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    Louis Vuitton to Release Designer iPad Case

    Is this one really true? LV will release their latest design intended for iPad? I love this one. The design is elegant and for sure because it is made by LV then for sure it will also be very costly.
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    Four Security Tips for your iPad

    I believe those tips were really helpful to everybody. I hope that I can apply those tips too. How I wish! I want to have my own iPad already. I'm so eager to have one.
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    Google to Start Selling e-Books

    It is nice to know that Google will start selling e-books already. A lot of enthusiast are really waiting for this to come and they are already waiting for so long.
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    meridianEMR Launches iPad Patient Check-In System

    What does this company do to iPad? I am so sorry because I do not know yet the purpose of this company.
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    Adobe Replies to Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Flashâ€

    Adobe flash is one of the problem of iPad. I do not know why Steve Jobbs did not put adobe flash on his masterpiece.
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    AT&T International 3G Data Plans for iPad Released

    There are so many bad feedback on the internet supplier for Apple's iPad. They kept on complaining that the signal is not really accessible to everyone.
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    New iPad Accessories Available from the Apple Store

    Wow! there is an iPad camera already. As what I observed this device is the missing piece of iPad.
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    The Financial Times’ iPad App Will Be Free For Two Months

    Is this one really true? It will be free for two months? If so then for sure this technique will surely gather a lot of prospect buyers for this device.
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    The iPad as a Skateboard!

    this one is really funny! Of course the gadget cannot handle the weight of a human and besides this device is not designed for that.
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    Welcome to - Your Apple iPad Forum & Community

    As what I observed and read about the information for iPad there are flaws about this gadget but still I want to have one to try its greatness.