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    I'll have one of my 64's in the sun tomorrow (same tennis lesson's) - Where is the sensor (Square above the charger pins?) Wondering if just covering the sensor by hand will work or if blue tape would be a better option.
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    how do I get the at&t 3g network hooked up?

    Yep - Click it and select your plan...
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    How often do you charge your iPad?

    Try leaving GodFinger on for a few hours ---- easily 50 percent of the battery life from a full charge. Must have to do with the online connection piece.
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    How many WiFi's will be exchanged for 3Gs on Friday

    I would be more interested if this was coming out from one of the big hardware companies --- The Q was a cool idea but ended up being problematic due to delays and the company that was behind it being too small to generate any penetration. Bottom Line for me - a 2.4 LB device is too heavy for...
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    What's the Point in Returning IPAD for 2nd or 3rd Ipad? To the folks who are on their 2nd or 3rd ipad due to overheating what is the POINT in continuing to return yours for another unit?? I think its pretty clear that its not "YOUR" unit - its "ALL Units 64GB" given the right conditions. Note...
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    HP SLATE Reviewed - Netbook crap in tablet form, no sale!

    Love the additional features of a full computer, 5 hours of battery is enough and I'd be willing to make the trade-off for the increased feature set. As long as its 1.5 LBS and quick enough to use all of those features I'll be interested. I'll wait until its out in the wild for some "Real"...
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    Thieves Rip Man’s Finger Off to Steal iPad

    He Kept his finger but did not keep the skin on his finger according to the report.
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    Boston Herald Bashes iPad

    Not so much Bashing - I don't really see the bashing. From someone who has been using two of these since the 3rd I agree with most of his points. He praises the pieces that I think the PAD excels at - EReader and Movie Watcher etc... Lets be honest here the on screen keyboard is never...
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    can i upgrade?

    From someone who has several laptops with built in 3G cards I can tell you my experience even without using the 3G connection I saw a battery drain. Not saying it will be tremendous as only time will ( not specialiation but actual real world use when the 3G is released). If you can't swing a...
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    can i upgrade?

    Time will tell .
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    can i upgrade?

    He may regret it if 3G turns a 10 hour battery into a 6 hour battery.
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    WiFi using MiFi

    I'm talking about the Verizon mifi. Where did you find the iPad app to monitor mifi? I routinely get 5 plus hours on the mifi. Mifi can be had for zero dollars - call verizon but it requires a 2 year contract. Mifi can be activated just like any other verizon device - simply activate your...
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    Some Random Thoughts on the iPad

    You should ask your local apple store. I spoke with apple online sales early on and was told you could not return online ipads to the store. They said you would need to pay to ship it back along with a 10 percent restocking fee. I actually returned a nib 16 and kept two 64's - after a few...
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    Getting a replacement tomorrow...

    Nice - hope it solves your wifi problems long term. In terms of apple in store service - I agree it is good but I think it could be even better without all of the yelling and ass slapping.
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    iPad Sales Ratio

    I would bet it's the 16, 32, or 64.
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    Getting a replacement tomorrow...

    Your subject -- Are you getting a replacement or are you going in for a tech appt with one of the "GEN"? I'm not following why a brand new Ipad would solve your wifi problem?
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    Help with Barnes & Noble ebook . . .

    Yes and No - That is the Kindle App for Amazon's DRM. B&N was supposed to their app available on or around the 3rd to support their modified EPUB DRM. I found a B&N app but it appears to be for the iphone since it only loads in a few inches of the screen.
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    Airport Security - Take it Out or Leave it In (that's what she said)

    Your experience is great but at the end of the day TSA can and will do whatever they want. If they see it on the scan they can ask you to take it out and rescan - then you may end up in the sniffer line, or have your Ipad swabbed for explosives etc.... As a frequent business traveler my goal...
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    Private browsing?

