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    Photo uploads

    Followed instruction re: reset and then tried again with same upload attempt. Photo still would not upload to Facebook. Not critical....but irritating.
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    Photo uploads

    So I followed the instructions and shut off all Apps and then shut down and re-booted. In took two photos and then opened Facebook. I could not upload the second photo but I upload the first photo. Both were taken using the iPad...two seconds apart. .?.....If I do a reset won't that erase any...
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    Photo uploads

    When I take a photo with my iPad and then attempt to upload it to Facebook from "Camera Roll" it will not upload. But if I take the same photo with my iPhone and email it to myself and then upload to my iPad Camera Roll, then I can subsequently upload the photo to Facebook from Camera Roll with...
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    "Other" when syching

    When synching my iPad I noticed at the bottom of my computer (the mothership) that so many GB are in music, so many GB are Apps, and so many GB is "other". My question is: what is the "Other" on my iPad ?
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    Blue text box

    Ince downloadingnOS5 my text boxes are on a blue background whereas before the background was green. What's up with this?
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    App downloads

    I keep getting a "error 1004. Please Try again layer" message when I try to download a new or an update to an App on my iPad 2. What is this and how can I fix it. I already "shut down" for reset (top button +home for 10 seconds til apple logo appears) but when I restarted the iPad the problem...
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    Edit Albums in photos

    So if I DO want to delete photos from a slideshow I put on my iPad via synchronizing, what software can I download to accomplish this?
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    PC program on ipad?

    So if only iPad Apps work, adding a USB slot to the iPad would only work for Apple programs, right? Is there a proprietary USB system for Macs or do regular USBs work? So if Apple ever adds a USB slot to a future iPad, would(could) it work between a Mac and an iPad?
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    Camera conversion kit USB

    Does the Apple camera conversion kit USB also work with other USB drives with data?
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    My spacebar

    My spacebar shows up here in the iPad forums but not when I try to use Safari etc. The keyboard is there , just not the spacebar! What is going on here and what do I do to get it fixed. Anyone else ever have this problem (it happens on my iPhone and my wife's iPhone too at the moment).
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    Photos as attachments

    So I went to Goodreader and found the camera icon in bottom left corner which took me to my camera roll on my iPad. Then when I had saved the two photos in my "Documents" I marked(selected) them both and sent an email to my son and myself (for testing). The photos show up in the email itself...
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    Photos as attachments

    I can't figure out how to send two photos to my son as an attachment to an email. When I go to "Photos" I can send one photo but in the body , not as an attachment. How do I send photos as attachments (plus I want to send two at one time)?
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    Email folders/mailboxes

    This forum convinced me so I am now using Gmail as my primary email .....not only does Gmail replicate your folders in all the locations (unlike Hotmail) it also DELETES from all when you delete from the iPad...and that is really handy.
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    New folder in iPad Mail possible?

    And where would I go to put in a setting to tell the server to go ahead and delete email on the server when I delete them in Gmail on my iPad?
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    New folder in iPad Mail possible?

    When Gmail "archives" mail can I look at the "archives" somehow?
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    What purpose adding Goodreader ?

    I have good Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentations software on my iPad; I can print easily since I have an "Air printer" plus I find that using iTunes to transfer files via USB connection is a breeze. Also I use Dropbox as my cloud and that works well too. So what would the App...
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    New folder in iPad Mail possible?

    Thanks for the help. I went to a Hotmail forum and found others having the exact same problem. One person even described a way to change my settings such that I would get all of my folders. Instead I may just switch to a Gmail account ( I have one) and just drop Hotmail as my main email account.
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    New folder in iPad Mail possible?

    I use hotmail which works well. It already has other folders but they don't show up in Mail on the iPad. So how do I access a "mail sever" to create another folder in my iPad Mail?
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    Powerpoint excel and word

    I use Office2HD which does a good job. It includes an Microsoft compatible Word processing, spreadsheet and presentations (PowerPoint) program. They all three work with Dropbox too. And Office2HD works in file transfer in iTunes (transferring files with USB cord).
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    New folder in iPad Mail possible?

    My iPad mail has 3 folders (Inbox, Sent, and Trash). I would like to create another folder there called "Saved" for emails I don't want to delete for a while. This way I could put them in the Saved folder and unclutter my Inbox folder. Is it possible on an iPad to create an additional folder in...
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    Files in Dropbox transfer via iTunes file sharing

    I used iTunes file sharing today for first time. Worked great with many Apps. But Dropbox didn't show up as an App in the list. Can one transfer files from Dropbox via iTunes or must you just use Dropbox on both the computer & the iPad? If I want to transfer files from Dropbox to my...
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    Help with spreadsheet app

    I use Office2HD which includes Word Processing, Spreadsheet and a Presentation programs. I tried Pages and Numbers and Pages and Numbers printed well on my HP 65000A "AirPrint" enabled printer. But they could not be sent to my cloud on Dropbox. So I bought Office2HD which integrates fairly well...
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    Transfer iTunes account to a new Computer ?

    So how would I transfer the Apps and music from my iTunes library on the old PC to a new PC?
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    Transfer iTunes account to a new Computer ?

    Is my iTunes library also really held online?
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    Transfer iTunes account to a new Computer ?

    If I buy a new PC, can I transfer my iTunes account easily from the old one to the new one? How does one do this?
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    Car charger to also charge up my iPad in the car while travelling?

    So is there an iPad accessory car charger made especially for the iPad that charges faster? Where would I buy same?
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    ICloud ready to go?

    Is the iCloud ready for operations and how do I sign up? Will it work with non-Apple word processing, spreadsheets etc. Or only with Apple software?
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    Car charger to also charge up my iPad in the car while travelling?

    Can I use my iPhone car charger to also charge up my iPad in the car while travelling?
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    Once i make a Numbers spreadsheet how do I put it in Dropbox?

    Putting Numbers spreadsheet in Dropbox