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    DENVER - Denver Police are searching for two thieves who stole an iPad from a man shopping at...

    DENVER - Denver Police are searching for two thieves who stole an iPad from a man shopping at the Cherry Creek Mall, and ripped off his little finger in the process. Bill Jordan tells FOX31 News that he went to the Cherry Creek Mall's Apple store last Thursday to buy an iPad because his company...
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    Anyone rent movies from itunes?

    I have had a similar experience with rental so I choose to purchase them in Itunes on my host computer, then sync them to the IPAD. They show up in the videos application and the wife can watch them at her leisure. You can get TV shows for $2-3 each, down load them to Itunes and then sync...
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    My iPad Review, and iPad vs. Kindle 2

    In spite of what others have stated as fact, there is diversity in opinion on what constitutes an e reader. MobileRead Wiki - LCD E-Book Reader Matrix Wiki contains a list of LCD based e-book readers and some believe that the LCD based readers are superior. One of the beauties of the...
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    Reasons the iPad is Better than a Netbook

    To one and all who have not participated in personal attacks and worse incoherent and frivolous discourse, I apologize for the length of this response. To all of you who participated, please read on and consider this directed at you as well. Thanks I feel the need to address your...
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    Reasons the iPad is Better than a Netbook

    So I am confused. Apple failed to get the IPAD certified for use in Isreal, based on their laws that are well understood and its Isreal's fault? Grape or Cherry?
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    Reasons the iPad is Better than a Netbook

    Interesting Left off Forces you to move to a new email app because it will not support Outlook, which the vast majority of users know and love Will not play any of the vast family of online games for windows Our netbook is well made, has run 24/7 for over a year, connects via internal...
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    Boston Herald Bashes iPad

    I am sorry, but where was the bashing? He had a lot of positive comments. And he correctly stated that the IPAD has a limited keyboard but that you can add an external one. And if you want to do hard core computer work or run your aps, the IPAD will not so that. This looks more like fact...
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    LOLOLOL Some of you Apple Kool-Aide drinkers crack me up. The IPAD is a really big IPOD / toy. The Slate apparently actually runs an operating system and may be an actual computer. If you want a big IPOD / toy, like I did when I bought my IPAD, then its wonderful. If you want a computer then...
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    iPad Screen Scatch Test

    Yes you can scratch the screen YouTube - Will It Blend? - iPad
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    A/V cables

    I plugged my IPAD directly into the AV cable in place of my IPOD and it worked just fine. I have not tested every application but this test leads me to believe that any standard cable will plug in and work. I mean, its designed to accept any standard headphone with micro plugs so . . . Is...
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    1) it is premature to declair the death of the mouse. It gets nice attention for the author but is totally wrong headed. The mouse is a convenient, easy to use, intuitive input device and every desktop and "real" computer uses one today to great effect. If you want to do real work, or play...
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    Malware hunters at Symantec have discovered a direct link between a malicious file embedded in pirated copies of Apple’s iWork 09 software and what appears to be the first Mac OS X botnet launching denial-of-service attacks. Writing in the current issue of Virus Bulletin (subscription...
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    Why the Apple virus attack is good news John Dvorak's Second Opinion - MarketWatch The sudden appearance of malicious code for computers made by Apple /quotes/comstock/15*!aapl/quotes/nls/aapl (AAPL 241.02, +1.07, +0.45%) is likely to spark the resumption of a strange competition within the...
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    And you thought MAC wont get an infection ? Intego, a leading security application developer for OS X platform just issued a major security bulletin warning all apple users about a potential threat. Intego has discovered a new Trojan horse, OSX.Trojan.iServices.A, which is currently circulating...
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    I have well over a thousand movies, over seven thousand tunes, and a few hundred TV shows hosted on my servers. We have an ATV in the family room, my computer lab, my garage, and the wife's sewing room. So, yes we have an ATV on every TV in the house.
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    Lets not be beating up on the vast majority of computer users. I started on a Lisa, still have a practically NIB Apple IIe at home and lived Apple right up till they "lost" the software war with Intel boxes. I started building my own intel boxes and yes struggled with DOS, Windows, ME, . . ...
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    Apple Airport Extreme - 1 Apple IPOD mini -7 Apple IPOD -3 Apple TV -4 Apple IPAD -1 Win laptops -5 Win desktops -9 HP MediaSmart Svr -2
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    Traveling with the iPad

    I too have been impressed by the IPAD and how well it does what it does. But I can not travel without my i7, dual SSD, hidef laptop. I have to get my gaming fix and the IPAD will never replace a laptop for WOW and Planetside. :-)
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    Wifi Strength?

    I have an Apple Extreme wireless N running at 5.0 ghz. The IPAD has no difficulty connecting to the router from any location in the houses. The router is in the basement and the IPAD is generally used in our bedroom on the 2nd floor, 2 walls and 2 floors separated. In comparison, the IPHONE...
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    Apple iPad already popular at Airports says Boingo Wireless

    Before we get all gaga about this, there is not sufficient data provided to actually draw any conclusions other than when People go to an airport they have their IPHONE and its turned on. They automatically seek a network if you check the weather or basically do anything that requries external...
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    First scratch!

