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  1. ChileRick

    Ipad2 shipments

    Yeah, looks like our iPads must be on the same pallet! Stuck in LANTAU ISLAND HK again! Suppose to be here tomorrow before 4:30, not thinking that's gonna happen.
  2. ChileRick

    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Ordered on 3/15 for original April 22 delivery. Just checked status, due to be delivered April 7!!! Wife happy!!! ... no notice from Apple, though, so you all may want to re-check status!
  3. ChileRick

    Ipad 1 upgraders! Are you keeping your ipad 1 or selling it?

    We can BOTH read The Daily at the same time, and I no longer have to play Words With Friends on my itty bitty iPhone! That alone is worth the 500+, ISN'T it?
  4. ChileRick

    Ipad 1 upgraders! Are you keeping your ipad 1 or selling it?

    Lucky dog! I get the 1 . . .
  5. ChileRick

    Wish I wouldn't have downloaded 4.3.1

    iPad downloaded fine, wife's 3gs downloaded fine, MY 3gs, not so fine, reset Network setting as mentioned earlier and everything is now just dandy, perhaps a bit dandier!
  6. ChileRick

    iPad and travel external HD

    ...or, just buy more memory cards, they are the cheapest storage. We dumped 4500 pics ( mostly 8 to 15 MP jpg's ) on our 32 last year. Along with a few movies and a bunch of books. No prob. In fact still have the images on the cards. Plus if you are vacationing in civilization, you can always...
  7. ChileRick

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Just ordered our ( the wife's) 2nd iPad, a 2, a 64gb in white, to go with the iMac, 2 iPhone 3g's and our ( my ) 32gb/3g original iPad. If the iPhone 5 comes out this year . . . . . Miles, i have to tell myself miles, miles and miles!
  8. ChileRick

    Time Warner Cable Becomes the First Cable Company to Launch Live TV iPad app

    Having TW, I think it's a cool little freebie. DVR programing and cable box remote are coming soon, they say.
  9. ChileRick

    Where will you buy your Ipad 2 and why...

    Probably the Apple Store . . . 'cause I also NEED an AppleTV and AirPort Extreme . . . . . . . . and maybe a phone upgrade for the wife! Thats a lotta miles . . .
  10. ChileRick

    iOS 4.3 Out Today at 10AM Pacific?

    10;15, 4.3 not so much available, on either iPad or iPhone.
  11. ChileRick

    Before you rush out and get a Xoom...

    So maybe Jobs ain't such a jerk afterall. A little control can be a GOOD thing.
  12. ChileRick

    Need some free/cheep games for a 20 hour plane ride lol

    There are a lot of iPhone games that are free, or maybe 99cents that play fine on the iPad. Go to the iTunes store on your computer, click on App Store, then search "Free Games"!
  13. ChileRick

    Internet Browser/Safari Help?

    That is sorta where I was headed. Had someone already to write SteveJobs because he couldn't get his FaceTime on his iPhone to talk to his Skype on his PC like the kid at AT&T told him it would. So . . . . . can't believe everything you hear, though some folks do!
  14. ChileRick

    All right my fellow Californians do you have a get out of town bag set up

    No, but I have a case of MGD in cans, and a couple packs of smokes stashed if I can't get out!! I haven't smoked in a long time, but . . . . .
  15. ChileRick

    Internet Browser/Safari Help?

    Sorry if I came across as flippant, but, like the iPhone before it, there is a lot of "misInformation" out there from some of the folks selling iPads now at the retail level ( AppleStore Excluded,kinda ) Just curious, because, more than once, I've had some 'splainin' to do!
  16. ChileRick

    Internet Browser/Safari Help?

