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  1. ipadgamer

    20 Gameloft iPad games on sale for $0.99 (Thanksgiving Sale)

    Gameloft just announced a Thanksgiving Sale. 20 titles going for $0.99 List of games: BackStab Assassin's Creed-Altaïr's Chronicles HD Silent Ops Splinter Cell Conviction™ HD Iron Man 2 for iPad Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD Avatar Shrek Kart ® HD The Settlers HD StarFront: Collision HD Zombie...
  2. ipadgamer

    Angry Birds on sale for $1.99

    Went on sale today for $1.99, down from $4.99. Not a bad price if you already don't have it :) Here the info: Angry Birds HD - iPad Game
  3. ipadgamer

    Massive EA Games Sale!

    I ended up getting a few and of all the games on sale I ended up liking battleship the most. Go figure, the simplest game. Tiger woods isn't bad either, and the price is fantastic :)
  4. ipadgamer

    Metal Gear Solid Touch - $0.99 sale

    Another great sale of the many this weekend. Konami has these titles on sale for $0.99: Metal Gear Solid Touch X-MEN Frogger Here are the details: iPad games by Konami Digital Entertainment -
  5. ipadgamer

    Massive EA Games Sale!

    Some more games to add to that list...crazy sale! These are also on sale by EA for $0.99: YAHTZEE Mirror's Edge Reckless Racing CLUE SNOOD Coconut Dodge Draw Jump Max and the Magic Marker Pictureka Here's the full list: iPad games by Electronic Arts -
  6. ipadgamer

    Gameloft's $0.99 long-weekend sale: NOVA 2, Dungeon Hunter 2, UNO ...

    Gameloft is starting early with their long-weekend sale. I'd expect a few more games go on sale especially as we get closer to July 4th. Games on sale so far: N.O.V.A. 2 - Near Orbit Dungeon Hunter 2 HD UNO HD Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD StarFront: Collision HD Shrek Kart Here's...
  7. ipadgamer

    15 Puzzle (Hidden Object) games by Big Fish Games on sale

    If you like puzzle hidden object games there is a great sale on right now by Big Fish Games. Games on sale: Drawn: The Painted Tower HD Big City Adventure: New York City HD Azada HD Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors HD Puppetshow: Mystery of Joyville HD Awakening: The Dreamless Castle HD...
  8. ipadgamer

    An enjoyable role playing game for the ipad 2?

    I've played Dungeon Hunter, Braveheart and Puzzle Quest. All are RPGs with Dungeon Hunter being more of a classic RPG, Braveheart more of an action RPG and Puzzle Quest a "match-3 puzzle" RPG game. Of all three Puzzle Quest is the most addictive. Lots of hours spent on that one. Anyhow the...
  9. ipadgamer

    Football games

    FIFA 11 by EA just went on sale. I haven't played it but EA sports games are usually top notch. Here's the game: FIFA 11 by EA SPORTS for iPad - iPad Game
  10. ipadgamer

    EA (Electronic Arts) games on sale for father's day (RISK, FIFA, DEAD SPACE ...)

    Following Gameloft's sale yesterday EA put the following titles on sale: FIFA 11 Dead Space Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit Need For Speed Shift Battlefield: Bad Company RISK Mirror's Edge Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 Command and Conquer Tetris Madden NFL 11 CimCity Reckless Racing...
  11. ipadgamer

    Best mmorpg on ipad? Or mmorpg like?

    Speaking of Order and Chaos, it's on sale this weekend for $0.99: Order & Chaos© Online - iPad Game I think a monthly subscription is still required however, but maybe not for the first month...not sure tho.
  12. ipadgamer

    Gameloft announces a $0.99 sale for Father's Day

    ...and if your father likes playing Order and Chaos Online then you are all set! Titles on sale: Order & Chaos Online Fast Five the Movie : Official Game Gangstar Miami Vindication Spider-Man: Total Mayhem Eternal Legacy Fishing Kings NFL 2011 Real Soccer 2011 Here is...
  13. ipadgamer

    Any war game similar to trade nations style?

