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  1. drb_52

    Ipad movies from an external drive

    I believe if you put them in iTunes, you can reimport them as you need. You should be able to drag and drop them inti iTunes on your computer. A better option might be to have iTunes sync with the folder automatically.
  2. drb_52

    screwed up to get this on my ipad " via ipad & apple logo "

    Are you asking about Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Signature Or the forum signature using the app More -> Settings -> Forum Posting Options -> Send Signature (ON)
  3. drb_52

    Accessing stuff from an external hdd WITHOUT copying it over to the iPad2 ?

    Take a look at the seagate goflex satellite. Its a 500 gb portable hard drive. If you want to hack it, you can write to it from the ipad. There are other options too, like the airstash or kingston wi drive. Their capacity is a lot smaller. The other option that comes to mind is a network...
  4. drb_52

    Apple Posts First Black Friday Sale Details

    With every other chain store offering deep discounts on a variety of things, probably won't have to stand in long lines at the Apple Stores. If Apple has anything worth driving 20 miles for, I can make that the last stop of the day. Happy Holidays!
  5. drb_52

    Wifi-only (non cellular) versions of Ipad work with Square credit card reader???

    My son has the iPad2 wifi only. Unless things have changed with updates, his square credit card reader worked for him.
  6. drb_52

    Please Help

    Haven't seen that before.
  7. drb_52

    noobie questions

    Ask for the original store receipt.. Verify the serial number of the iPad matches the one on the receipt. SETTINGS->GENERAL->ABOUT If you can get the receipt, most likely, the iPad is not stolen. If the receipt is not available, take your cash home with you! Assuming you intend to purchase...
  8. drb_52

    Printing from my Ipad 2 directly to my Lexmark S405

    There are a few ways to print from the iPad. The one you will use depends on your printer setup. If you have an airprint compatible wireless printer, you can print directly from the ipad without using a printer app. Unfortunately, your Lexmark S405 is not airprint compatible. If you have a...
  9. drb_52

    Email Addresses

    Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Auto-Capitolization to off.
  10. drb_52

    Changing modem password

    If you're refering to this instruction: Browse to http://dsldevice.lan or to the IP address of your Thomson Gateway (by default: Then open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, or another browser you use) . Highlight the address of your home page in the address bar and then...
  11. drb_52

    Buzz player hd doesnt display all files through ftp

    If you go into the buzz player hd settings, under general, is the "display unsupported files" set to on?
  12. drb_52

    Buzzplayer HD help

    Glad it worked for you. Tomuk21, you might want to consider something like CloudFTP or a Seagate Goflex Satellite or other device that provides a way to store a large number of files without taking up space on your iPad. I have a goflex and it works well with buzzplayer. With 500gb of...
  13. drb_52

    Buzzplayer HD help

    Find the file you want to delete in the buzz player hd library - local. Hold your finger on it. A menu should pop-up with the option to delete the file. Select delete.
  14. drb_52

    Getting stuff off my ipad

    Have you synced your ipad to your computer using itunes? When you do, itunes will copy your videos to your pc.
  15. drb_52

    goflex satellite

    No, I'm still waiting for that seagate goflex upgrade. There is a hack though that makes two way transfer possible. It's not free though.
  16. drb_52

    Card reader

    Check this one out You will need the camera connection kit too. The reader will connect to the usb cck adapter.
  17. drb_52

    GoFlex/airstash info

    I have the goflex. It works fine streaming my movies and yes, you can watch on the tv. I use the ipad AV Adapter and hdmi cable connected to the tv. You might also want to look at a gadget called CloudFTP. It is said that the CloudFTP can connect any usb device to the ipad via wifi. I...
  18. drb_52

    Seagate GoFlex wifi Satellite external hard drive

    MattlM, nice write-up . You can access your network wifi through the goflex. First, access the goflex wifi and start the goflex app. In the lower left corner of the app screen, look for the wifi symbol under Connection Utilities. Tap the wifi symbol. You should see a list of available wifi...
  19. drb_52

    Seagate GoFlex wifi Satellite external hard drive

    I have a goflex and will take a shot at addressing your questions. First, connect the ipad to the goflex wifi. Then, open buzz player hd. At the bottom of the screen, tap the smb/ftp icon. The goflex should show up as a upnp guest connection. Tap that to connect buzz player to the goflex. If...
  20. drb_52

