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  1. Bogy

    Dear apple & iOs5.... I HATE safari changes ...Especially tabs!

    Personally, the changes to Safari are so far what I like best about the upgrade. I have six other browsers on my iPad and find I seldom use any of them since I upgraded.
  2. Bogy

    Wifi Issue at Public Hot Spots

    Have you rebooted. I've had several times lately at home on my own network I have had to restart my iPad to get it to connect after it has lost the signal. If something got corrupted at the hospital you may have to reboot to clear it out.
  3. Bogy

    Is 2012 the end??

    In 1987 I received a little booklet in the mail, as did almost every other pastor in the U.S. It was titled "88 Reasons Why the World Will End In 1988." A year later it was revised to "89 Reasons Why the World Will End in 1989." There are websites that list the predictions of the end of the...
  4. Bogy

    Smart cover queston

    I would be more concerned if I got an iPad 2 if I would still be able to use my Zagg cover/keyboard with that thin body.
  5. Bogy

    Do you regret not getting 3G?

    I was going to buy a 3g, but then found out AT&T wouldn't sell me service anyway, since they say I don't receive a signal at my house (even though my sister can now use her AT&T phone at my house when visiting). So I spent the money on more memory instead. I don't regret it. I have Wi-Fi at...
  6. Bogy

    Are you on your iPad now? Where?

    In bed checking email and a few forums on the iPad before going to sleep.
  7. Bogy

    Let's Talk ePrinters?

    From » LaserJet Pro M1536dnf Multifunction Printer (HP LaserJet Pro M1536dnf Multifunction Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English)) » LaserJet Pro CM1415fn Color Multifunction Printer (HP LaserJet CM1410 Color Multifunction...
  8. Bogy


    Major Eazy, after your comments about the apps I have running up to quite a bit of money, I looked at what the apps I have cost today, and what I paid for them, because I have not spent that much on apps since I bought my iPad. What I found shows the benefits of buying apps that have just come...
  9. Bogy

    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    It was a gift and I bought it. I bought it with the accumulation of Birthday, Valentines, Anniversary presents, plus a bonus from work. I was accumulating money waiting for the iPad to be released, plus also waiting to see if any of the other tablets that were being announced would actually...
  10. Bogy

    Let's Talk ePrinters?

    Has anybody found a laser that works with the iPad? I'm looking for a wireless laser, and if it would work with the iPad that would just make it a little sweeter. I already have a wireless Photosmart printer, but that gets used for photos only, because of ink costs. For the rest of the...
  11. Bogy


    I don't see where downloading both would be a problem. I have Note Taker HD, SmartNote, Penultimate, UYH Gold, Notes Plus and Notes on mine. Still haven't decided which I like best. Depends on what I am doing.
  12. Bogy

    New member from Iowa - love my iPad, not AT&T

    Trevorwc, I'm north of you in Ackley. I haven't been in Pella for a few years. Every spring I try to get back for Tulip Time, but its a hectic time of year. I still have some relatives in Pella, but no one close anymore.
  13. Bogy

    New member from Iowa - love my iPad, not AT&T

    Trevorwc, have you actually signed up for the AT&T coverage? I almost bought a 3G version last summer, until the last Apple rep I talked to told me AT&T wouldn't sell me coverage, because even though my sister can now get coverage at my house, also in rural Iowa, the AT&T system says I don't...
  14. Bogy

    General Questions About Jailbreaking

    With this glowing recommendation, why wouldn't I want to jailbreak? :D It's true I can't download files with IE on my iPad. Then again, I don't very often download files with IE on any of my other computers either. I use other browsers. However, I can download files with iCabMobile and a...
  15. Bogy

    Atomic browser - can't reply/create threads

    I don't have one, because I just wrote this on my iPad using Atomic.
  16. Bogy

    President Obama Signs iPad

    To bad I didn't have my iPad the day this was taken. Just a couple of years to early. This was just days before the Iowa Caucus. Sometimes having a bunch of extra computer equipment laying around and setting up a network for a campaign headquarters gets you a photo op with a Senator who turns...
  17. Bogy

    Pricing out for HP Slate

    I believe it was Endgadget where I read that one of the weaknesses of the HP Slate was that it used the limited touch capabilities of Win7, as well as the built-in Win7 Keyboard.
  18. Bogy

    Are you Viewing this on your iPad?

