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    Passcode option greyed out

    Tim, That's just it - I don't have the option to turn the Passcode Off - it's greyed out. I can change it, but that's it. I tried powering all the way off and back on and the feature is still greyed out. :( Thanks for your help!! Vicki
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    Passcode option greyed out

    I set up a simple passcode when I set up my IPad and it's been fine, I don't mind having it - but I started using the IPad as my alarm clock and it's a PITA to have to put in the passcode to silence the alarm at 4:30 in the morning. Anyway, I went in to turn it off and that function is greyed...
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    Think I found a purse I like...(crossing my fingers)...

    I got this Elle bag this weekend at Kohl's on clearance (the best part!!) :) My IPad fits on its side perfectly! So far so good!! Hopefully I'll continue to like it!!
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    Just Gave 100 books away. iPad is the replacment

    I want to use my IPad for reading but have a hard time paying $10 for a book and then I can't donate it or re-sell it. Plus, I hardly every buy books - I get them from the library!! When I can get my ebooks from the library - then I'll be happy!! :)
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    Do iTunes rental movies work on iPad?

    I had one with no problems. The last 2 I rented didn't work - froze my screen. ITunes is researching the movies and refunded my money!
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    Movies won't play on ipad

    Hi Jans, I had the same thing happen with 2 movies I downloaded. Mine were rented movies - were yours? Once the 24 hour period expired (from the time I started it), everything came back. I didn't try to watch them again because I didn't want it to happen again. I emailed ITunes and they are...
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    Ok Ladies - have you found a purse?

    So I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a regular purse that they've found works well for your IPad? I want a purse that I can carry other things in as well, big enough for my IPad with case (so I can close the purse with it in it) and not a briefcase type thing, but a real...
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    GPS App

    So I decided to try MotionX Drive (NavFree got some pretty bad reviews on the App Store) and I used it yesterday. I get 30 days of free voice turn by turn with it so I could really get a feel for it. The funny thing is I didn't activate my 3G yet however, I punched in the address at home over...
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    Movie rentals messing up

    WOW!! Kudos to ITunes!! I emailed them on Friday and today received word that they are crediting my account for those 2 movies!!! That's awesome!! I really wasn't expecting that answer!! Woohoo!! :D Thanks again Tim!! :)
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    GPS App

    Sorry - 1) USA 2) I meant MotionX Drive 3) The reviews on NavFree were not good at all. Some people complained of crashing and not being able to remove it. So I was looking to see what recommendations people had. Thanks,
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    GPS App

    Good morning, Right before I got my IPad, my family was going to get me a Garmin for Mother's Day. I told them to hold off and put the money toward my IPad instead b/c I could use that as a GPS. Well yesterday we used the native Maps app on the IPad and it worked great (I loaded the route...
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    Movie rentals messing up

    Tim, Thanks as always for your response! However, I did both of those things several times - with no success. I didn't panic because I had a hunch that in 24 hours (the time a movie expires after you start watching it) the screen would come back. Sure enough, this morning it was back and a...
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    A tip for stylus users

    Another thumbs up for the Griffin. I got it when it was $7 on Amazon and I love it. It's very heavy and the tip is soft and I haven't had any issues with it. It's still cheaper on Amazon than Target.
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    Movie rentals messing up

    I downloaded 2 movie rentals for my daughter on my IPad. We went to watch them this weekend and the one started and then the screen froze. I clicked Done to take it back out and then I got a black screen with nothing. I shut it all the way down and came back but I still got the same thing. I...
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    Photos turning in email

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone has experienced this and can help. I have an IPad 2 that is flipping pictures upside down when I email them. When I attach them to the email, they are right side up and look fine. However, when they are received, they are upside down. Our email runs on an...
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    Productivity Apps (specifically Planner apps)

    Thanks a lot for your replies. Now if I could choke past the cost...:(... My fear is I will buy it and not use it to its capabilities. (I realize that's something that only I can get past, but still a concern!) Thanks for your input - it really helps! :)
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    Ipad screen

    I second the stylus! I just got the Griffin stylus (it was on sale on Amazon for $7 - Target sells it for $19.99!!) and I love it so far. I use it for everything unless I have something long to type out. But I will hopefully use it to write notes too. I also an pretty fanatical about the...
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    Anyone carry their ipad with them everywhere all day?

    I definitely don't need an excuse but am happy to have one this time! :) I'm looking for a purse that will carry my IPad. Hoping to get out this weekend to look for one! :)
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    Productivity Apps (specifically Planner apps)

    So I'm on a search for a way to turn my IPad into a planner, a task manager, etc. I have looked through the App Store and the reviews on everything are all over the board. I have so many different apps to choose from and yet none seem to "have it all". I'm desperately trying to make this...
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    Purchased my IPad from a colleague...

    Worked perfectly!! Thanks!! :)
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    Purchased my IPad from a colleague...

    Tim, thanks so much for your reply. I went through everything on the IPad and really of everything left behind, the stuff I want is all free downloads. I will lose a few things I'd like to keep but nothing I can't live without. However, I went through a TON of pages in the help forum and I...
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    Purchased my IPad from a colleague...

    Hi everyone! I am a very new IPad user and am still trying to figure everything out. One of the guys I work with got itchy when the IPad2 came out and decided he had to have it so he was selling his original. I never thought I would get one because I figured it was just a bigger version of...