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  1. GenerationX

    Is it still possible to save 4.3.3 blobs on ipad 2?

    Heres a screenie of my cydia. As you can see, cydia has my 4.3.3 and 4.3.4 blobs.
  2. GenerationX

    Is it still possible to save 4.3.3 blobs on ipad 2?

    Open up cydia and see if your 4.3.3 blobs were saved.
  3. GenerationX

    smart cover smears?

    Yup it would work.
  4. GenerationX

    getting out of recovery mode

    Tiny umbrella is a program that can exit your device out of recovery mode. Tiny umbrella is a program for your pc
  5. GenerationX

    Buy or Wait ?

    If you like what the ipad 2 offers, then get it. As someone said, when the ipad 3 comes out, there will be rumors about the ipad 4. Theres already rumors on the iPhone 6...
  6. GenerationX

    Laptop Replacement?

    Yes you can...
  7. GenerationX

    smart cover smears?

    The inside of the smart cover is microfiber in case you didn't know
  8. GenerationX

    Is there an app to make the volume louder?

    I think you'll have more luck with the headphones than finding a tweak to increase your volume. One good thing about the playbook is that its speakers are on the front of the tablet, on the bezel. That way the sound is traveling toward you.
  9. GenerationX

    Flash or Frash for iPad 4.3?

    Flamenet is a browser in cydia that used to be called sky fire. Sky fire in the app store only works on some videos. It works by encoding the video in html5 in realtime, then sending it to your device.
  10. GenerationX

    Is there an app to make the volume louder?

    Do you have access to headphones? Some headphones are so loud you could hear it without actually putting them in your ear.
  11. GenerationX

    Ipad 2 camera

    Apple needs to save something for the ipad 3/4
  12. GenerationX

    Smartcover - poly vs leather?

    One thing i love about the smart cover is that i can take it off easily and put it back on just as easily. This allows me to use the ipad "naked" which is the best way to use the ipad in my opinion. Its also a typing stand, a movie stand, and it can be used as a screen cleaner.
  13. GenerationX

    Ipad 2 camera

    If you're trying to sell something, you wanna make it sound good. Apple is a business..its what they do
  14. GenerationX

    Saved 4.3.3 blobs

    Thanks, i swear i tried searching for it with the search function in the ipf app. I knew you made one , but i suck at searching x.x
  15. GenerationX

    What do you mean by jailbreaking?

    Oops thats what i meant (failing on a jailbroken device) sorry >.<
  16. GenerationX

    Saved 4.3.3 blobs

    I checked the logs in tiny umbrella and it says my blobs saved okay. Turns out im not eligable for firmwares 4.3.2 and lower. Im also not eligible for the ios 5 beta blobs. Why is this? Edit : i unchecked the request from cydia box and was able to get my ios 5 beta blobs. Anyone know the...
  17. GenerationX

    Saved 4.3.3 blobs

    So i have an ipad 2 on 4.3.3 jailbroken with jailbreakme 3.0 I decided that id finally start saving my blobs. Ive also seen a lot of threads saying that you can only save blobs while apple is signing them. To my surprise, my 4.3.4 and 4.3.3 blobs were saved. I know this isnt a bad thing, but...
  18. GenerationX

    transfering word documents

    You can use itunes or dropbox
  19. GenerationX

    IOS5 - What are we most looking forward to?

    You are setting yourself up for dissapointment
  20. GenerationX

    Can anybody help? i need to know whether to go for the iPad 2 or the first one??

    Get the ipad 2 it will supported longer. Or wait for the ipad 3, its rumored to have a really nice display
  21. GenerationX

    New iTunes 10.4?

    Enables full screen for os x lion
  22. GenerationX

    iOS 6-what do you want for the ipad?

    Seems like you'd be happier with an android tablet.
  23. GenerationX

    smart cover smears?

    Are we talking about the 3 lines that appear on the ipad screen? Its because the cover cleans your screen except for those three lines. The cover does clean the screen, its just that they should have thought of a better design
  24. GenerationX

    Avi file via dropbox

    Try playimg the video in itunes on your pc. If it works, then it should work on your ipad Or you could convert the file using handbrake
  25. GenerationX

    Ipad vs Android

    Well its bolded, so you decide
  26. GenerationX

    Looking for the new osx lion galaxy background for ipad

    Im pretty sure your wallpapers need to be 1024x1024
  27. GenerationX

    Ipad vs Android

    People at my school say android is better simply because android phones have the most market share. What i hate about this argument is that you're comparing 2 different things. The ipad is a is an operating system. Android has most of the phone market because its on many...
  28. GenerationX

    Eye fatigue

    After laying down and browsing on my ipad for a long time, i get all dizzy and light headed when stand up :/ No, I'm not gonna stop using the ipad.
  29. GenerationX

    What do you mean by jailbreaking?

    Fatboy already said that ota updates dont get sent to his iPad
  30. GenerationX

    What are the chances?

    Watching hd videos on it is beautiful :p
  31. GenerationX

    How do u download free music on an ipad 2?

    Theres an iphone app. Remember it streams music from the internet. They wont be stored on your device
  32. GenerationX

    What are the chances?

    Exactly. A box will pop up saying that a new firmware is available. Just make sure you click cancel
  33. GenerationX

    How do u download free music on an ipad 2?

    I don't think you're allowed to ask this because this site doesn't condone piracy. You can stream free music with spotify though.
  34. GenerationX


    Iswifter works by having a server in another country. (that country isnt australia). The website thinks you're outside of australia because your ipad connects to the server. Is this australlian news site flash based? If not, just use safari. If it is flash based, try using splashtop or...
  35. GenerationX

    Battery life

    Your will battery will go up when you use it while its charging. The ipad charges pretty fast
  36. GenerationX

    Itunes slayer?

    I heard this is a free service. How do they pay the artists for their music? Im guessing advertising.
  37. GenerationX

    Portrait or Landscape?

    Landscape, i hate the keyboard in portrait. It also feels better on my lap in landscape. The keyboard feels like a real keyboard. For videos, landscape is a must for me. I hate the massive black bars.
  38. GenerationX

    What do you mean by jailbreaking?

    And if apple prevents jailbreaking, who's ideas are they going to take for ios 6 :)
  39. GenerationX

    What do you mean by jailbreaking?

    I think musclenerd said that a jailbreak for ios 5 would disable the automatic updates, so no worries there. About the piracy thing, a jailbreak developer said they could release a jailbreak that would prevent piracy, but the piracy team responded by saying, they would release the same...
  40. GenerationX

    Don't hate me but I'm selling my iPad.

    ya, all this time i assumed he was an old member here, until i checked his post count... Im guessing he was hoping for people to give him ideas on why he should keep it.