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  1. Phantom

    new iPad in november???

    You Are Reading To Much Into His Speech...The only New iPad will be the possible small one. As far as the present iPad you will not see a new updated one till next year. One thing apple is sure to form is that everything is updated and replaced every 1 year.
  2. Phantom


    Depends on what you have connected to the router. I use an Apple Airport Extreme setup. And I found out that my speed was diminished due to I had a Vonage box between the cable modem and the Airport Extreme. The Vonage Box I found out was a bandwidth hog. Removed the Vonage box and rerouted it...
  3. Phantom

    Most addictive game.

    If You Want Realtime Against Other Players then EXO Planet HD. You Frag Other Players or They Frag YOU.
  4. Phantom

    Most addictive game.

    EXO-HD - Capture The Flag against realtime players:D. Plus you get to Frag everyone. Great for anger management.......
  5. Phantom

    How Star Trek artists imagined the iPad... 23 years ago

    Kahn Will Have His Revenge........Alternate Universe!
  6. Phantom

    Second Gen iPad this year

    Who Cares..... I'm happy with my current iPad till next year... That is the price you pay for technology. Hey I still use my Newton and it is still advanced in some ways. Handwriting program was ahead of its time.
  7. Phantom

    What percentage of iPad owners are running Windows vs Mac on their main PC

    Mac Pro Server - 10 Tera - Snow Leopard and windows 7
  8. Phantom

    I was sitting at the car dealership waiting for my car to be serviced.

    You have the latest tech. Of course people will ask you. Come with the territory...
  9. Phantom

    i have a problem with people who tell you that the ipad is not a computer

    I would have said that he was very depressed that he did not own such a fine piece of kit. Then I would have told him to Piss Off since he does not have any idea what a computer is.
  10. Phantom

    iPad is not a Note taking device

    I also have the latest update and there has been some crashes. But with every great thing that is designed that is why there are updates. Plus feedback is a very good for correcting possible crashes. Plus the application get better and better. The Phantom
  11. Phantom

    Happy or unhappy with ipad?

    Very, Very happy.....:)
  12. Phantom

    Is there really that much benefit for waiting for 2g?

    Go For It. I did I don't regret having the iPad at all.:)
  13. Phantom

    iPad class action

    Yes, I went to there website and filled out the online form. Will wait to see what happens.
  14. Phantom

    Pics of iPad killer

    Let's Do The Math....... Hmmmmm 3 Million iPads sold so far. Need we say more.
  15. Phantom

    Does the iPad have GPS functionality

    Yes the 3G Model does. I use Co-Pilot with no problem.
  16. Phantom

    Do you turn off your ipad?

    Leave it on. that why I have an apple care plan
  17. Phantom

    Will The ipad Be Outsold By Windows Tablet?

    ipad is at 3 million sold. Windows nil, plus there windows phone is almost in last place.
  18. Phantom

    slight scratches on the screen of my iPad?!?! ack!

    Get A Zagg Protector. I use them on all my products and have never had a problem.
  19. Phantom

    Would you do your on line banking on iPad?

    Use It All The Time....
  20. Phantom

    Zagg Protective Covers

    Have a Zagg complete cover on my iPad and ordered one for my iPhone 4. They are a PIA to put on. but once you get them on they are great.
  21. Phantom

    Airport Screening

    No Problem With Flying - Use A ScottVest
  22. Phantom

    Someone did something that took me out of my comfort zone

    Simple Solution - Have the password on and carry it with you.
  23. Phantom

    Having trouble finding value in my iPad -- about to return...

    Please Put This Thread Out Of Its Misery................Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  24. Phantom

    iPad addiction

    I Canna Put It Down...................:D
  25. Phantom

    Does anyone have both iPhone and iPad?

    Yes I have 3G and 3G 64Gig Ipad.
  26. Phantom

    iPad 3G security breach!

    Wonder what AT&T says about this...
  27. Phantom

    This is for all of the "free" book website spammer people:

    So true..........So true...................
  28. Phantom

    Does iPad bluetooth work now ?

    Yes the phone headset since I use my 3 g with sipe and 2line. Well have to see when multitasking comes out or a jailbreak fix. One can hope....
  29. Phantom

    Does iPad bluetooth work now ?

    It does not work with my Plantronics Headset. Still waiting for an answer from both companies.
  30. Phantom

    3G iPad? Did you buy 3G data?

    Yes... I decided to shell out for the unlimited to see how long AT&T will honor this plan in the future. What will be interesting to see is when the 4G iPhone comes out and the 4G 2 Gen iPad. What people do not understand is that when video conferencing comes out that data usage will be a whole...
  31. Phantom

    Reasons why 'not' to buy 3G..

    Have Had No Problem Here With My 3G 64 iPad. Actually The iPad 3G Receives A Better Signal Than My iPhone 3G.
  32. Phantom

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I Use The Complete Zagg Body Protection With No Problems. I find That The Screen Does Not Get As Streaky When I Was Not Using A Screen Protector. I Am Pretty Happy With The Results. I Also Use a New Technology Leather Snap On Bottom Protector When I am Out And About.
  33. Phantom

    Virus question

    Virus What Virus. There Is No Crazy Virus..... Seriously Mac's Uses Unix Type Background. The Only Possible Way You Could Get One Is Using a JailBreaked Program. And This Is Highly Unlikely This Would Happen. Now Windows On The Other Hand Well.........
  34. Phantom

    I HATE screen protectors

    My Invisible Shield Is Working Great. You Just Have To Be Patient When You Apply It To The iPad. Just Start Applying It At The Bottom And Make Sure The Screen Is Lightly Sprayed. Then Work Your Way Up. Now I Rarely Have A Fingerprint Problem On The Screen.
  35. Phantom

    FREE IBook in IBook Store (MetaGame)

    Just Started Reading It. Looks Good...... Thanks
  36. Phantom

    cannot pair ipad bluetooth

    MY Plantronics Discovey 975 Does Not Connect Or Work With My iPad 3G 64. But It Does Sync WIth My Mac Pro And iPhone 3G. I Placed A Call To Plantronics, Still Waiting For A Call Back. Also The iPad 3g Blutooth Does Work Due To I Can Connect An Apple Keyboard. Any Helpful Suggestions Out There If...
  37. Phantom

    Sell Your WiFi and Upgrade to 3G at a profit

    More Like They Would Use It As A Shovel To Dig With.....:D
  38. Phantom

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    :d all i can say ipad has arrived at 10:45 a.m. Est. - now i am charging it....:d:d:d
  39. Phantom

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Those Were The Days Sorry Guys I Have You All Beat On Original Computer Systems. I started on A GTE Teletype Paper Roll Printer with Paper Tape Spooler Keypunch As The Memory. It Was Connected To An Acoustic GTE Phone Coupler Using The Old AT&T Telephone. The High Point Was A Print Out Of...