    I am viewing this on my iPad, but I am using Atomic Web, not Safari.
  19. Bogy

    VLC for iPad Approved by Apple - In Store Now

    The developers are going to have to make some huge improvements to get me to use vlc. ZumoCast works with every format I have tried and I don't have to sync through iTunes. Streams video and also allows me to access all kinds of files on my home and office desktops.
  20. Bogy


    Or download ZumoCast and you don't have to worry about it being in a compatible format, or using iTunes.
  21. Bogy

    Review: Padacs AV Cable + USB

    No, it isn't. Even under the iPad/cables that shows a picture of it doesn't list it. The only way to find it is to type the name EXACTLY as I state in an earlier post. You have to really want one of these and be willing to jump through hoops to buy one.
  22. Bogy

    Review: Padacs AV Cable + USB

    You have to type it in exactly AV cable. If you don't capitalize the AV it won't work. If you do capitalize the cable it won't work. If you add an s to cable, it won't work.
  23. Bogy

    Review: Padacs AV Cable + USB

    There are a lot of broken links on that site. The only one that works is the "Buy" link. If you want more information before you buy, you are out of luck.
  24. Bogy

    VLC player for for iPad

    I have been using ZumoCast. The only things I have found so far it won't play are files that are DRM protected. It streams video files from your computer, or you can download files wirelessly.
  25. Bogy

    Review: Padacs AV Cable + USB

    Your link brings up a page that says no results were found, and in the accessories section under cables there are no cables. Are you jumping the gun here?
  26. Bogy

    PG17 - I thought the iPad was supposed to be "family friendly"

    Wouldn't you also have to give your 6 year old your password?
  27. Bogy

    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    If you are used to reading paperbacks, it is probably to heavy. But I have many books which are much heavier than the iPad.
  28. Bogy


    I had installed Cinexplayer when it first came out and was not impressed. I downloaded 5 or 6 .avi/xvid files and only one would play. The recent update has greatly improved it. However, I also recently installed ZumoCast and really like it. Not only will it play all my .avi files, it streams...
  29. Bogy

    How to turn anything into an iPad stylus.

    Yeah, I was all set to do this a few months ago. I thought I had some conductive foam from a project some time back. Can't find it, probably got thrown away in a move. Okay, I'll go down to Radio Shack and buy some. The cheapest IC's that have conductive foam that is going to be big enough...
  30. Bogy

    Convert Your Videos - Idiot Proof (Windows)

    You are missing a couple of things. First, this thread was started a long time before CineXPlayer was released, and so it wasn't an option. Second, I have installed CineXPlayer and I have a bunch of .avi movies on my desktop. So far I have had a very low success rate with CineXPlayer being...
  31. Bogy

    What's the last movie you saw?

    I just saw Despicable Me. I really like deep, soul-searching movies. :D
  32. Bogy

    ipad and PDF files

    There are a number of apps that can be used to edit PDF files. The op only mentioned opening PDF files, so my first assumption was also that he just wanted to be able to read them, and that may be all he wants. It would be helpful if he would indicate if that is what he wants, or just exactly...
  33. Bogy

    Fed Ex Is Awful!!

    Yes Matt, you are right. You will never see your package. It is lost forever since it didn't show up when the emails said it would. No sense waiting to see if someone figures out they have a package they missed delivering, better to assume all is lost. Four years ago I sent a package to my...
  34. Bogy

    Fed Ex Is Awful!!

    Like Mecread, UPS is a regular at my house, Fedex not so much. Not quite as isolated, but its a small town.The UPS guy leaves the packages in my garage instead of the front steps. If it has to be signed for he stops by my office so either my secretary or I can sign for it. If my mother isn't...
  35. Bogy

    Street atlas?

    I also have had S&T's for years. I used it in the car with my laptop prior to buying a standalone gps, but still use it to plan trips.
  36. Bogy

    Depleting Battery On iPad First Time!

    Is it just sitting there, or are you running something? Start a video and keep it running.
  37. Bogy

    Do you wish you had purchased the 64gb?(32gb owners)

    I also agree. I was going to get the 32, but the Apple Store only had the 64, and I really wanted it that day to take on a trip. Very glad I did. I have a couple of movies, a bunch of tv shows, lots of books, one magazine sub so far (and I will be downloading more back issues from my zinio...
  38. Bogy

    Street atlas?

    He didn't say he needed the whole U.S., only stated that S&T has the whole country on one disk, as an example.
  39. Bogy

    Can I connect an USB modem to ipad and browse?

    The iPad will not tether through Bluetooth.
  40. Bogy

    Case with Notepad

    It would be helpful to know what you have already tried and haven't liked before making suggestions. That being said I have used Note Taker HD in meetings and like it. It takes a little practice, but it can put a lot of notes on a page. I have also bought SmartNotes because of some of it's...