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  1. fiat

    ipad can't connect to mac itunes after upgraded to ios7 from ios6

    After upgrade ipad from ios6 to ios7, I want to transfer some files from mac to ipad through itunes. After connecting ipad to mac and opening mac itunes, an error message show up: itunes could not connect to the ipad because the device timed out. I have never got this with ios6 but why it...
  2. fiat

    upgrade from ios6 to 7 because new app requires

    Hi, I am a ipad3 user and not happy with ios7 UI, so still a ios6 camper. But then I find a seemingly great app (The Elements: A visual exploration) for free and when I try to download, it says ios7 is required! Is this becoming a trend that force people to upgrade or ... ??? What's your...
  3. fiat

    iOS 7 - first impressions

    I don't like the new "flat" icon and dock. Unless Apple changes it back (probably not), I'll stick with 6 for now.
  4. fiat

    prescription discount app

    Hi ipad ninja, Thanks for your response. I have no iphone, no android phone. Only ipad I have to check out ... nothing, no RX saver, no RX savings, no prescription discount, no ... Oh, maybe I should use my mac App store to download and sinc to my ipad? Will try and report back. Update...
  5. fiat

    prescription discount app

    Hi, Does anyone know a free prescription discount app for ipad? I found several for android, but none for ipad. Help pls. Thanks
  6. fiat

    Can i call on ipad3?

    Not so true: when you use mac with internet connection (wire or wireless), you can setup google voice to make/receive calls through home phone (or cell phone?) as well as text by mac; no TaT needed. I think a big advantage from TaT is that using it with ipad makes ipad become a virtual wireless...
  7. fiat

    Can i call on ipad3?

    I have skype, but you can only make/receive calls via email for free. You have to pay for calling phone numbers (like a cell phone). Now I have Talkatone on my ipad that I can call/receive/text any number (phone/cell phone) in us and canada free. It's big difference!
  8. fiat

    Can i call on ipad3?

    Hi, Marilyn. Thanks so much about bringing me to the Talkatone while still stuck with heywire for not even able to login. Now I got a real (cell phone) number (from google) with my local area code that enabled me to make/receive all calls/text in us and Canada free from my mac/home phone...
  9. fiat

    Can i call on ipad3?

    No, I do not make jailbreak on my ipad. Yes, I have signed up and has a heywire acc with a heywire number and I did activate my FW acc with my email. Still it won't let me log-in! Any user help here? Thanks
  10. fiat

    Can i call on ipad3?

    Hey, Bonzy. I think I know how to use heywire ONLY IF IT LETS ME LOG-IN FIRST! Every time I start heywrite it opens to 'log-in' page and either closes or re-opens after I type in my heywire # and PW. It never let me log-in or sign-in! So how can I text anyone? Please help. Tks
  11. fiat

    Can i call on ipad3?

    bonzy, Thanks for informing with heywire app. It's exactly what I am looking for cause I don't have a cell phone and I am in us. However, I have downloaded and installed twice in my ipad and both didn't let me log-in (I registered and received 2 heywire free numbers). Just wonder how to type in...
  12. fiat

    Can i call on ipad3?

    Please recommend a good free text app for ipad via wifi. Thanks
  13. fiat

    iTunes 11 has landed!

    I upgraded iTunes on my mac and connect my ipad to my mac. When I open my new itunes my ipad icon is seen at upper bar and I can open it and do sync, etc. I checked the 'sync with wi-fi' and disconnect my ipad. But then my ipad icon disappear from itunes' upper bar and I can't do sync...
  14. fiat

    Should I upgrade from iPad 3 to iPad 4?

    Hi liveinla, I have never done Craigslist before. After posting there, do they charge you a fee when you sell your product? According to their warning on money transaction scam, which way is the most safe/reliable in receiving sales money? Thanks for help.
  15. fiat

    Should I upgrade from iPad 3 to iPad 4?

    Gab, I just asked a trade-in price from the co. Though still considering, not made the trade-in yet. Still have couple days to make final decision. So what's everyone's opinion. (personally, I was very disappointed with apple's surprising move on discontinuing ipad3 for the fast ipad4 turnout...
  16. fiat

    Should I upgrade from iPad 3 to iPad 4?

    I got a trade-in price of $425 for my 2.5 month old ipad3 32GB WiFi from PowerMax - a loss of $174 from original payment. How fair this is to upgrade to ipad4? Any comments?
  17. fiat

    WiFi and internet become lose frequently

    Hi, After 2 mo of perfect performance, my ipad3 (WiFi only) now become saggy in losing WiFi connection (app won't work) and internet connection (while WiFi is on, but safari won't go any where and email aren't received/sent) frequently. After couple of apple tech sessions, all I got are temp...
  18. fiat

    netTalk won't work on ipad any more?

    Hi, Just suddenly the netTalk app stop working (can't connect) on my ipad3. Did they deliberately set up this (by updating app) to stop free-call offer? Can anyone verify this app's stop working on ipad? (it may still work on iphone or other smartphone?) Thanks
  19. fiat

    no street view of google maps on ipad safari?

