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    It means the wifi that u connect to doesnt have an internet connection. One thing to understand, wifi is a network which is wireless. Not every network is connected to internet, it can be just for local computer network. But...if u're sure that the wifi has the internet connection, check your IP...
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    Question about 3g usage

    So ur internet (3g) plan is a "time based" I assume, which mean u have to pay for how many hours that u use the internet. As for ipad (also for iphone and other smartphone that i know), the internet (3g) is on all the time, because there're some background services that need the connection such...
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    iOS 5.1 and tv out

    AFAIK not all app can be shown out to monitor. Some that works are photos, videos, keynote, good reader (for pdf), etc. But if what u mean is mirroring, which is showing the whole ipad into monitor, I don't think it works by default on ipad 1. Some tweaks can do just that (but not under...
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    IOS 5.1 on my iPad 1...Happy with it...

    First of all, I don't mean to close my eyes on the problems that some people have after upgrading to 5.1. I'm just gonna tell my side of story doing it. A lot of people complain bout the new 5.1, but I've been googling bout it and I found that there're also people who's happy with it. And I tell...
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    OS Update & Syncing

    Is it ios 5.1?
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    Being charged for free applications

    So is it possible that the fine print is more expensive than the "miss charged" money that might be refunded?
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    Thinking of getting Ipad1 , Thoughts????

    Ipad 1 can play 99% of game recently is definitely true. But if gaming is ur priority, u should ask, "can ipad 1 play the upcoming games?"
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    IPAD1 crashing

    Hdd and ram u can upgrade. CPU, u can do the same, but none are selling it, here at least. And VGA, out of question. :)) Wish we could do the same on ipad, So this device would be more like laptop than a mobile phone.
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    Thinking of Buying

    Lol u're rite. On PC I dont need crashes to annoy me. Several seconds loading delay would be enough for me to turn the PC off and do the stuff at home on my beloved computer. Well diffreent person different needs. As for my needs and how I use my ipad, the crashes are not that often and not that...
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    IPAD1 crashing

    Not forgotten. Every new apps and games, on every platform (PC, console, mobile), can be predicted will have a higher hardware requirement. For PC, we can upgrade any part as needed. But mobile devices, even laptop, can not do that. It is not their intention forgetting older stuffs, but...
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    Thinking of Buying

    Back again on how would u use ur ipad. Memory lack will only be noticable when u run heavy app such games with intense graphic. But on my ipad 1, even infinity blade II runs smoothly. Several crashes, yeah, but what's wrong with it? Computer stuff crashes, coz its one thing they must be doing ...
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    I had enough of iPad 1

    Still satisfied with my ipad 1. Well since I use it mainly for presentation, watch movies and browsing, the lack of memory isn't a big deal. As for gaming, I only enjoy PC games. Just by looking at batman arkham city and battlefield 3 on my PC, I realize that no mobile games can satisfy me with...
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    iPad 3G as a in car GPS device

    From my experience here in indonesia, the built in map does not always accurate. I dont know if it's the map or the service provider, but "my location" icon shows text like, "accurate within radius 1900 m", or something similiar, and it really happens, which mean the map shows my position...
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Well AFAIK I can only send a file from the file itself, not through the mail app. U can do it by opening the corresponding app for the file u want to send, eg: u want to send a microsoft word file, just open quick office or docs to go or whatever u have, choose the file u need and find a command...