    I got a custom skin from skinit for the back. Pictures of my car
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    Add movies to iPad

    ITUNES wants MPEG4 format for import. I rip using CUCUSOFT for Apple TV to rip movies. In its infinite wisdom, ITUNES does not give you an error message, it just lays there and does nothing if it does not like the size or format of the movie. I have found that previous versions of ITUNES did...
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    Reaching Other Computers Via Wifi...

    I am going to find out. I have 19 computers on my home network including 4 A tvs and 3 NAS servers. So far my wife has the damn thing up in her nest playing games and I cant get five minutes to work with it.
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    I am getting a screen protector mostly for the fingerprints. My experience is they are much easier to clean off the protector vice the screen. I am also getting a skin for it. Its so heavy that it sets on its back much of the time and will get damaged unless its protected. I lay mine glass...
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    second most irritating thing about my IPAD experience is the fingerprints. Have to clean it every time I use it. Ughhh I have tried Kindle for IPAD and really like it. But for the weight that precludes laying down and reading, its a very nice reader.
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    Apple iTunes v9 - Tips on Sharing

    I went to a NAS but when my Itunes library went over 1TB I had to go to a different solution. I now have three Windows Home Servers, one is the primary Ilibrary, one backs up the Ilibrary and one backs up all purchased items from the Istore. The first time you loose your library you will...
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    What is failure or a product?

    Before we all drink the Kool-aid, 1) there is a huge in place infrastructure in existing hospitals that a) works b) the staff are trained to use c) represents a very large sunk cost 2) Inputting data to a touch machine is not as user friendly as with an actual keyboard. People who can type...
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    We get at least one major OS upgrade for free

    I still have a gen1 IPOD. What do you mean, not an issue LOL They will have to do what ever updates are necessary to keep the IPAD current with ITUNES store changes. That is why my Apple TVs have been getting free OS upgrades since day 1. And all my various IPODS same thing. They need to be...
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    Screen Protector--Necessary or Not?

    I dropped my IPHONE one time too many. Like toast it fell buttered side down. Broke the glass screen. The only thing that kept it from falling out on the ground and probably destroying the phone is the plastic screen protector I put over the face of the screen. You could see the cracks...
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    Kindle for the iPad

    quote] Turn it sideways and it is about the same size as reading a paperback book. What's the problem? I have my IPAD on order, but I can answer your question. A paper back book will not break if you drop it, it contains no glass. A paper back book will git into your pocket. I have a...
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    Kindle for the iPad

    Turn it sideways and it is about the same size as reading a paperback book. What's the problem? For me, its not portable, its luggable. I have 4 laptops of varying degrees of portability and capability and do not need a "fragile" glass faced device that I have to worry about dropping or...
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    Sharing iTunes with iPod

    Good points. I dont have any experience with purchasing from ITUNES Store with other than a PC running ITUNES. I have not purchased via Apple TV because I have 4 of them and its just easier to purchase from the host.
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    Sharing iTunes with iPod

    Actually, I did not find enough information in your question to give a complete answer. Instead let me explain some of my personal lessons learned and see if any of this helps. ITUNES is an application that runs on a primary host. The hose can be a Win box as in my case or any Apple OS...
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    Synching Contacts/Windows 7 to Touch/Ipad

    You did not say what OS you were running when the sync was working ok for you. If you migrated from XP to 7 then you had to do a rebuild and lost all your XP apps and data unless you saved them off somewhere or went to a new system drive. In which case you should try running the aps in win7...
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    Kindle for the iPad

    LOL I have been living with my Kindle2 for months and love it. The portability and similarity to a printed page are big plusses for me. Try laying in bed and holding an IPAD in one hand while reading at night. I dont think it will work for a lot of us. The IPAD has a lot going for it but...
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    Can I buy ebooks now?

    My personal experience with Amazon over the past year has been very positive. I have a Kindle and IPONE reader. I use them both extensively. The big difference with the Amazon ebook process is they maintain your copies for you, you can down load them to the device of your choice when ever you...
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    Apple Commercial hints at iBook Pricing

    They need to be competitive and right now Amazon has established the market value for Ebooks. Though even Amazon has been having a running battle with publishers on their pricing model. Amazon understands that distributing data at basically zero production cost is a good deal for the...
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    Microsoft Office for the iPad

    I dont understand your comment. The guy has not seen the device and is being asked if he is going to port a bunch of very complex and some would say inefficient code to it? 1) is it technically feasible? 2) is there a market for it? Its a new device catagory and a lot of people who make a...
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    What iPad model will you buy?

    Don't tell the wife but I have 5 laptops 1 netbook 6 desk tops 4 ATVs 3 WHS servers running at home currently. All are connected via Apple Extreme 5ghz and gigabit LAN. I have at last count 8000 tunes, 1100 movies and a bunch of tv shows on the servers which we stream to the ATVs via ITUNES...
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    iPad to lead the e-Reader Market

    I have used ITUNES and have 4 AppleTVs deployed since they first became available . . . so long ago I forget when I deployed them. I have a lot of experience with the ITUNES business model. I have had a mod2 Kindle for over a year. The two business models are not really comparible...