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    iPad 2 official dock fit with case?

    I spoke with Apple and cancelled the order for the dock, if anyone was actually interested. I spoke with the rep from Apple and he said he thought it wouldn't fit with a case either, just in case anyone else runs into this same concern.;) I cancelled the order for the dock and got the HDMI...
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    iPad 2 official dock fit with case?

    I have the iPad 2 with the official dock and smart cover coming in the mail. I want to buy a thin protecting case just for the back that is compatible with the smart cover. My question is, if I do so, will it fit in the official Apple iPad 2 dock? If it doesn't I am considering cancelling the...
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    New user Hi everyone, my name is Bill and I am new to the forum. My wife and I recently ordered the 64 GB Wifi iPad 2 in white directly from Apple. It is due to ship April 21st. We can't wait, it will be our first iPad!:ipad-front: