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  1. J

    Best iPad video converter

    I use real player converter it's free
  2. J

    Ipad 3 taking over my tech setup

    The iPad 3 has completely replaced my laptop/main computer and home cable. I can editing my YouTube videos with iMovie , image editing with iMovie, watch tv with Hulu/Netflix with AirPlay(optional ),office work with iWork's, and just general browsing. I have a huge video and music library. I...
  3. J

    Who replaced their mac with ipad 3

    Great post I just have been weighting my opinions . I'm a YouTube maker ,photo editor and a hobby music producer. So iPhoto, GarageBand,FL STUDIOS, and iMovie cover these. My only concern is downloading music and movies but my old compaq notebook can be my work horse for that
  4. J

    Who replaced their mac with ipad 3

    I have a 2010 Mac mini base model and I'm thinking of replacing it with a 16 gig 4g model. I have over 100 of cloud storage between iCloud, Dropbox , sky drive, and google drive plus my wireless Seagate HHD. I have an apple wireless keyboard to cover my school work and hardcore typing. Plus...
  5. J

    Will retina screen mean YouTube videos will look better?

    Blahhhh I died at this
  6. J

    16 or 32 gb ipad third generation for college student?

    Go with the 16 gig many notes can be stored in a cloud service like iCloud ,BOX(free 50 gigs),etc. Movies and music is what really kills most people's memory as they feel like they must carry their library with 0_o. My playlist can eliminate unnecessary songs. Hope this helps
  7. J

    if you sold your ipad2 for ipad3, how much did you get it?

    Trying to sell my white 32 gig for $400 now
  8. J

    Ipad 3 with no A6?

    I predict A6 chip, retina display, and 4g lte. All for their current prices
  9. J

    ipad 2 in trouble? Playbook catching up with their new price drops.

    Thought about getting during black Friday. Staples got them going for $200,$300,$400
  10. J

    should i sell my macbook and use my ipad 2 as my only computer?

    I thought to do the same but keep my iPad 2 as my media player , video editing, surfing, paper wring device. Just add a bluetooth apple keyboard.Then buying a 4g of ram , 500 gb hd G5 as my server. They got for like $300 now.
  11. J

    Could i have a virus

    It seems after the 4.3.2 update my iPad 1 has been crashing left and right. Is there anyway to down grade back to 4.3.1?
  12. J

    Almost 3 Million sold in first month

    +1 for my support
  13. J

    Apple Store is down.

    iPod touch 5 and nano updates
  14. J

    How long do apple's mailed checks to come

    I was typing to fast on my iPad sorry for the title lol
  15. J

    How long do apple's mailed checks to come

    My friend return his iPad 2 do to backlight issues. They issued him a mail check on march 23,2011. He hasn't heard a thing about it.
  16. J

    Upgrade or wait?

    I just sold my iPad 2 to go back to a $300 iPad . The difference are hardly noticeable . I had an iPad 1 before but returned it. So when I got my iPad 2 it was wow I really went through all the hassle just get a thinner iPad. I mean the iPad 2 is faster but not to the extent of me spending an...
  17. J

    iPad 2 processor (iPad 2 owners only)

    youtube loads faster ,apps muli tasking runs smooth , and its a plus knowing your previous apps will still be running .I loved that with my ipad 2 but this cheap ipad 1 is good enuff for what I do.
  18. J

    $300 ipad 1 @ Verizon vs ipad 2 for $500

    Copped a ipad 1 for $320
  19. J

    $300 ipad 1 @ Verizon vs ipad 2 for $500

    what you know about that tigerblood
  20. J

    $300 ipad 1 @ Verizon vs ipad 2 for $500

    I noticed that while watching some Bree Olson movies
  21. J

    How many are jumping ship? I am Weary of the hunt for ipad2 going to Xoom Sunday

    They got us looking like crackheads outside these stores lol
  22. J

    How many are jumping ship? I am Weary of the hunt for ipad2 going to Xoom Sunday

    ^what he said . Apple has guaranteed money by making it slow to ship
  23. J

    $300 ipad 1 @ Verizon vs ipad 2 for $500

    quick update i just watch the year one video and keynote video and fell in love with ipad 2 again smh
  24. J

    $300 ipad 1 @ Verizon vs ipad 2 for $500

    will be there tomorrow but question I bought angry birds seasons,imovie,garageband, and fruit ninja slice hd. I know imovie isn't compatible but if I jailbreak can I redownload it
  25. J

    $300 ipad 1 @ Verizon vs ipad 2 for $500

    quick update no stores have 16 gb anymore just 32 and 64. So now its ipad 2 16 gig or ipad 1 32/64 hmmmmmm decisions
  26. J

    $300 ipad 1 @ Verizon vs ipad 2 for $500

    yeah thats what I leaning to.It just that nerd in me to have the newest and latest thing like I would be an outkast if I don't have it. I am by no means bashing the ipad 2. Hey I spent $673 on one last week. Its just ipad 1 with iphone 5 combo is better that ipad 2 with lg optimus v combo.
  27. J

    Question for the Salty Apple owners?

    I waited outside an apple mon-thurs for 2 hours in 50-60 degree moist weather to get my original ipad 2
  28. J

    List Your Two Most Favorite Apps for iPad2 (one Free + one Paid)

    For those like me wondering what it is ForeFlight: iPad and iPhone aviation apps for pilots with aviation weather, AFD, flight plan filing, METARs, TAFs and more
  29. J

    $300 ipad 1 @ Verizon vs ipad 2 for $500

    As some of you know . I had the 16 gig white Verizon ipad 2 last week but sold it as I really just need wifi only and wanted to make a quick buck. In my time with the ipad 2. I noticed some speed improve over my old ipad 1(sold early this year) but nothing amazingly fast.Out of all 60+ apps I...
  30. J

    List Your Two Most Favorite Apps for iPad2 (one Free + one Paid)

    sorry I can't do just two lol FREE:Pandora,slacker,all cnet apps,,IPF, PAID:all angry birds,Garageband,Imovie, Fruit sliceninja(str8 crack)
  31. J

    How many are jumping ship? I am Weary of the hunt for ipad2 going to Xoom Sunday

    Flash is so overrated to me. Once you get apps runnings and web browsing going. You won't miss it.
  32. J

    Textfree w/voice

    i use whistle . It can run on 3g
  33. J

    Verzion ipad going for the low in stores

    Verizon is selling all 3 models of the original Apple iPad for a deep discount in store. The 16GB model is $299, 32GB is $399, and the 64GB is $499. Many are reporting that stores are already sold out, so if you want an iPad for real cheap you better hurry on over to your local Verizon store...
  34. J

    iPAD 2 Rocks!

    really cause I sold mine on craiglist today for $750 used
  35. J

    Torn between an I Pad 2 and a Macbook Air 11

    Get an iPad 2, wireless keyboard, and a lot of office apps. You should be good
  36. J

    Anyone thought returning their ipad 2

    I'm gonna try that
  37. J

    Anyone thought returning their ipad 2

    It crossed my mind alot until I download GarageBand ,imovie,reel director,and the daily. The wow factor had faded for a moment. And I was having a hard time justifying my purchase. I know others have thought about this.
  38. J

    Verizon Data Sloooow. Ipad 2

    My Verzion iPad 2 is very fast and maintains a 4-5 bars.I live in augusta,GA
  39. J

    Verizon iPad 2 3G Connectivity Bug

    Got the same reply from a rep
  40. J

    At&t iphone people getting OWNED soon

    If you don't own an iPad 2 or iPhone plz be quiet