    Downloading photos from a compact flash card

    Also, you can use a powered hub and card reader or a powered card reader. I use this one for my cf cards
  21. drb_52

    Hard Drive for iPad 2

    I have the goflex satellite. I use buzz player hd. I connect the goflex to the pc and copy the files to it. Buzz player hd works with the goflex.
  22. drb_52

    Transferring Photos from Camera Problems

    I have this one It works just fine. Amazon has others, but I can't speak to their quality. I use this reader almost exclusively now. Still need the camera connection kit to connect...
  23. drb_52

    Transferring Photos from Camera Problems

    Glad to hear it all worked out.
  24. drb_52

    Transferring Photos from Camera Problems

    Sorry, thought you were talking about iphoto. Have you tried closing all the open apps and restarting the iPad? If that doesn't help, try holding down the home button and power button together. Ignore the shutdown slider - keep holding the buttons until the iPad resets, when the apple logo...
  25. drb_52

    Transferring Photos from Camera Problems

    Sure. Hold your finger on the app icon until it starts to shake. Then touch the x in the upper left corner of the app. To reinstall, just go to the app store, log in and select it again. There should be no additional cost. Good luck -hope it works for you.
  26. drb_52

    Transferring Photos from Camera Problems

    First, what iPad operating system are you using? If not the latest, you may want to consider updating to the latest (ios 5.1). Look in settings then about and it will list your version You could also have a bad cable or bad usb adapter or connector in the camera or iPad. Have you tried a...
  27. drb_52

    SD card adapter on newer IOS?

    I use the apple sd card adapter (camera connection kit) frequently to pull pictures from the sd card. Haven't had any problems. I do remember reading here though, the class 10 cards aren't compatible. Good luck. Hope this helped.
  28. drb_52

    Uploading photos

    I send jpeg files to Walgreens for printing using my iPad. You can only send five at a time though. That's a limitation of the iPad, not their website.
  29. drb_52

    Editing PDF titles in iBooks

    A possible reason you get the previous title and not the new one from goodreader is because you didn't delete the file from iBooks first, before you did the "open in iBooks" with the new title from goodreader.
  30. drb_52

    iPad Connection Kit

    I have the wifi goflex and am quite happy with it. If you decide to get one, download their app too. It makes access very easy. I also use the buzz player hd app to play movies. It can access the goflex directly. As I stated before, you'll need a computer to load the goflex as you currently...
  31. drb_52

    iPad Connection Kit

    I would suggest not to bother with an sd card if your talking about full length feature films. What you need is something like the WiFi GoFlex Satellite. With 500gb capacity, you can load it up with movies and play them on your 16gb iPad. Currently, you need a computer to load the GoFlex...
  32. drb_52

    possible or not?

    Are you thinking about the onlive desktop app? Check it out in the app store.
  33. drb_52

    Broken docking port

    Well, if it were mine, I would be real inclined to watch the video on how to disassemble one, then tear into it and see what happens. Maybe you could fix it yourself. If nothing else, I would sell the piece parts (except the hard drive and broken parts). Look at the bright side - If you record...
  34. drb_52

    Broken docking port

    Have you considered having it repaired? If you google "repair iPad 1" you find a couple of options. I haven't used any of them, but maybe others can recommend some companies that will repair an iPad.
  35. drb_52

    Seagate GoFlex Satellite/AVPlayerHD Question

    My goflex wifi works with buzz player. It's not free, but it works with many video file formats.
  36. drb_52

    Is it possible 2 make a folder 2 put all your screen shortcuts in

    Depending on how many apps you have, you may need more than one folder. I believe you can only put up to twenty apps in a folder.
  37. drb_52

    U.S. residents - who bought a lottery ticket?

    If you bought your ticket in Baltimore County, Maryland check it carefully. You may be the new rich neighbor! A second winner was sold in Red Bud, Illinois. Skipped right over me :-(
  38. drb_52

    How to kill running application?

    If you have gestures turned on, you can do a four finger swipe up to see the open apps. Do the four finger swipe down to close the bar.
  39. drb_52

    Need photo help

    I use photogene and I'm able to save the edited pictures to the camera roll using "Save to Photo Library". I also save the edited pictures to my NAS using dropbox. I can grab the photos from dropbox using my pc for further edit if needed and then save them to the hard drive and print them...
  40. drb_52

    Lotus Notes Email Client?

    I use lotus notes at work. I can access lotus notes through safari using inotes. Just google inotes to get directions.