    I can see google map street view in my mac safari, but can't do so in my ipad safari. Can someone help so I can see google map street view on my ipad safari? Thanks
  20. fiat

    Youtube App

    Kevin, I installed YouPlayer and it's fine to search and play youtube video. However, I have problem of saving video after watching them. At least, how do I build up a playlist (or historylist) that I can watch them later? Or is there other free app let me do so? Thanks for help. (I don't...
  21. fiat

    Ipad for free calling

    Lanny, I just installed/used the netTALK to call my friend from my ipad and it worked! (except I still don't know how to adjust mic?) Just wonder if I can get a number for my ipad so people can call me to my ipad? And I saw no where the co states limits on total minutes per call and per...
  22. fiat

    Ipad for free calling

    I believe the post starter is looking for a way of using ipad as a cell phone (or just any telephone) to actually call people. I suspect the answer is no way, but would like to hear if there is way.
  23. fiat

    Siri on Ipad3

    What's the point? Is it less effort too that you just tab the app to open than pressing home button and ask siri? It's certainly less effort to exit app via siri, if possible, than via multi-tasking bar. There are needs to exit from certain apps for running ipad with 3rd party accessory (e.g...
  24. fiat

    Siri on Ipad3

    susan, see your many posts mention how excited to have siri on your ipad3. How do you feel now? Any cool things to do/ask siri? I am kind disappointing that siri seems not be able to close apps, e.g., after I say "close music (the app)" it start to play songs from music app! I have to shout...
  25. fiat

    Apple Earpods

    Hi, Just heard Apple is selling earpods ($29) for ios devices (IPAD included). Wonder if anyone uses it with ipad and how's the experience and suggestion? Thanks for sharing. (By looking the picture, it seems include 3 pieces: ear pod, mic, and remote and I even don't know how to use it!)
  26. fiat

    IOS 6 will be released on sept 19

    Hi, Apple announced ios 6 will be released for older iphones on sept 19 for free. Is this also applied to ipad3?
  27. fiat

    ipad3 as a scanner?

    How about Genius Scan? It's free, but seems just like other paid scan app. Wrong? Since I haven't used paid scan app, Please let me know if there is/are big difference(s) in function/usage. Thanks
  28. fiat

    Skype on ipad

    Jorn, My skype on ipad was newly updated. Not sure if the clarity-losing sound was caused by the app or network connection (it's far distance between California and Taipei, Taiwan)?
  29. fiat

    Skype on ipad

    I did, but found somehow audio deteriorated after some long while of video talk.
  30. fiat

    Downloading photos from PC to ipad

    An alternative (plus advantages) to load photos from pc/mac to ipad: install the free EvereaderPro app in ipad, then use iTunes sync via file sharing to load photo files to the app in ipad. Advantages: 1. can load/transfer different types of file including MS office doc, text, even video etc. 2...
  31. fiat

    File transfer question

    Hi, I am a newbie to ipad too. My recommendation to your need (if you mainly want to read your files on ipad) is to get EvereaderPro app which is a powerful file reader/viewer for various types of doc including MS office doc, photos, pdf, video, etc. For your purpose, you can sync/store your...
  32. fiat

    How to lock a folder?

    You can download/use EvereaderPro app for locking either/both the app or/and a built-in "Private" folder inside the app. No jailbreaking needed. Good thing is that this app will read (view) many different types of document including MS office doc, photos, and even create simple doc like text...
  33. fiat

    How to load songs/music to AlarmClock app?

    Update: Music sync from iTunes enabled. All sync songs are also loaded to AlarmClock app and its sleep timer works perfectly now.
  34. fiat

    I can't play youtube videos

    Hi rockstr, thanks much. I realize (but still not used to) ipad is all about touch screen and using fingers. So you answered/solved my 2nd question. I guess the issue of the original post and my 1st question still remain unresolved. I just wonder when ios6 out, the built-in youtube will be gone...
  35. fiat

    How to load songs/music to AlarmClock app?

    Hi, I have installed AlarmClock app on my new ipad. When I tried to set sleep timer, I couldn't find/add any song, albums, or playlist from within the app. So how do I load music/song/playlist to the app which I can choose to play for sleep timer function? I seemed not able to find any...
  36. fiat

    I can't play youtube videos

    Hi, I am having problem on youtube with my new ipad too. From the bookmark of my mac safari, I can access/play youtube video. But from the same bookmark of my ipad safari, it almost always says "could not load the movie"! Another question: It worked once before, but it's very annoying that...
  37. fiat

    Archive on magazine app

    Hi, I have subscribed some professional magazine apps (national geographic and scientific American) for my ipad (I have print subscription also). I download some issues and they are big in size (3 issues about 1 GB). I can "view" them fine, but I don't know about the "archive" button with every...
  38. fiat Members - Suggest an iPad App

    Hi, For those who like to have a secret private folder to hold their private files, I recommend the EverReader Pro. It is not like other password protect folder apps; it's much better, more convenient, more efficient, more functional. It's basically a file reader (can view all sort of file type...
  39. fiat

    How do I tranfer Word doc to itune and then to my iPad2? I have Pages on my iPad2

    Thanks, TPoet. I have CloudOn with associated dropbox acc on my ipad, but I didn't know I need to install dropbox on my mac to trasfer/store files from. Now I installed DB on my mac and it's much easier to "drop" files to my DB folder than use itunes file sharing. My real need on ipad is just...
  40. fiat

    office suite app/MS office reader app for ipad

    Thanks, Daniel. I didn't know I have to install dropbox on my mac to transfer/store files from. Now I solved that issue. As of my real need for a ipad app for ms doc viewer, I finally decided to use the free Everreader Pro.