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    Ipad 2 Battery life - What do you get?

    Screen brightness is a big battery drainer...I have mine set to about 2/3rds brightness on the slider. I'm easily getting 10-12hrs out mine-16gb wifi only model as well. Do you get alot of heat as yours is running? Could certainly be a bad cell causing the short times.
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    Ipad2 cases?

    I got my wife a griffin's a little bulky but provides excellent protection. Advertised to survive a 6 foot fall onto concrete. I had to replace a cracked screen on her I wanted a case tough enough to hopefully ensure I don't have to do that again.
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    Help, my I pad 2 just cracked for no reason! And apple won' t do anything for me.

    My wife dropped hers and cracked it...grrrr... anyway I replaced the screen myself. I've done 4th gen ipod touch's before...the ipad was easier..but not for the faint of heart. Plus I think it voids the warranty...there are several places online that would fix it for you much cheaper than the...
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    Can I tether to a droid phone?

    xlkx, yes that is correct but it costs. I prefer to use my existing 3g for no addtional charge. Of course you're not getting the speeds of wifi but if I can stream video most times that's all the speed I need. Djphelan01, Yes ...I think your original droid may work. Put the phone in discover...
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    Can I tether to a droid phone?

    What type of phone do you have? I'm on verizon and I've discovered I can tether my ipad2 with the motorola droid x, x2 and droid 2 phones. This is done via bluetooth, not usb. With this connection the ipad2 uses my 3g connection. So long as the signal is good I have no trouble streaming netflix...
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    Tethering iPhone 4 or Android to iPad 2

    Just got an ipad2 after discovering I could bluetooth tether my friends ipad2 to my droidx2 phone with verizon. So far it's worked with the droid X, Droid 2 and Droid x2 all running 2.3.4. This connection uses your existing data plan. No mods or roots are required. VERY nice having internet on...