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  1. teralpar

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    I am really enjoying the Mac experience so far!
  2. teralpar

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    I was a Windows user since the 90's, but have now been converted to a Mac user as of last Thursday 9/4 with my recent Mac Mini and rMBP purchases!
  3. teralpar

    Apple iPad Mini: Success Or Failure

    I absolutely love my iPad Mini w/Retina. I keep it with me at all times and use it daily.
  4. teralpar

    Apple Announces iOS 8, Here are Some of the Most Important New Features

    iOS 8 will become available this fall and it will be compatible with the following devices: iPhone 4S iPhone 5S iPhone 5C iPhone 5 iPod Touch 5th generation iPad 2 iPad with Retina Display iPad Air iPad Mini iPad Mini with retina display Does this mean...
  5. teralpar

    WiFi or cellular Mini? What did you purchase...?

    I just purchased an iPad Mini w/Retina w/AT&T LTE last month. So convenient! From now on all of my iPad purchases will have Cellular! Sent from my iPad Mini w/Retina 32gb LTE using iPF
  6. teralpar

    How many GB is your iPad?

    When I voted in the first poll I had an iPad 2 16gb, then an iPad Mini 16gb. Just traded my iPad Mini for an iPad Mini Retina 32gb a couple of weeks ago. Sent from my iPad Mini w/Retina 32gb LTE using iPF
  7. teralpar

    Apple Plans to Discontinue the Non-Retina iPad 2

    Well, it's about time...
  8. teralpar

    Best iPad in your opinion?

    I agree. The iPad Mini w/Retina is awesome! I love it for the same reasons: easy to travel with, I always have something to read or play games on, and also surf the web at any time (I have cellular). And the Retina screen is the icing on the cake!
  9. teralpar

    iPad addiction

    I bought my iPad Mini almost a year and I'll admit I was pretty addicted, but was also addicted to my Kindle. I traded that for an iPad Mini w/Retina last week and now I'm super addicted! I haven't touched my Kindle since. I awake to my iPad (it's my alarm clock), the first thing I do before I...
  10. teralpar

    Warm iPad Mini w/Retina Display

    Thanks for your suggestions. I turned the device off and on again, and waited until all of my apps downloaded from my iCloud. Once they downloaded the browsers worked fine. Not sure what all of that was about.
  11. teralpar

    How many Ipads does your household own?

    Two...1 iPad Mini w/Retina 32gb LTE and 1 iPad Air 16gb LTE.
  12. teralpar

    Warm iPad Mini w/Retina Display

    It seems to be okay now. Maybe it was getting warm because I was downloading several apps at once? It has been in a case since I brought it home. Also, none of my web browsers (Safari & Chrome) are working. I am able to pull up all other apps while connected to wifi or LTE but not the browsers...
  13. teralpar

    Warm iPad Mini w/Retina Display

    Is it normal for an iPad Mini w/Retina to get warm after about an hour of use? I just purchased one today and it's gotten pretty warm since I've used it. I haven't played any games on it...just mainly downloading apps and music. My old iPad Mini (1st gen) never got warm.
  14. teralpar

    How many GB is your iPad?

    I just traded my 16gb iPad Mini Wifi for my new iPad Mini w/Retina 32gb LTE. Love it! Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk
  15. teralpar

    Bluetooth Not Working

    I used Bump. Thanks! Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 4
  16. teralpar

    Bluetooth Not Working

    I want to transfer photos from my phone to the Mini.
  17. teralpar

    Bluetooth Not Working

    I am trying to pair my iPad Mini with my Samsung Galaxy 2 phone, but for some reason each device will not detect the other, stating "Make sure 'Epic 4G Touch' is turned on and in range." Both devices' Bluetooth are turned on and visible. What am I doing wrong?
  18. teralpar

    Both my iPhone 5 and iPad keep asking for my yahoo mail account passwords?

    I believe it is an issue with Yahoo! I have received password requests a few times over the past few weeks on my iPad Mini, but I am CONSTANTLY getting sign-in errors for my Yahoo account on my Android phone. That has been going on for months! Within the last few months, Yahoo has temporarily...
  19. teralpar

    What is the lowest % you have taken your ipad to?

