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  1. STeBoS

    Issue with Siri

    I've tried this as well. Without any tweaks installed it still crashes. I've given up asking Siri and installed WeatherUnderground for Notification Center from Big Boss. Works perfectly. Please read comics
  2. STeBoS

    ipad filmmaking anyone?

    That's great. Very well done. Please read comics
  3. STeBoS

    Do you keep your boxes?

    Keep them. Can't really explain why. 2 iPad boxes, 2 Smart Cover cases and 2 iPod Touch boxes. All empty and sitting in a closet. Drives my wife nuts. It's nice packaging. Please read comics
  4. STeBoS

    for share

    Please read comics
  5. STeBoS

    for share

    Perfect! Always looking for new Marvel wallpapers. These are great! Thanks! Please read comics
  6. STeBoS

    for share

    That's awesome. If it's not too much trouble could you post a clean one so I can download it? Would love to use that as a wallpaper! I'm using this right now.... Please read comics
  7. STeBoS

    Retina display issues

    I had a similar problem where the resolution on all my photos was very poor. I did a reboot and everything came back to normal. Hold home button and power button until screen goes black then turn the power back on. Hope this helps.
  8. STeBoS

    Six columns in folders possible?

    I use Springtomize 2 and Folder Enhancer and have no problems (iPad 4 6.0). Not sure about Infinifolders or Iconoclasm. I use Gridlock 2.0 to put icons anywhere and create custom layouts so I don't need Iconoclasm. The combination of those three work well together but make sure you read the...
  9. STeBoS

    Six columns in folders possible?

    Springtomize 2 allows you to do that along with a bunch of other great things. It's awesome.
  10. STeBoS

    Issue with Siri

    Thanks. I'll keep trying. I am stuck on 6.0 and used my original evasion download to jailbreak. Got a new iPad so I was stuck on 6.0 as 6.1.3 had already come out. I'll live with it until the 7.0 jailbreak(?).
  11. STeBoS

    Out of the box firmware

    I picked one up last week as well and it was 6.0.
  12. STeBoS

    Issue with Siri

    I came across a few tidbits around the net that seem to think it's the evasion jailbreak. I would've thought more people would mention it as it took some digging to find that. It's funny too because if you mention the word " weather" it crashes. Very strange.
  13. STeBoS

    Issue with Siri

    Using an iPad4 JB on 6.0. Every time I ask Siri about the weather I crash into safe mode. I did install and try out a few weather widgets with iWidgets but didn't like them and removed them along with My Location. I also tried out Assistant Enhancer making sure to disable "standard" and "...
  14. STeBoS

    Out of the box firmware

    6.1 would be great. My iPad 2 is on 6.1 and everything is solid. Thanks! Please read comic books
  15. STeBoS

    Out of the box firmware

    I'm going to purchase a new iPad (4th gen) in a week or so. What firmware is pre-installed? I'm hoping it's not 6.1.3 because of my need to jailbreak. I'm thinking it will be 6.0 which will be fine. Does anyone know for sure? Please read comic books
  16. STeBoS

    Post your jailbroken screenshots here

    Cool idea. Here's mine. Used a ton of tweaks and found many png icons to replace the regular folders. I bounce between quite a few homemade themes but keep coming back to this. Please read comic books
  17. STeBoS

    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    You could also try xcon alias. Please read comic books
  18. STeBoS

    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    Give the developer of Xcon a heads up. I think you can do that right from the Xcon Cydia page. Go into Cydia then to your installed tweaks, find Xcon and you'll see instructions from there. Hope it works out. Please read comic books
  19. STeBoS

    Shrunken screen

    That 2x on the bottom right will fix it. Just tap it. Please read comic books
  20. STeBoS

    Using IPad in bright sunlight

    Were you wearing sunscreen? I've heard certain lotions can affect the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Please read comic books
  21. STeBoS

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    Lol. I kept double tapping the space bar to put in the period when customizing. Never thought to switch to alt. One of those 'DUH' moments. Please read comic books
  22. STeBoS

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    Just did the same thing. Perfect! Please read comic books
  23. STeBoS

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    This is the problem I'm having. Double tapping the space bar is ok for now but I hope this is addressed in the next update. Please read comic books
  24. STeBoS

    Cydia gone!

    Just had the same problem. Cydia was gone after messing around with Springtomize 2. Came here looking for help and saw this lil' bit of advice. After a good iCleaner run Cydia was back! Good call! Thanks! Please read comic books
  25. STeBoS

    Observation regarding this forum...

    Agreed. Outstanding help and pleasant members. More forums should be like this! Thanks to all! Please read comic books
  26. STeBoS

    Ipad gadgets!!!!! :) the endless list...

    Awesome thread. I've got to get some of these! Laughed out loud at a few products! Keep up the great work. Please read comic books
  27. STeBoS

    What would you like to see in IOS 6?

    A better video player with more options and supported formats. Add me to the list for arrows and numbers on the keyboard also. Please read comic books
  28. STeBoS

    Looking to free movie an tv app for iPad?

    Crackle is ok. Gotta sit through ads but it's free. Please read comic books
  29. STeBoS

    Your Best Wallpapers

    Good memories make the best wallpapers. Please read comic books
  30. STeBoS


    Welcome! Love The Gaming Review btw. One of my favorite gaming news sites. Please read comic books
  31. STeBoS

    Louis Vuitton Style iPad 3 Case iPad 2 Case

    The Damier black is nice. Very classy. Sent from Latveria
  32. STeBoS

    Best RPG Game

    I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 3 and it is great. Very well done remake. It is way overpriced and a bit dated but loads of fun. 50+ hours of gameplay and tough. Sent from Latveria
  33. STeBoS

    NEW: caseen SKINNY Genuine Leather Stand Case (DESIGNO Series Black) for Ipad 2 / 3rd

    Nice. Very handsome case. Dig the stylus holder. Not enough cases offer a place for a stylus. Sent from Latveria
  34. STeBoS

    Do you use the On/Off or Sleep/Wake feature?

    Exactly. Second nature at this point. Something comes up in the middle of a game, e-mail,video,etc. I'm right back to where I was without losing battery. Sent from Latveria
  35. STeBoS

    Please Help!

    Just had to do this also. I imagine every one will. The more secure the better! Sent from Latveria
  36. STeBoS

    Very Disappointed by Quality of Available iPad3 Cases

    Well your certainly on the right track by doing your homework and seeing what's out there. I've gone through three cases trying to find something that feels right. I eventually went with a TPU back and an Apple Smart Cover. I had read reviews for the Smart Cover and was hesitant but am quite...
  37. STeBoS

    Which kind of movies you like to watch again and again?

    Agreed. Park Chan Wook's Vengance Trilogy ( Oldboy,Sympathy for Mr.Vengance,Lady Vengance) is always amazing. I Saw The Devil also. Korean cinema has been fantastic for a while now! Sent from Latveria
  38. STeBoS

    Movies in iCloud

    Thanks. It has stopped me from buying a few movies because I'm on the go frequently and don't have access to my pc. Being able to download these movies on the road is a major selling point. Never know when I'm going to need to kill an hour or two! Sent from Latveria
  39. STeBoS

    Movies in iCloud

    I was under the impression that if you purchased one of these movies it would not show up in purchases for redownload. The only way you could get it back would be syncing to iTunes on pc. Is this not the case? Sent from Latveria
  40. STeBoS

    Movies in iCloud

    I've noticed a good amount of movies on iTunes aren't available for iCloud when purchased. Is this because Apple is still trying to integrate the vast amount of movies on iTunes or are some movies just destined to pc back-up only? Sent from Latveria