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  1. Jman09

    E-mail app always shows last opened email?

    Every time I open the email app it always has the last email I looked at open. Is there a way to have it like the iPhone email app where it shows your list of inboxes? I stopped using the email app after the first week of getting my iPad 2 because of this but decided to start using it again...
  2. Jman09

    Zinio Reader and their books?

    I have the Zinio desktop app on my MacBook and it works great. I have one college textbook that I bought for a previous class but we can use that one again. Anyways can the Zinio iPad app read their Textbooks? and The other magazines I have already downloaded on my computer? I don't have an...
  3. Jman09

    Hey from Texas

    Hey my name is Jordan. I don't currently don't have an iPad but am interested in getting one. I got the 1st gen iPod Touch and was kinda mad when the 2nd gen came out. So I'm still deciding if I want to take the plunge with this or not. I know it rumored that the 2nd gen iPad may have a camera...