    ^^^^^This^^^^^ So, I guess that means 0%.
  20. teralpar

    iPad Mini with Retina display vs iPad Mini: specs comparison

    I agree. I also knew I would upgrading as soon as the Mini w/Retina. After this one I probably won't upgrade for another 2-3 years.
  21. teralpar

    iPad Mini with Retina display vs iPad Mini: specs comparison

    I think the new iPad Mini w/Retina is definitely worth the extra $100. This is the Mini that Apple should have released in the first place.
  22. teralpar

    iPad mini 2: Retina or not?

    If the Mini has Retina- I'll buy it, but I'll probably wait until December or January to get it. No Retina- No buy! I'll just hang on to my 1st gen Mini. ;)
  23. teralpar

    Photos with iPad Mini Camera

    Nice pic!
  24. teralpar

    iOS 7 is now available for download

    I agree. IMO it looks too generic. It no longer has a unique appearance, it looks just like all the other operating systems.
  25. teralpar

    Thinner, Lighter iPad Mini Set to Launch Later This Year

    I'll wait till 2014 to upgrade as well. How can the Mini possibly get any thinner? It would seem that it would be more prone to breaking if it were any thinner.
  26. teralpar

    Ipad Mini Questions?

    I sold my iPad 2 earlier this year and purchased a Mini, and I absolutely love it! No regrets at all! Plus, the screen seems a bit clearer on the Mini even though both the Mini and the iPad 2 have the same screen resolution.
  27. teralpar

    What? No iPad mini Retina (are you kidding me???)!!!

    I'm with you on this one. If Apple doesn't release a new iPad Mini w/Retina due to added weight and/or decreased battery life, I would pass on it. My favorite things about the Mini are the current weight and battery life. I can live with the screen as it is now. Plus, a new Mini with no...
  28. teralpar

    Apps Won't Download

    I apologize for not responding sooner... About an hour after I sent the first post yesterday the app began to download, although it took about 15-20 minutes to do so. I downloaded a couple of other free apps and those downloaded in about 15 minutes also. I'm assuming that the wait was due to the...
  29. teralpar

    Apps Won't Download

    I'm using wifi via my phone's hotspot. Maybe the connection isn't strong enough? Although I'm able to browse the web and watch videos just fine.
  30. teralpar

    Apps Won't Download

    Hello... I have been trying to download several apps that are free for iTunes 5th anniversary, but all have been in "waiting" status and will not download onto my iPad Mini. I deleted all of the apps I was trying to download from my desktop and tried to download only one of the apps (How to Cook...
  31. teralpar

    iPad mini locking issue

    Oh I see now...that makes perfect sense. Sent from my Black iPad Mini 16GB using iPF
  32. teralpar

    iPad mini locking issue

    I have an lock/unlock case on my iPad Mini as well. When I close the case I hear the "click" as you mentioned, and when I open the case it goes straight to the home screen, or to whatever screen or app I was using before I closed the case. It has done that since I've had the case...mine has...
  33. teralpar

    How Many Homescreens Do You Use?

    2 home screen pages... I have 18 folders. Sent from my Black iPad Mini 16GB using iPF
  34. teralpar

    Movies, TV shows on mini

    What program do you use to convert your movies to iTunes? Sent from my Black iPad Mini 16GB using iPF
  35. teralpar

    What new features would make you upgrade to Mini 2?

    It would be nice to have an iPad Mini with Retina display, but I doubt if I'll buy the second version if that's all that would be upgraded. I'm fine with my iPad Mini as is. The only thing that would make a difference with the Retina would be text (I use the Kindle app and Flipboard regularly)...
  36. teralpar

    How often do you charge your battery?

    I love the battery life on this baby! Now I usually charge my Mini every weekend. I listen to music (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes) at least 5 hours a day during the week at work and also an hour or two of web browsing and/or reading everyday and the battery lasts almost a week! Sent from my Black...
  37. teralpar

    How many Ipads does your household own?

    Awesome! Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2
  38. teralpar

    How often is your iPad with you?

    My iPad Mini goes everywhere with me. Sent from my Black iPad Mini 16GB using iPF
  39. teralpar

    Black or white iPad 2?

    My iPad 2 was white, and the iPad Mini I currently have is black. I like how sleek the black Mini looks when the screen is off. Sent from my Black iPad Mini 16GB using iPF
  40. teralpar

    iOS Version of TV Portal?

    I really enjoy watching TV shows that aren't available on Netflix, Hulu, etc. on TV Portal using my Android phone. Apparently there is no iOS version of TV Portal? Is there an app comparable to TV Portal available thru the App Store? Sent from my Black iPad Mini 16GB using iPF