I'll just try to buy a used roku box on ebay.
  35. TheBaron

    How to clean your iPad

    Phew! I was about to put mine in the dishwasher. Glad I read that article first! ;)
  36. TheBaron

    Apple Component AV Cable and The Netflix app

    LAME!!! Thanks for the info and saving me the trouble.
  37. TheBaron

    Apple Component AV Cable and The Netflix app

    So on another thread, someone mentioned you can use the apple component kit http:// to connect your iPad to a HDTV. Since the cable costs $50, I want to be really sure it'll work with the Netflix app and play the streaming content over my tv. Has...
  38. TheBaron

    22 Useful iPad Tips if I buy the component AV cable kit from Apple, I can play the netflix app over my HDTV?!?! Has anybody tried this? I was about to buy a Roku player, but I'll totally just get the kit if it works.
  39. TheBaron

    Skooba iPad messenger bag ROCKS!

    I currently also use one of the Skooba wraps on my iPad before I put it in the iPad pocket of the messenger bag. It's a very snug fit.
  40. TheBaron

    Case opinions

    Yeah, I saw that before i sent mine back. Its definitely a good argument for not buying anything from apple online if you're not sure you're going to keep it. Unfortunately I hated the case, so I still decided to send it back. Actually, its a good case, but to me it just removes all the...