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    Photo albums+

    I don't have the + anywhere in my photo app
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    Help, pad will not turn on

    Thanks Sweetpoison that did it.....all is well again.. but why did it do this??? just a glitch?
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    Help, pad will not turn on

    What the heck, my Ipad has been operating flawlessly, no issues at all. Today I was on the net, turned it off using the top power button....went to use it after a few minutes and nothing????? won't turn on with top button, home button...nothing! Screen is black....:( Help!!!! should I hard...
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    Congratulations Sweetpoison!

    Congratulations :)
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    I saw two, the original and towards the end another more to the left....I dunno
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    What is left to add on iPad3? Worth the wait?

    Until it has a USB port for download, like my Mapsource program for the GPS, I'll stay with my 1st IPAD.....I wish the camera was an option, I don't want it....
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    Steve Jobs Announces iPad 2!

    Ipads for sale OK, I just got my iPad for Christmas and I'm happy with it, so no upgrade for me...however, several of my co-workers have expressed an interest in buying a iPad 1 now that the pad 2 is out....several people here have stated that they are going to or thinking of selling their...
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    iPad wifi with gps possible?

    Cheaper and better would be a Garmin GPS....
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    unboxing your iPad. Slow or fast?

    Mine was a Christmas gift, first I couldn't believe the wife got me one, 32 gb, 3G wifi...I was shocked....she's not a gadget person, so for her to buy something like this was way out there....I unwrapped it, shocked to see it was an iPad, slowly unboxed it...held it for while just looking at...
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    Verizon iPad

    So one would have to buy a new iPad to connect to them?
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    Suggestion regarding the New Forum's iPAD application

    I think it's great, thanks to whom ever did it,!
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    Congratulation - New iPAD Application of OUR Forum

    Got it and on it now, way cool!
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    Having a great time with my IPad, thanks forum

    Yeah me too Love the pad and the forum
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    Wifi or 3g?

    Upper left corner of the iPad you should see the bars and either a " radar" looking icon or the words 3G Ta da....:)
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    OMG We got an iPad! Its an iPad

    Gotta throw the BS flag on this FataDesain...Santa is real, and he (she) brought me an there...:p
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    Selling ipad

    I think I would pass mine on to a family member if I wanted a new Ipad...but really don't see a new one in my future for quite some time....heck, I'm still learning this one.
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    Anyone use their iPad less?

    I'll ease your pain and give ya $100.00 bucks for it...;)
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    Open press reader @ 6:00am everyday

    Guess you could ask the wife....she may turn it on by hitting it on your head though...just a thought :D
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    Followed the on screen prompts , downloaded a freebie just to make sure, all went well.... Thanks all
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    Question I loaded the Kindel app, when I open it it ask me to register this kindle....course i'm on the i do this, registra my iPad as a kindle ? Will this mess things up?
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    How Do I Update my iPad's Software?

    I wouldn't mine the Google tool bar, I'm the worst speller and that spell check is a saver for fat fingers and hitting the number button doesn't help.:)
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    Thinking about buying an Ipad....why do I/don't I need a USB port???

    I would like to install my Garmin mapsource for my Zumo while traveling on my there a way? Prolly not.
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    3G usage

    Thanks Simple right? I knew it would a silly question. Thank again
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    3G usage

    OK, maybe a dumb question, but I have to ask.... I have wifi at home, no problem, but at work I have to use 3G.... my question is, when I turn the pad on at work, lets say on ibooks, am I using my assigned (2GB)amout of 3G? I know if I'm on the forum or eBay I will be, but if I'm on a...
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    FAQs on "Do I need Wi-Fi or 3G model?"

    I had a friend tell me once, it was about cars and motorcycles but still applies here, "buy the best and you'll never be disappointed" For that reason I would buy the wifi 3G model, plus I like having it all...and it's better to have and not need than the need and not have.... And if you ever...
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    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    NightHawk because I work midnight shift....though about nightowl...but naw... it works, and the other ones were taken....
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    Site log on Help

    Ok, deleted the bookmark, went to Google and searched again for the forum, opened and logged in, all went fine, saved new bookmark. Still don't know what was causing the message block, go figure :confused:
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    Site log on Help

    Tried reloading site. No difference
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    Site log on Help

    I can log On with my iPhone but if I try with the iPad I get a message block that say site down for testing What's up?
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    Lucky n Kentucky

    Hey IpadNic another Christmas Kentucky Ipad here, and I also bleed BLUE!:) Go Cats.... I have a lot to learn too, and yep It's addictive!!! Anyway, enjoy
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    New iPad

    Whoooo Whoo....guess I'm one of the iPad Christmas babies....wife surprised me with a 32G/ 3G iPad under the tree.....:D To say I was shocked is a understatement.....she's a keeper ( 40 years now).... Anyway, I have owned a iPhone for about 1 1/2 it very well and so far I love this...