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    Best Twitter feed, blog, ?? to watch the iPad HD announcement 3/7/12 ??

    Is there any twitter feed or blog that historically offers the best real time coverage of Apple announcement events? Tnx, J
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    AT&T iPad 3G and IPV6

    According to their press release AT&T is totally embracing IPV6 Day. Well the AT&T iPad 3G doesn't seem to have the same attitude. It failed IPV6 via 3G connectivity totally. Is this an Apple or AT&T issue? J
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    Not detecting all WiFi SSID's

    I have a Ipad1 3G. It works fine. The other day I was in an area that had WiFi and I expected to find a specific SSID I had used before but it wasn't offered in the list of SSIDs the iPad found. So for grins I did a site survey with my Blackberry and low and behold it found the missing SSID and...