    Did someone tell you could do that when you bought your iPad?
  17. ChileRick

    Multiple Ipads

    I have 2 iPads and 2 iPhones on one account. each one has a different ID, but you can share apps, and all that, yet still personalize each one. For example, different music, videos, apps and contacts according to your tastes. So, if your wife likes Kid Rock and your all about Lady GaGa, she...
  18. ChileRick

    App problem

    I'm sure you've done this, but it works for an app of mine that crashes when I've been multi-tasking. I turn my iPad off and on again and open that app first.
  19. ChileRick

    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    My main gripe is my local paper is switching from flash to HTML5, and all those annoying ads I was able to avoid on my iPad ARE BACK, and driving me crazy!
  20. ChileRick

    After 4.2.1 - issues with MUTE or not

    So, it doesn't mute the ipod, but it did mute everything else I tried. just like my iPhone.
  21. ChileRick

    After 4.2.1 - issues with MUTE or not

    Same here . . .
  22. ChileRick

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    The teaser said news from "iTunes", which, first and foremost, in fact, is a retail store. Retail-wise this is big news, pop-culture-wise it would have been even bigger news had Prince William not announced his engagement. Tech-wise? No big deal, but no one ever said it would be.
  23. ChileRick

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    WOW, I thought I was out of line with my HuffPost reference yesterday. Maybe not so much.
  24. ChileRick

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    That was uncalled for........
  25. ChileRick

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    The HuffPost said it was probably the Beatles. And the comments? The Beatles suck, Apple sucks, i-tunes/pods/pads/and phones all suck, baby boomers suck,Steve Jobs sucks, Sorry, Cr
  26. ChileRick

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    What is a major event in the "Tech" world is usually a non-event in the real world. Apple knows that better than anybody. Most people HAVE a favorite Beatle song, most people DON'T HAVE a clue what cloud computing and live streaming is (are?). It's even money on The Beatles.
  27. ChileRick

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    Apple's iTunes Announcement Likely About Beatles Catalog |
  28. ChileRick

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    What Is Apple's Huge iTunes Surprise? | Rolling Stone Music
  29. ChileRick

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    Sorry, I should have said "NewsWorthy" BIG would be Free Music for All, but it ain't 1968, and the fence around Woodstock's not gonna come down again anytime soon!
  30. ChileRick

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    Maybe The Beatles, maybe Subscription Pricing. It will be something Big. It is Apple after all, AND the world is watching! They always are!
  31. ChileRick

    Is getting a 3G Ipad worth it?

    Got mine when they first came out, have NEVER used the 3g, but, we have iPhones if needed when there is no wi-fi. Should'a gone for the extra storage. But, that's just us.
  32. ChileRick

    Apple TV Question

    It's my understanding that AppleTV is HDMI out only at 720p. So, if you have only component in, a decent converter'll cost more than the box itself, and your TV may not be up to that resolution. IF your TV has HDMI, go for it. You can always return it.
  33. ChileRick

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    iMac,iPhones and iPad, and a Windows laptop just for Quicken. I figure, by the time I buy Parallels, Windows, and Norton for mac, I could just buy another WindowsLaptop.
  34. ChileRick

    Traveling to Bahamas and on a cruise

    Yup, to your point, on ANY cruise, draft your e-mails, and prepare your uploads before you ever log on! It is slow, and about half a buck, more or less, per minute.
  35. ChileRick

    Home sharing...more than one iTunes account ?

    I have both accounts on the same computer.
  36. ChileRick

    Home sharing...more than one iTunes account ?

    I seem to have better luck updating apps on the devices, than synching them thru iTunes,
  37. ChileRick

    Home sharing...more than one iTunes account ?

    Yep, no prob. We use 2 separate accounts, w/ different names and credit cards, and share between 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, and 3 iPods. You do have to log in with the appropriate account when updating.
  38. ChileRick

    Who's having buyers remorse?

    Bought a car like that once, everywhere I went, folks stared. Every time I got fuel, folks had to chat me up. . . . but it was sure a cool car, and I did love driving it!
  39. ChileRick

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Just r'cvd mine(2:40), Fed-ex guy said 11 units in my area, 5000 homes, since UPS delivered the wi-fi's, no comparison!!!
  40. ChileRick

    Did anyone get a shipping confirmation from Apple on their 3G?

    Mine has been picked up in Rancho Cordova, for desert delivery tomorrow before 4:30