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    Opad external storage

    I have the goflex 500gb and its a nice little devices...but the battery is a let down if you watch show in hd 1080P. Sent from my iPad 4G
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    Best Sat Nav

    I think Navigon is the best sat nav app... Works on both iphone and ipad. Sent from my iPad 4G
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    How to Clean my Screen!

    These are what i use to clean my ipad screen... Basically the same products i would use to clean my tv or my macbook pro. Sent from my iPad 4G
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    Anyone got the external drive for iPad yet

    Same here I have the goflex from seagate... Works well with the app available in the AppStore. Sent from iPhone 4S
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    Screen protector or no?

    Never on my iPad... But absolutely for the iPhone! Sent from iPhone 4S
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    Like others said the wireless goflex from seagate is a good choice! Sent from my iPad 4G
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    I would like to know what you mean by shut down? Sent from my iPad 4G
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    Weird Charging Problem

    Are you using the stock charger? Any power problem in your home maybe?
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    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    I'm from the 1st iPad 3G 32gb, and bought the 3rd gen same model and couldn't be happier... Now my first iPad is collecting dust in my home office.
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    Airprint problem

    My printer is on the same wifi network with my mac... I can print from my mac and ipad but not from my iphone.... Sent from my iPhone 4 using Tapatalk
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    Airprint problem

    I can print out from my ipad but i can't from my iphone4... It won't detect it like the ipad... Both are on 4.3 and my mac is on 10.6.7... Macbook pro, iphone, ipad, and the printer are all on the same wifi network... Can anyone help? Sent from my iPad 3G using Tapatalk
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    MobileMe vs...

    Yup dropbox is intergrated in lots of apps... For idisk i would say none!! And that's sad because im paying for this but i have little to no use for idisk... But if they set it up like dropbox i will use it alot more often... Sent from my iPad 3G using Tapatalk
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    MobileMe vs...

    Not really... I still use google email it works well i just don't like going in my spam folder and see ads of viagra, or fake rolex ha ha... Sent from my iPad 3G using Tapatalk
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    MobileMe vs...

    Well when you go in the spam folder you can see hundreds of spam emails... I got a brand new google email and 3 days later i already had 60 emails of spam in the spam folder of course... I mean how come a 3 day old email can have 60 emails of spam... Its like google just gives your email info to...
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    Disappointed right now with my new iPad.

    Your title should be dissapointed with my unit... Not the ipad in general... Because you know what to do if you don't like the ipad overall... Sent from my iPhone 4 using Tapatalk
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    MobileMe vs...

    I use mobile me for syncing contacts, email, bookmarks, calendar, notes locate my ipad and my iphone... Mobile me is not only about uploading files to the cloud like dropbox... That's more of a idisk problem... Apple needs to revamp the idisk infrastructure so we can use it like dropbox. People...
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    Too many useless apps in the AppStore?

    Imo there is alot of crap in the appstore... Im sure there apps that have never been downloaded... I usually browse the appstore by looking the top free or top paid apps or apps that have been reviewed by bloggers... Really hard for devs to get my money if i can see their apps in the appstore...
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    Which iPad accessories do you own?

    Camera kit for ipad... That's it even know i own 5 apple products Sent from my iPad 3G using Tapatalk
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    Favorite Ipad Browser

    Safari of course... I don't even bother trying other browsers... Im not saying they are not good or anything... Im just saying that safari is enough for me. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    -Ipod nano 4th gen -Apple tv 2 -iphone 4 -ipad 3G 1st gen -Macbook pro ( 2009) And it all started with the iphone 3g... Since then i became a apple fan... But im not blinded by apple i like all gadgets that's why i have android phones, symbians, windows, even blackberry's... What i like with...
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    App problems with 4.3?

    I aslo have a problem with twitter app the draft function do not work anymore... Anyone else having the same problem?
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    twitter on ipad - draft of retweet problems

    Im using twitter for ipad and i got the same problem with the draft... It just dissapear when you try to tweet a draft...
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    Best Facebook app for iPad?

    Friendly facebook for ipad
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    MSN Messnger for iPad

    Stay logged in for 7 days instead of hours... No ads...
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    Getting AirPrint to work on all network printers?

    Haha i bought it too combine this with airplay and netflix and you got a winner!! :-) its funny how i used to hate apple... Since the iphone 3g i never stopped buying apple products... Plus i like the fact that you can just go to the apple store and exchange your defect product... Now try that...
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    Getting AirPrint to work on all network printers?

    Yup sometimes windows sucks and sometimes it doesn't.... In this case it sucked big time... The only reason I tried it on the windows machine was because I could see the double side option when printing from the iPad... On the Mac I didn't have this option... But yeh can't wait for the real...
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    Getting AirPrint to work on all network printers?

    Wow I don't know what happened but I boot up my vista laptop and when straight to the AirPrint folder took it dumped it in the trash and it finally worked it didn't asked for any permission... That's weird... I was trying to delete this folder for the pass 3hours and i couldn't... Right after...
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    Getting AirPrint to work on all network printers?

    Hey thanks boobie... It seems to work when both of my laptops are off (Mac and windows) as soon as I open one of them it's hit or miss(specially with the vista) I'm gonna have to take off AirPrint from my windows laptop... Not simple as printopia for Mac... All you have to do is remove it from...
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    Getting AirPrint to work on all network printers?

    Ok guys I installed AirPrint and it works fine but I have a canon mg6120 and now the application easy photo print from canon for the iPad and iPhone can't detect my printer... It's a hit or miss... Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt... Before installing AirPrint it use to work fine... How...
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    Videos from digital camera won't play

    I tried just now and it it works for me.... my video successfully transferred to the iPad. Like you I'm on 4.2.1 and my camera is a casio exilim
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    iPad Slingplayer app released - for Pro-HD and Solo models

    the feature is it's optimize for the iPad.... try the iPhone one on the iPad and you will see how it sucks a**... yes of course no major feature but they can always update the app to support new features....
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    Let's Talk ePrinters?

    I'm in Canada... and the Canadian amazon store do not have it.... but the local future shop have it...
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    Confused about mute switch?

    it's the same mute switch that is on the iPhone.... the only difference is the iPhone have a vibrator and the iPad does not...
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    iPad Slingplayer app released - for Pro-HD and Solo models

    it works really well over 3G the quality is amazing compare to the iPhone version that was on my iPad... I have the pro hd and the solo but now I'm using the pro hd via coaxial cable sd... I can only imagine better results with a hd source...
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    Let's Talk ePrinters?

    thanks Mac girl... I'll check it out later in the day... I'll rather buy it locally just in case!
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    Let's Talk ePrinters?

    I might also buy the hp envy 100.... I really like the look of it and yes the automatic paper tray is amazing... does it scan and fax?? What about the eprint by email feature? does it work well?
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    Netflix problem

    I might take words back... Im streaming on my ipad while writing this from my iphone and i can see that the video is pixelated here too... Im on 3g but i can tell there's something wrong... I think it might be netflix's servers... They been having problems lately... But to make sure i have to...
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    Netflix problem

    are you using it via 3G or wifi? it looks like a speed problem on your network...
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    Apple TV Question

    if your are watching movies that you've downloaded from iTunes the quality should be good with the component cables you are using... if this is some movie you converted maybe that's the problem... if your movies are bad quality don't think the apple tv will make them look better... try...
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    Poor video quality on YouTube through 3G

    you have 2 choice... Jailbreak and use 3G unrestrictor or use the youtube mobile site and choose hq and there you go problem solve...