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    Dumb thought, but since I've done it, I'll ask. Are you sure your case or something else isn't covering the camera?
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    BlackBerry CEO Thinks Tablets Will Be Irrelevant Five Years From Now

    So what will be relevant, the Blackberry IX? Unlikely.
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    Have to timeout after powering on

    My iPad4 has been doing something different for the last few weeks, perhaps since the last OS upgrade. After I turn it on the startup slider at the bottom will not budge. I have to let it time out (which doesn't take long, just a few seconds), press the button, the slider comes back, and now...
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    Rand McNally Launches Interactive iPad Version of Classic Road Atlas

    No geolocation? The aviation people have provided geolocation on thousands of maps for $50, and they have a very small customer base. I'd like to have these maps available in the car, but they'd be far more valuable with geolocation.
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    Folders for POP email

    Thanks, again, Ian. I set up iCloud email as you suggested, built some storage folders, and Bob's your uncle. It takes several taps to store a message, but I don't plan to store many, so it should work fine. No one here or elsewhere has suggested an email app that provides a better approach.
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    Folders for POP email

    Hmm. Great idea. Didn't think of that. I didn't get the iCloud email account because I already have more email accounts (real or offered) than I can count. But I'll experiment with that tonight when I get back to my iPad. Your method won't take up any local storage space. Thanks! I have...
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    Folders for POP email

    This was a question and answer on PadGadget today: (I did not ask the question, but I'd wondered the same thing.) "Q: My e-mail is of the POP variety. Is there any hope of being able to create folders? This really seems like a simple request. A: Unfortunately, you need an IMAP account to...
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    GPS and Glonass

    Yes that is correct. I selected CoPilot Live as my automotive GPS app. I find it not as "refined" as my Garmin standalone GPS, but the large display is great and it works pretty well.
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    Best automotive GPS app?

    I'm the OP. Navigon had terrible reviews, so I bought Copilot Live. Looks OK so far. It has more hotels, restaurants and things than I expected. Not as refined as the Garmin handheld, but in some respects easier to use. Some map glitches in my own local area, so no doubt elsewhere too. Map...
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    Best automotive GPS app?

    The Garmin GPS I use in my car is amazing. Not only does it contain maps of the whole USA complete with gazillions of streets and freeway interchanges, it also knows about every Subway, Holiday Inn Express and Shell gas station. It also shows me every golf course which I couldn't care less...
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    New member likes iPad but fights with iTunes

    Had my iPad (4th gen 32 Gig) for two weeks and having lots of fun with it. It looks like it will be wonderful for one specific task I intend to put it to. And reading iBooks is more satisfactory than I ever expected. I've used iTunes with an iPod for years and have built up quite a library of...
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    My NetZero Hotspot Thoughts

    Great deal if you live where it's offered. It's nowhere near me. It's not even in a few big cities like Detroit and Phoenix. At least they have the courtesy to let you know their coverage area right up front. It's the first prominent button on their web page. There's no mention of it...
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    Moshi screen protector feedback request

    I got one for my new iPad. Overall, I do not like it. It goes on easily, much easier than the Zagg, and it seems designed for removal and reattachment if desired. I had no problem using the touch screen with the Moshi installed. On the other hand, the screen (I got the matte one to reduce...
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    iPad phone app

    Skype. GMail on a browser.
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    Documents to go

    Good info. Dropbox looks pretty straightforward. I've had my iPad for less than a week. When I set it up I was pretty much forced to sign up for an iCloud account. I'd rather not sign up for every "data in the sky" thing. Can I use iCloud the same as I would use Dropbox? Thanks.