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  1. Totallylagit

    Original Tapatalk for iOS is now.... FREE!

    And I paid 99 cents ff$ Sent from my iPaid 4
  2. Totallylagit

    Duke Nukem II Announced for iOS

    It was a fun side scroller, during the levels, but there was a top down view as you ran from one level to the next Sent from my iPaid 4
  3. Totallylagit

    Duke Nukem II Announced for iOS

    It came out around the time Commander Keen came out. That was a fun game too. Sent from my iPaid 4
  4. Totallylagit

    Duke Nukem II Announced for iOS

    Doubt that but would be sweet Sent from my iPaid 4
  5. Totallylagit

    Controlling Laptop with Ipad?

    Fair enough Sent from my iPaid 4
  6. Totallylagit

    Sync Camera Roll ipad and iphone4s

    Enable Photo Stream in Settings->Photos & Camera on all iDevices you wish to share Sent from my iPaid 4
  7. Totallylagit

    Controlling Laptop with Ipad?

    You could also try LogMeIn Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  8. Totallylagit

    Guys i need help... All my apps disappeared

    Nice friend. Lol Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. Totallylagit

    I'm stuck in an infinite recovery loop.

    Can you reset the iPad? Try resetting it and hold the volume up button until it completely boots up. That may get you out of boot loop. If it starts up, I would remove any tweaks you recently installed. If not, then do a backup (not sync), then restore. Hope that helps Sent from my iPad using...
  10. Totallylagit

    Tweaks/Apps Ready But Not Really :-(

    Haven't tried this on my iPad but on my iPhone, FolderCloser caused most of my apps to crash very frequently upon launching them. I couldn't even open a weather app. After I removed it, all works great
  11. Totallylagit

    The Simpsons Tapped Out

    I give up playing this game. Cheating killed it for me. With multiple premium items and over $10M. It's lost my interest. No more for me. I’m deleting this app
  12. Totallylagit

    The Simpsons Tapped Out

    Anyone ever see the characters doing the moonwalk? They do in my game, often.
  13. Totallylagit

    The Simpsons Tapped Out

  14. Totallylagit

    The Simpsons Tapped Out

    Check the donuts and cash. Donuts don't decrease. Donuts can be changed to cash. This removes the fun from the game
  15. Totallylagit

    The Simpsons Tapped Out

    I can’t post links on here but you can find the answer on <snip...edit...> Your device needs to be jailbroken to do this
  16. Totallylagit

    The Simpsons Tapped Out

    Word of advice. Don’t give yourself unlimited donuts. It only means getting all of the premium items and unlimited cash. Why would you want to open all of the land or get everything?
  17. Totallylagit

    How to delete facebook message

    With the Facebook app? I believe it's done by swiping
  18. Totallylagit


    How do you enable your tethering? I enable mine under settings
  19. Totallylagit

    Facebook i

    I think that is what that is about
  20. Totallylagit

    What is it?

    Sorry. It was the page that opened on my tapatalk..Didn't see the next page button
  21. Totallylagit

    Stolen Ipad - What can the crooks do with it?

    If you have 'find my iPhone' installed, you can track it when they are connected
  22. Totallylagit

    Waterproof case

    Lifeproof has iPhone and iPad waterproof cases. I use iPhone and it works great. My case was $90 and I've seen the iPad case at over $150
  23. Totallylagit

    Facebook i

    This is what I found. -Visit, log in to your profile and click 'Account' in the top-right corner. From there, choose 'Privacy Settings.' -From the 'Privacy Settings' page, click on 'View Settings' to see who can search for you, send messages to your account, see your education and...
  24. Totallylagit

    How to open Wmv attachment ?

    An app called OPlayer will open wmv or other video media
  25. Totallylagit

    What is it?

    Foam tube that surrounds a pipe or something?
  26. Totallylagit


    If your 3g allows tethering, then your iPad should theoretically connect as well as any other bluetooth device
  27. Totallylagit

    iPad owners average age

    34 with 32GB iPad 3 WiFi
  28. Totallylagit

    Apps Crash only when internet is on.. please help

    Do you have Firewall ip installed? If yes, remove it. Other than that, I'd remove all your tweaks and see if that helps. If it does, install each tweak one at a time and wait a while. If it doesn't crash, install the next one. Repeat until you find the responsible tweak and remove it. Don't...
  29. Totallylagit

    Found dead pixel and dust under screen

    Use an image that is completely full screen white then look for the black dot.
  30. Totallylagit

    Do you consider your iPad a machine?

    My computer doesn't have a cd/DVD rom
  31. Totallylagit

    Do you consider your iPad a machine?

    I guess that's why you can edit the info on it. Either way, I don't consider an iPad to be a machine. That's a personal opinion
  32. Totallylagit

    Do you consider your iPad a machine?

    Does it have mechanical moving parts? A standard computers only 'moving' part is the heads of the hard drive. To me neither are machines. A car is a machine. A forklift is a machine
  33. Totallylagit

    The Simpsons Tapped Out

    Damn this stupid update. After updating, my game has crashed twice in the past half hour. Apparently it's my fault as the game tells me when I try to reload and it fails
  34. Totallylagit

    Ipad messaging

    You should be able to. iMessage allows that, provided you are connected to wifi on those models. I think even on cellular models do as well. All your base are belong to us
  35. Totallylagit

    I derped, please help.

    Have you tried holding the volume up as your phone is booting?
  36. Totallylagit

    iPad Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

    Golden frog has 128 bit encryption. Cryptocloud is 2048 bit. It's slightly cheaper (4 cents by month). It has month by month, every 3 months, 6 months and 1 year subscription. Save money on the extended packages and can be paid by PayPal as well as credit card.