    I have been told that all the good Porn uses Flash - so by that account you have nothing to worry about.
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    No so fast Mr. Moderator... From someone who has been using 2 (64) Ipad's since the 3rd I think he has some valid points. Battery life is a non issue - as soon as we see multiple threaded environments (IE - allowing full pull email, web sites pulling in the background etc...) our 8 to 10...
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    Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard

    I have a couple of these that I use in the our move room - Never thought about connecting it to the Ipad. The Dinovo is a nice little keyboard for thumb typing but if I wanted to type anything longer than a post/email I'd go with a larger variant.
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    Help with Barnes & Noble ebook . . .

    B&N were supposed to release an Ipad app on the 3rd... I was looking for this as well and only found the iphone app. I was hoping the app would be full featured and allow you to browse books (Read one) while at a B&N like you are able to do with the Nook. My bets are that the NOOK is on its...
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    WiFi using MiFi

    Unless you are tethering your mifi (not sure what the point of that would be....) your mifi does not drain your battery any more or less than having a WIFI connection would. One of the reasons we get such good battery life is that our single threaded world makes it so.
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    Syncing photos

    It is broken - hopefully they will fix this.
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    WiFi using MiFi

    On my net books I take a substantial (nearly 50 percent) battery hit when using my USB dingle 3G vs the mifi.
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    WiFi using MiFi

    Yep mifi = wap. I find my mifi to be substantially faster that the wifi I am picking up at book stores like barns and borders. IMO it's the killer app for the iPad. Curious how much the internal 3G will drain the battery.
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    Returned my iPad to apple store sold out

    For some it might be worth it but not for me. They had lots available earlier in the week. I was surprised they finally sold out.
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    Traveling with the iPad

    For my business travel needs the iPad will never go solo. Just like my ereaders before it I will always need my laptop along for the ride to get work done. The pad is an extra in my travel take-a-longs.
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    How Are You Holding Your iPad?

    Landscape with left index finger used for support between the apple case and iPad. Similar to how I hold my Sony ereaders.
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    First scratch!

    Sure if the scratch is worth 10 percent to you. Scratches are inevitable...... No worries IMO.
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    Water damage

    Should be good in water since we now know we can blend with it.
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    Happy I got a 64 GB IPad!!

    Couple 64's here. Just returned a 16 ( was going to keep for kids rot use in car etc...) but after loading up our 64's I knew the 16 would need to go back. I expect 128 or 256 would be more ideal and will probably add another iPad when they upgrade the capacity for the next gen.
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    Returned my iPad to apple store sold out

    Not as exciting as the title sounds. Ended up with 2 64's and one 16 plus apple cases for each. Keeping the two 64's and returned the 16 and apple case. At this point two are going to meet the need until gen 2 comes out. I was surprised to find the apple store has been sold out for a...
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    So how many of us don't have an iPhone?

    MiFi here all the way. AT&T is the only thing stopping me from an iPhone. Verizon should see several new CDMA iPhones by end of the year or early next.
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    Business Wifi

    Are you one of the guys using your Ipad in the Oven?
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    Movie Converting - Handbrake - Optimal Ipad

    Nice, I just saw that as well but am not patient enough to wait :-) 640X480 is pretty good - and perhaps close to as good as the quality will get on the Ipad. So far as expected all of the Pixar movies look quite good.
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    Useing the Wifi in public places..

    Yep - probably has to do with antenna placement and or other variables within the Ipad form factor. If Apple feels this is a big enough issue (IE - lost sales/revenue) they will most likely address it in Gen2. Would I like better wifi signal/reception out of the Ipad - Sure - but this is one...
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    SD card wireless access..So cool

    IMO - just buy a 64 GB and be done with it - store the rest on the cloud.
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    Movie Converting - Handbrake - Optimal Ipad

    Looks like not a lot of MOVIE converting/putting on IPAD stuff going on. I can tell you that using handbrake the settings for Apple TV are not ideal for the Ipad. I converted Chance of Meatballs using the default Apple TV settings and you get a super wide screen (narrow slit) 1+GB file...
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    Useing the Wifi in public places..

    No one is saying that WIFI does not work on the Ipad - Folks are saying and from my testing it's true that Ipad in general may not be as strong as other devices for picking up the wifi signal.