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    iPad 2 iMessage smart cover problem

    whenever I open my smart cover, I immediately get a bunch of iMessages, along with the message received sound clip. The time on these messages is always in the past. Basically, I don't receive messages, a sound, or notification until i open the smart cover. Has anyone else experience this?
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    iPad 2 exchange 4 months after purchase?

    I bought an iPad 2 about a month ago. I didn't watch any videos or movies on it till last night when I noticed slight light bleeding on all edges and corners. I never noticed it before but it's bugging me now. I'm going overseas for about 3 months in a couple days, so I don't have time to...
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    iPad 2 orientation

    I just tried it a bunch of different ways. I turned it to the right, put it to sleep, turned it to the left, put it to sleep. No matter what I do, it always takes , much more of a tilt to the left than to the right. I thought that it might be programmed to orient at a lower tilt to the right...
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    iPad 2 orientation

    I kept switching left to right back and forth and tilting to the left always takes much more of a tilt to switch than the left. If it's not happening to yours then I guess my accelerometer isnt calibrated properly. I guess Ill take to Apple
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    iPad 2 orientation

    Take out your ipad and turn off the orientation lock if its on. Place it in front of you so that the home button is facing you. Now tilt it to the left so that the orientation switches, then tilt it again to the right. For some reason, I have to tilt it about 45 degrees to the left before it...
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    Ask no questions exchange?

    I want to exchange my ipad for a new one as ive been experiencing a few problems (blacklight bleeding, wifi dropping, accelerometer malfunctioning.) I hear Apple has a no questions asked exchange policy. How would I go about exchanging? Do I need to set up a genius appointment? How long does it...
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    Battery problem

    My battery has been draining about 5% an hour while asleep with no apps running. I read online that restarting the ipad should fix it, and I did that, but the problem was still there.I decided to drain the battery completely and then recharge it to 100%. I did that, and now the battery is stuck...
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    Video Scrubbing

    I love the way scrubbing is handled on the native video app. Its so intuitive and simple to use. Unfortunately, I never use the native video app because all my videos are in avi format. I use Buzzplayer to play all my videos, and it works fine, except the "halfspeed" and "fine" scrubbing feature...
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    How to load two different YouTube videos at the same time

    My Internet connection is kinda slow. On my computer i like to open up a bunch of different YouTube videos and do something else while waiting for them to load up. When I try to load a second video on the iPad it stops the first one. Is there any way to get around this?
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    iPad battery after one year

    For those of you who bought the first ipad right away, what's the iPad's battery like a full year after use? How long does it last? Also, does leaving the iPad plugged in after it reaches 100% bad for the battery? I leave it plugged in all night but I'm pretty sure it reaches 100% half way...
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    Half of memory used up, no apps running?

    Using system status and pad info, I can see that about 57% of the memory is currently being used up. (15% wired, 8% active and the rest "other") Problem is that there are no apps running other than system status. Notifications and location services are both off. What could be using up this memory?
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    Separate game files on same ipad?

    Is it possible to have two different game saves on the same ipad for two different people?
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    Incase origami sleeve

    Has anyone here bought or tried the incase origami sleeve ? Is it a good stand, sleeve combo?
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    Multitasking gestures issue

    There's a way to enable multitasking gestures using a Pc and still have the ability to turn them off in settings. This is what I did with mine. It's a little complicated and it's gonna take a couple of hours and about 30 gb of free space but if anyone's interested PM me
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    Thoughts on my new case?

    I was thinking about getting that case. How do you like it so far? Does it add a lot of weight or thickness? Any complaints?
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    Multitasking gestures issue

    I just tried it out and it doesn't happen when I switch apps through the multitask bar..the app switching animation is a few seconds shorter using the multitouch gestures so I guess it doesn't have as much time to load as when you switch using the multitasking bar... This'll probably be fixed...
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    Multitasking gestures issue

    With multitasking gestures enabled, ive noticed that whenever I swipe with four fingers to another app, it takes a couple of seconds before I can actually use the app... Is this a problem with just my iPad or is this a universal thing?
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    Atomic vs safari on iPad 2

    So i got my iPad 2 recently and have been pretty annoyed by the fact that the keyboard lags pretty badly most of the time. This shouldn't be happening with the iPad 2s improved specs. Then I realized that this was only happening with atomic browser; the keyboard works perfectly smooth in safari...
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    Exchange at apple store?

    I bought a 16gb ipad 2 from target, but now realize I should have gotten the 32gb. No targets in my area have 32s in stock, so can i exchange it at the apple store? It has light bleed issues so can I use that as an excuse to get a replacement and an upgrade?
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    iPad 2 exchange at apple store?

    I live in the US so I think I should be able to just go to any apple store. The "defect" is the apparently quite common light bleeding issue. It just doesn't seem like something I shouldn't put up with considering the iPad's price
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    iPad 2 exchange at apple store?

    Can you exchange a defective iPad 2 at an apple store if you bought it from somewhere else?
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    "Sent from my iPad"... Just dont

    In case some of you may not be aware, having "Sent from my iPad" as a signature on emails/forums makes you look like a complete douche. Even if it's not your intent, it makes it seem like you're showing off. I've recently noticed "Sent from my iPad 2" which is really just the epitome of...
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    Multitouch gesture problems?

    So multitouch gestures are only available for developers, which means apple doesnt want to release it publically since the bugs havent all been fixed. Has anyone experienced problems with certain apps with multitouch enabled?
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    iPad 2 processor (iPad 2 owners only)

    One of the biggest limitations of the first iPad in my opinion was the fact that apps would have to reload completely when switching between apps. I couldn't start loading a webpage and do something else in the interim, as the website would have to reload all over again once I switch back. Also...
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    iPad screen protector question

    I never had a screen protector on my first iPad, but I wanna get one for the iPad 2. My question is how do screen protectors affect your finger's ability to "glide" across the screen? My fingers would constantly come to a stop or cause a lot of friction on the screen, and Im worried that a...
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    You can enable multitouch gestures without xcode I havent tried it so let me know how it goes
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    iPad 3g GPS

    how exactly does the GPS work on the iPad 3g? Does it require a sim card? Would it work if I were to use an offline map app without a sim card?
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    ipad 2 jailbreak

    Ive read alot of threads about jailbreaking on this forum, so please dont ask me to use the search function. It seems that theres people on both sides of the argument over performance after jailbreaking. For those of you that have jailbroken iPads, have you noticed a decrease in performance...
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    avi video players with airplay?

    I used cinexplayer to play avi files on my ipad 1, and it worked great. Im getting an ipad 2, and I want to be able to airplay avi's to an apple TV. Are there currently any apps that can do this? Also, unrelated, but are there any avi-playing video apps that have a similar scrubbing feature that...
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    Locally stored maps app?

    I want to buy a wifi-only iPad 2, but it occurred to me that a 3G iPad could come in handy since it would have true GPS. I would use the GPS while visiting countries where I won't have a data connection. My question is, are there any map apps that have the maps locally stored on the iPad so I...
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    iPad 2 durability?

    So according to iFixit, the ipad 2's weight reduction is mostly due to a lighter and thinner glass and lcd. apparently 75% of the difference in weight is from the new glass. What does this mean for durability? I havent seen any drop tests yet but does this mean itll be more flimsy than the...