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    Do u know which ones work? I tried last night but all I tried didn't work
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    ABC Player on itunes

    I am not sure but I think there is an app called it's for CBS.
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    iPad Screen Protectors

    I am looking for a good and easy to apply screen protector. If anyone has any good recommendations I'd love to hear what everyone has out there.
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    Transferring Apps to New Device

    My iPad was messing up, something with the battery. So Apple is sending me a new one. I should have it today (I Hope). What I am needing to know is, will I be able to transfer my apps that I bought on my older iPad to my new one. I'm really hoping I don't have to buy all my paid apps back. There...
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    Apps in the class

    Check out ABC Tracing. Allows to tracing of abc's. There are several apps that I've got that I use with my daughter to help with colors, shapes,123's & abc's
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    Happy Owl Cases

    I agree as well. That's why I'm hesitant to buy.
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    Happy Owl Cases

    Just curious if anyone has purchased a happy owl case? I've looked at them online and I guess you have to pay a deposit to get one. I'm hinking they make them as they get orders or perhaps they are a small company and make them as they can?!? Not sure. Just wondering if anyone has purchased one...
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    portable keyboard options

    can anyone recommend any small portable keyboards? I've seen some pictures online that are as small as a flip phone but not really found anything yet. so if you can recommend something I'd appreciate it.
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    New Awesome Case - Crux360

    Well I'm looking for something like this because I am in school and would be using the Pages App a lot so I want something I can take with me if I need to
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    New Awesome Case - Crux360

    do you know when this case will be available? I love the design
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    Folio and shoulder strap leather iPad case from

    I like that you have additional space to keep your phone or maybe papers or a book for school but to me it seems bulky? am I wrong?
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    newbie seeking to buy an iPad in a few weeks

    Hello everyone I'm a stay at home mom, about to have my 2nd child in just a manner of days literally. I'm excited to not be pregnant again and get my body back. rofl....I also take a few college courses here and there. I'd really love to get an iPad I think it would be great to have one for...