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    Emulate Android OS on iPad

    Is this possible? Is there an emulator available for iOS? Thanks
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    Using iPad to access a software

    Hey, many thanks! Big help as well :)
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    Using iPad to access a software

    Hey twerppoet! Let me try your suggestion. I have not heard of Splashtop but seems like a good tool. Is there a free trial though??
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    Using iPad to access a software

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to remotely access a software using my ipad. I'm using a file archiver program called DefendX. The software is located on a seperate computer running on windows server 2019. Sorry for my ignorance but can this be accessed remotely using an ipad? What...
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    New member here! :)

    Hello Everyone, Looking forward to learn new stuff here.! Cheers! :)