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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    ANYONE THINK AT&T WILL CANCEL UNLIMITED OPTION SOONER RATHER THAN LATER FOR ALL OF US? I'm relieved to read that the unlimited option is readily available on iPad sign-up for those of us who bought before 6/7. However, I'm not sure I'll keep mine, coming 6/22 (tomorrow). I got one of the April...
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    BookArc for the iPad

    I couldn't resist. I've seen the BookArc stand for MacBook Pros, sleek upright holders to immediately dock any MacBook Pro to use at home with full size screen, keyboard. Then I saw a version for the iPad! It just came, with an insert to use w/o a case on your iPad and another insert if you...
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    I love this cover I bought

    I ordered the Fabrix Magic Sleeve after reading about it (and the $10 off making it $20) on one of my tech sites (like Engadget, Gizmodo). Hand made, fabric with padding. I chose a wild, multicolored mod poppy design. Now I have protection when putting it down, carrying it around, no extra...
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    Alice In Wonderland for iPad

    I think "Alice in Wonderland" is fantastic.
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    iBook App for Ipad

    Anyone else use the search bar in iBooks to type "free" to see all the pages of free Gutenberg (sp?) books? I downloaded to bookshelves of free books yesterday (they don't use much memory). Never thought I'd consider using any kind of e-reader but ...
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    Welcome to the new iPad Help section!

    SO glad to see this thread. Most appreciate the moderator's help the first 20 minutes I had my iPad and, in total desperation,wrote him an email. I erased it before replying, "Thank you." QUESTION: Also posted in Netflix thread before I saw this thread -- Netflix app never takes me to the...
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    Happy I got a 64 GB IPad!!

    I got the 64 too. Figured I'd fall in love with the thing and curse myself when I ran out of memory. Loaded 2 bookshelves of free books yesterday; took up very little memory. Will load some movies if I travel, though.
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    Netflix is amazing!

    Anyone else having trouble with Netflix App? EVERYTIME I use the Netflix app it takes me to the screen for people who have forgotten their password. I haven't found a way to go "back" a screen to sign-in. I've had to use Safari to go to my email, open with password, open Netflix email, and...
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    Purchasing Applecare for the iPad

    First time I EVER bought any kind of extended warranty. With a new product, not wanting to wait to buy one, not sure what issues I might run into ...
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    Got It!

    How do you close an app? HELP! Got it 20 min ago. So excited. Downloaded my apps from iTunes. Then got stuck in Instapaper!! How do I get out? Feeling dumb -- read so much, watched so much online, then ... :(
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    Help! How do you close an app? Just got it 5 min ago and stuck in Instapaper!

    Help! How do you close an app? Just got it 5 min ago and stuck in Instapaper!
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    Travel bag for your Ipad

    Cover to protect iPad at home! I can see myself (or a visitor) carelessly damaging my iPad when not in use, on a table for instance. And, I misplace things so wild color appeals. I'd rather not depend on a stand because things get knocked over. No one else is planning for such mundane...
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    Aafall, concerning G5 compatibility ... my problem too ... I'm sure I have read the iPad needs Mac OS 10.5, 10.6 which means the Intel chip. I was wondering about turning on HOME SHARING and using the wifi in my home. I also read that movies bought for the iPod Nano (or, before the iPad...
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    Looking forward to both playing with the iPad and the explosion of creativity we'll read about online (personal and business). Even considering picking up my living room to "start out right." Still have original Mac, Color Mac (yes!), orange clamshell, 20" iMac with g5 chip. Gave away the...