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  1. Tim84

    New itunes, old ipad folder

    I've not seen iTools before, will be good to hear back from you, Butterflies, after you've tried it
  2. Tim84

    Custom signatures

    Brilliant idea there - I will use this myself, thanks!!
  3. Tim84

    Deleting photos

    I see, I should read the question better! OP wants to delete all photos, not select photos, oops!
  4. Tim84


    Cool, hope it all works for you - sometimes it can be a little glitchy but generally works well for me. Works via AirPlay too so you can e.g. stream films from NAS to PlayTV via iPad/iPhone which is a bonus :o
  5. Tim84

    How do I transfer my blackberry holiday videos onto ipad 3?

    Oh yeah, sorry. Still, same applies as with photos * :thumbs: * I'm going to caveat that by saying try the videos first if you are looking at the card/camera reader option just in case the videos do not show up Computer is the best option IMO
  6. Tim84

    Custom signatures

    Annoyingly there isn't so keep sending my work signature on hotmail messages etc. when I'm not concentrating... Unless someone knows a magic fix to this, but I doubt it.
  7. Tim84

    How do I transfer my blackberry holiday videos onto ipad 3?

    No worries, there's no way to just e.g. send them via Bluetooth I'm afraid so the above are your only choices I can think of besides emailing all the photos to yourself!
  8. Tim84


    I have a similar NAS feature from Western Digital using Twonky Media as their server. I find the PlugPlayer app does a good enough job so it may be worth trying that (if there's a free version)
  9. Tim84

    Deleting photos

    It is if you are on iOS 5.1 Any lower than 5.1 then no, you cannot delete from Photo Stream
  10. Tim84

    How do I transfer my blackberry holiday videos onto ipad 3?

    Put the photos onto your computer then sync them with iPad Or Get a camera/card reader accessory for the iPad and plug the Blackberry into that to get the photos off it onto the iPad without the use of a computer
  11. Tim84

    Just bought the iPad3

    Get searching through all the threads on here then! Use the free ebook user guide too from the iTunes library...
  12. Tim84

    New itunes, old ipad folder

    I understand now! Yes, you need to 'export' your iTunes library from the file menu within iTunes on your old computer then 'import' the library to your new iTunes - that way your iPad should recognise it as the same iTunes library and therefore not want to erase anything...
  13. Tim84

    Turning off Notifications at night

    Nope - but this is a feature I too would like to see in the future; like the auto on/off schedule Blackberry's have.
  14. Tim84

    My APPLE TV 3 shipped!!

    Good to hear you like it! That's my main use of ATV2 as well, film streaming. I've got a ton of films on a NAS that can stream to PlugPlayer on iPhone/iPad then AirPlay to the ATV2. Could do this via iTunes on my laptop too if needs be. If it helps anyone I'm building this film library up by...
  15. Tim84

    How do u change owner for an ipad 2

    Great, glad it's sorted
  16. Tim84

    Hijacked Wi-Fi

    No problem, glad I could help!
  17. Tim84

    How do u change owner for an ipad 2

    Well you can do a factory restore by erasing all data from the settings menu - and if you've done a backup first then your data will be saved for transfer to a new device. I'd advise transferring to the new device first just to make sure all goes smoothly before you restore the old iPad back to...
  18. Tim84

    Hijacked Wi-Fi

    Did you accidentally select one of the BT (openzone or similar) connections once? If so go in to the connection in the WiFi settings and click 'forget this network' so it doesn't automatically log on to it when it picks it up in future...
  19. Tim84

    How do u change owner for an ipad 2

    Are you looking to completely restore to factory, or just change the apple ID?
  20. Tim84

    Will Tmobile Support IPAD 3?

    For clarity, is this T-Mobile UK or USA (or other) we're talking here?
  21. Tim84

    Printing from photos fiile

    Are you looking to just crop them, or resize to a specific size? If cropping then you can just do it by 'edit' in the gallery... guess you may already know that though
  22. Tim84

    The "new" iPad getting hot. Possible Issue?

    I had two brand new iPhone 4's in a row replaced as they were getting so hot they almost couldn't be touched. Apple & Orange swapped them straight away and said it was a 'safety risk' We are talking really hot though, not just warm!
  23. Tim84

    New itunes, old ipad folder

    How about rephrasing the question as I don't really understand what you're asking...!
  24. Tim84

    Cover Flow in Webpage are without funktion on IPad

    Hi Claus, your English is fine - easy to understand you question! Unfortunately I don't know the answer though, but hopefully with this little bump someone may be able to help...
  25. Tim84


    I take it your Apple ID is correct? Got a decent Internet connection too?
  26. Tim84

    Changing "app" names

    No worries. If you jailbreak there may be a hack if you're that interested in changing the App names, I'm only speculating though as I haven't been jail broken for many months now!
  27. Tim84

    Changing "app" names

    Nope - best you can do is change the name of the folder you put them in.
  28. Tim84

    how to transfer mozilla bookmarks ti new ipad???

    Not exactly what you asked - but you can download the Mozilla browser App and sync all your bookmarks to that
  29. Tim84

    Can i use my iphone sim card in my ipad?

    Likely you will need to change your data plan with your network. e.g. my (now micro) SIM from my blackberry fits into the iPad and picks up 3G on Orange, but if I try to use data a pop up advises me I need to sign up to a data plan first...
  30. Tim84

    Free 2 year warranty at John Lewis UK

    Good offer - wish you didn't point it out though as I have a John Lewis about 6 miles from home so now I will just have to pop in, have a look, then want one big time!
  31. Tim84

    Synced to a new computer and Music App doesn't show my songs

    Weird. Not really got any helpful suggestion I'm afraid other than the usual suspects of turn it off then on again, try a soft reboot etc. to see if that sorts it
  32. Tim84

    Going to south america

    WiFi = yes 3G = depends if you have roaming enabled on your SIM
  33. Tim84

    New Member..trying to update from 1st iPad 3.2 software to ios 5.1..I believe it is!

    Hi Presley, Yes, it is fine to update your first gen. iPad to iOS 5.1, it will bring lots of bug fixes and new features for you. I use a first gen. and have always done the updates the day they come out. You need to use the computer you set the iPad up with and you'll do just fine. Install the...
  34. Tim84

    iPad 2 setup problem

    Isn't there just a symbol on the top right to press to move to the next screen? Can't quite remember now...
  35. Tim84

    My APPLE TV 3 shipped!!

    I don't use the ATV all that much to be honest (only had it 3 months) Mainly for watching films though; iTunes stores rentals from iPhone/iPad and ripped DVD's etc. from iTunes on my Windows PC or, again, from iPad Also have iTunes match with circa 17,000 tracks on it so that's good for the...
  36. Tim84

    Question about Voice Recorders

    Hi Clearwater - no can do I'm afraid. Best bet off the top of my head would be to transfer the recordings onto PC then add them to your iTunes library and sync with the iPad
  37. Tim84


    What kind of thing are you trying to expand? Image, web, book, app?
  38. Tim84


    Good to know - thanks freebirdforever :) Edit - actually, from your above post you have a 3GS like me, not a plain old 3G...
  39. Tim84

    iPad 1 music to new PC

    Hmmm, ok, maybe you could point the new PC iTunes to the library file located on the external drive in order to access that library and all the info - from there you could do the export/import if you wanted to put the library on your main hard drive rather than running from the external one...
  40. Tim84

    Problem: Some apps get automatically closed without apparent reason on JB iPad 2 5.01

    Bad news - I've had two crashes out of App's since my iOS 5.1 upgrade now :( Good news - I used to get a fair few more, so still feel it's fixed the issue almost completely :)