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    Notes disappeared

    Im wondering, is there like a data recovery program for the iPad that can help with situations like this? Cheers
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    getting vpn to work over verizion 3g

    I didnt setup a vpn until I saw this thread, Thanks :D
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    VLC - Reclaim Space

    Thanks for that link micha, is an awesome program
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    USB connection for iPad 2??

    I think its a ridicilous marketing ploy to not have a usb port......but whatever. Like other people are saying you gotta jb your ipad for there to be any use Cheers
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    iPad Case Gallery

    Awesome OP post, thanks for the link :D
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    ivisor on the new ipad

    Ah, see, its input like that that makes or breaks a decision!
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    Power Injector for Car Accessories

    I got something similar off Amazon, and it has no problems! Goodluck, Cheers
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    can u restore to 5.0.1?

    Im sure theres some 'hackerish' way to do it, no?
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    FaceTime and iMessage have stopped working!!

    Go see the Geniouses!
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    Uploading Docs from Pages to Dropbox (or any other way...)

    When is the offical release date for Cubby? Any idea?
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    Ipad message

    Maybe get skype? Cheers
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    Project Glass! MUST SEE!!!!

    Wow, pretty interesting, thanks for sharing!
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    What is your favorite personal trait?

    Hahaha admiral, thats funny I like my blue eyes
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    Post your favorite YouTube videos.

    Cool videos!
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    Google maps

    Im sure you can download an application that has as many features as the androis gps app!
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    John Carter

    I rate it a 7
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    Verbatim folding BT keyboard

    So gabey, do you like it overall? A keyboard case could come in handy!
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    Case with integrated keyboard

    Im finding good prices on Amazon
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    Very Interesting, but weird

    Hmmm, I dont know about that!
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    How to stream video usng VLC to iPad?

    Why is this in the iPAD discussions If you're talking about ubuntu? Sorry
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    App update freeze

    Hmmm that is odd for sure
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    Recommend Me A Case?

    I have that case and it's pretty decent
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    Targus Versavu 3rd Gen iPad Case......

    Wait so whats the problem? I dont actually comprehend
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    New Update

    Nothing really
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    What is happening to my beloved ipad?

    You can get a harddrive and memory optimizer app -- they help
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    Cheapest Place to Purchase Ipad

    I am interested in purchasing another iPad, and I am wondering, where have all of you boughten your iPads? Cheers
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    Which ipad is the most popular?

    The 64gb is ridicilously expensive, I wish I could afford it!
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    Apple Focuses on Apps That Support the New iPad’s Retina Display

    I wonder when or if apple uses oLED screen's....If you haven't heard about them, youtube Organic or oLED screen's. They can flex, they're transparent, they can absorb solar energy, they can be hit with hammers and not be damaged in any way shapre or form.... It would be neat to see apple use...
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    Ipad User Guide to iOS 5.1

    Has developing applications changed at all for iOS 5? And thanks for the link!
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    Funny or Die Launches iPad Magazine App The Occasional

    Whats so wrong with liking FUnny or Die?
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    Ipad 3 case that works similarly to original Apple Case

    How much did you end up paying off amazon celly? I love how quickly they ship too -- I get things in literally a day, with standard shipping!
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    Help with PDF please

    Open it on your iPad, or Computer?
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    Preshipment says delivery on 16th been in this mode for several days

    Where did you order from, Amazon?
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    Ipad 2

    I think that there is different variations in battery life it seems like, from product to product Ordering an extended battery can really help
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    Wireless keyboards onlu types caps?

    Hahahahaha, turn caps lock off, thats so simple. Duh. Also, where did you purchase your keyboard from? I am looking at some on Amazon that are priced really well
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    Long term use of a protive case. So what do you think now?

    I got my iCoat of Amazon in like a day. Its awesome.
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    New iPad case compatibility?

    Haha very stylish