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  1. Rends

    IOS 8.1.1 faster on older iPads now?

    Still on IOS 7 here on my iPad 3. Can anyone tell me if the latest 8.1.1 is faster than 8.1 ?
  2. Rends

    IOS8 performance on a IPad 3?

    I remember the slow IOS 7 performance after the first release which was fixed in a later version. So how is IOS8 performance on a IPAD3 ?
  3. Rends

    No system or game sounds. Music & Videos ok

    Thx, Works now again and game sounds too
  4. Rends

    No system or game sounds. Music & Videos ok

    Hi, I have a problem with the sound on my iPad. I have no system sounds ( incoming mails for example) or ingame ( i tried 3 games )sounds. But the Music App or video sounds from youtube are fine. I can here the system sounds if i click on them in the preferences. I tried restarting the iPad but...
  5. Rends

    Music over Wifi -> wrong Album images

    Itunes homesharing. Not the internet and not the cloud. Within the Music app i click on the name of my Mac.
  6. Rends

    Music over Wifi -> wrong Album images

    Sorry for late reply. Thx for your answer. Well i don't transfer the music to my ipad. I just stream them via WiFi using the Music app.
  7. Rends

    Music over Wifi -> wrong Album images

    That disturbed me since i got my iPad3 a while ago. In the Music up when i load my itunes music over my local Wifi i get wrong album images all over the place. Some are correct but many not. Any idea how to fix that?
  8. Rends

    Since IOS6 bluetooth audio stutters

    Have you contacted Apple on their IOS feedback side about the problem. If not you should!
  9. Rends

    Since IOS6 bluetooth audio stutters

    I'm streaming audio from my IPad3 to the Logitech Bluetooth adapter and it worked fine in the past. But since IOS 6 i have sound stutters randomly every 1-2 min. It.s like a micro pause of 1/10 sec . Anyone else?
  10. Rends

    You tube missing after update?

    Yes Jasmine seems to be a nice Youtube replacement app. While the mobile website works fine you get rid of the top bar using Jasmine and you can output your video to your AppleTV!
  11. Rends

    Camera Connection Kit: Can't Get The iPad3 To Read Anything On The SDHC Card ?

    Chantelle, You should follow my tutorial to make it working:
  12. Rends

    Games for more than one player?

    Thx for the list. I'm not looking for something special just games i can play with my family on holidays.
  13. Rends

    Games for more than one player?

    I'm searching for games that could be played with more than one player on the same iPad? Any Tips?
  14. Rends

    Better cursor positioning in IOS6?

    Few weeks ago there was a new cursor positioning and word selecting method video demonstration by using the finger sliding over the keyboard. Well i can't find it anymore but i also want to know if there will be any changes in IOS6?
  15. Rends

    Setting up printer to my ipad

    If it's airprint compatible it simple should show up if you press the print button. No drivers required.
  16. Rends

    Handbrake and .AVI files.

    Here is the link to the Handbrake website: HandBrake
  17. Rends

    Facebook Messenger App for iPad Details and Photos Leaked

    Hm wasn't this blown up phone look heavely critisised in the last keynote?!
  18. Rends

    Productivity iPad vs Asus transformer

    Have you ever seen this: Ultrathin Keyboard Cover - Logitech
  19. Rends

    YouTube app subscription problems

    Same problem here but i have only 8 subscriptions.Only 3 of them appear in the youtube app. They were all there until a few days ago. Any help?
  20. Rends

    Missing PDF's

    Open ibooks on your iPad. Now click on the button on top right from the store button. Switch from books to pdf and your files should appear.
  21. Rends

    Missing PDF's

    To solve your first question import the pdf files into itunes. Select them in the books menu when your ipad is connected with itunes. Once syned the pdf files will be stored in ibooks on your ipad. Apps with the 1x button are iphone apps. Checkif you can get a universal version too that works...
  22. Rends

    iPad3 Video Formats ?

    To clarify some things .mov m4v .mp4 are no formats. They are containers. So it could be lowres or full hd videos. The iPad3 can record and playback 1080p full HD videos. If you want to know what the iPad supports go to the Apple website and check the video format specs.
  23. Rends

    16gb or 32gb

    Same here. If i want to go on travel and feel the need to watch movies i copy them from my 16GB SDcard to my iPad. To check how it works:
  24. Rends

    DVD to Ipad (new model)

    What i did was ripping all DVDs using Mac DVDripper Pro to my Mac (If you have a PC there are tons of similar softwares out there) Next i converted the files with Handbrake using the AppleTV2 preset (It´s free and available for Mac and PC). Last i imported them into the iTunes library and...
  25. Rends

    Camera Connection Kit: Can't Get The iPad3 To Read Anything On The SDHC Card ?

    Create a folder called DCIM on your SD card and put the stuff into it. Make also sure that your videos use the 8 letters/digits name format like: 12345678.m4v Test1234.m4v This should work. If not i wrote a tutorial you can read here...
  26. Rends

    Camera Connection Kit And Class 10 SDHC Cards

    I'm using a Transcend class 10 SD card and it works fine.
  27. Rends

    Why is iPad 3 behind in specs?

    What is unreal with the quadcore graphics on the iPad? And by the way there will always be other units beating Apple Devices on hardware specs. But the specs were never the main part why Apple was and will be successfull. It's also the operating system. Combine both and you know why the iPads...
  28. Rends

    Importing any videos from Mac/Pc into iMovie in just 2 steps

    i successfully tested this method using the Camera connection kit. You only need to create a folder called DCIM on your SD card and copy the videos to the folder. Connect the CCK with the SD card and import the videos to the Photo Album on your iPad. This way you have extra storage for movies...
  29. Rends

    Want Opinion on Scanning App

    I have a HP 6500 and use the HP scan&biz app and also use Vuescan.while you can scan images and documents (pdf files) with both apps only vuescan allows to save the pdf in any other pdf supporting app. The HP app scan images that can be copied into the photo album but the pdf docs can only be...
  30. Rends

    Moving to The Dark Side.... thinking of getting an IPAD, but have reservations.

    I have a NAS and setup a folder as DLNA server. No problems with videos or music but my videos are already AppleTV2 ready in either .mov or .m4v format so i can't say anything about the formats you want to use. There are some DLNA player apps out there you might try out. I'm currently testing...
  31. Rends

    How do i get downloaded movie off ipad

    Connect your ipad with your computer and sync it using itunes
  32. Rends

    Best DVD - ipad2 video converter

    Handbrake will do that very easy using the AppleTV2 presets. It can als include the subtitles. And it's free.
  33. Rends

    Whats your favourite apps on your ipad atm?:)

    Battle Academy. Nice round based strategic game with multiplayer support. A bit expensive for an iPad game.
  34. Rends

    Photo storage

    Next to Dropbox i have 5GB free storage here: I use it from my Mac to backup photos but from the FAQ it works with iPad too.
  35. Rends

    Anyone know of a kindom building game

    Well you could give Kindoms of Camelot : battle for the North a try. So far i remember it's free.
  36. Rends

    Have U been able to transfer movies from pc to ipad with cam connection kit

    Well if the movie is already in a iPad compatible format you only need to import them into itunes. Next connect your iPad with your Pc and select the videos you want in itunes and sync them with your iPad.
  37. Rends

    iBook Development

    iBook Author needs MacOSX Lion. Snow Leopard isn´t supported. MacMini with MacOSX Lion is all what you need. I have a 2009 MacMini with 2GB RAM and a nvidia9400 graphic. To use Lion i suggest to upgrade to 4GB RAM.
  38. Rends

    stream music to ipad from itunes

    Do you have airplay turned on?
  39. Rends

    How to download files?

    I download files directly into the filebrowser app. From there i upload it to my Network Harddrive.
  40. Rends

    Connection problem.

    Rebooting the router and the printer did it for me. Make also sure that your Printer has the latest firmware installed. Some printers are marked as airprint ready but need to update the firmware todo so.