    Try "War 2 Victory" ... similar concept to trade nations but with a war theme. It's also free with in app purchases. War 2 Victory HD - iPad Game
  14. ipadgamer

    Are there any good free games

    Tons, Free iPad Games - Top 25
  15. ipadgamer

    Hidden object games?

    Right on, Big Fish has 30+ games that are similar to what you are looking for. Here's a list of them: iPad games by Big Fish Games, Inc
  16. ipadgamer

    Best mmorpg on ipad? Or mmorpg like?

    Order and Chaos, released a month and a bit ago...getting pretty good reviews. It's kinda like WOW but for the iPad Order & Chaos© Online - iPad Game
  17. ipadgamer

    Help needed with Real Golf 2011 HD

    i'm ranked 101 in the career mode. About $1 mil in total earnings. I got a little bored after a while and stopped playing. It just seemed like every tournament was the same. I'm not really familiar with the PGA courses so I'm not sure if you get to play them or not. It was fun to play for...
  18. ipadgamer

    Help needed with Real Golf 2011 HD

    The solid yellow line is what your putt would be if you didn't do anything and just swung away. It's a preview of your putt based on the position of your ball. So, if the solid yellow line curves to the right, you have to move your putt to the left to compensate for the break. Also...
  19. ipadgamer

    Scrabble: $0.99 (reg $9.99), MADDEN NFL: $0.99 (reg $12.99)...and more

    EA decided to put on a pretty incredible deal. Lots of games $0.99 Here are the games on sale for $0.99: Scrabble Madden NFL 2011 Dead Space Command and Conquer FIFA 11 RISK Reckless Racing Rock Band reloaded ($2.99) Here is the full List
  20. ipadgamer

    Cro-Mag Rally on sale for $0.99 (reg $3.99)

    Pretty good racing game especially since it has a "networked multiplayer racing" feature so you can race your friends (or frenemies) on different iPads. It's a good deal especially if you have a household full of iPads. Now you can get 4 copies for the price of the original iPad game. Here is...
  21. ipadgamer

    Good cheap game apps?

    Here is a list of iPad games that are currently on sale. It will save you a few bucks: iPad games on sale
  22. ipadgamer

    Anybody got a good dominoes game?

    Here is a list of all dominoes games currently on the iPad: dominoes games for iPad
  23. ipadgamer

    Most expensive iPad games is $399.99

    Interestingly enough the game that costs $399 is more of a classic app than a game. It is odd that Apple actually approved it as a game. I think it was written to deliver premium sports pics...for betting I assume. So you pay $399 but in return you can actually make real money with the sports picks
  24. ipadgamer

    Most expensive iPad games is $399.99

    I started collecting data on iPad games a couple of moths ago and just recently started playing with that data. Anyhow, I ran into some interesting stats so I decided to write a post on it. There are some pretty neat stats like average price of a game ($1.50), percent of free games compared...
  25. ipadgamer

    Metal Gear Solid Touch on sale for $0.99 (reg $7.99)

    the ipad game just went on sale for a 'limited time' here is the link
  26. ipadgamer

    9 Innings - Pro Baseball 2011 on sale (FREE for the weekend)

    Since the baseball season is starting this weekend the iPad game is on sale for FREE (regular $4.99) Great deal, especially if you like baseball here is the itunes link: 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
  27. ipadgamer

    New iPad2 games?

    Dungeon Defender has just been "Optimized for iPad 2" and subsequently is on sale.
  28. ipadgamer

    Long RPG Type Games?

    Maybe try Dungeon Hunter or check this list of RPG ipad games
  29. ipadgamer

    Card games

    here is a list of the best card ipad games and a list of the most popular card ipad games
  30. ipadgamer

    Recomended games

    if you are trying to stretch your dollars you can always check the ipad games on sale
  31. ipadgamer

    iPad vs iPad games

    Flight Control HD. It's really fun with two iPads. Otherwise its mostly racing games. You can always browse through other games as they usually state in the description of the game whether you can play iPad to iPad (either bluetooth or Wifi multiplayer) Here is a sortable list of iPad...
  32. ipadgamer

    Good RPG Games?

    Battleheart Dungeon Hunter Graal Battle for Wesnoth there are quuite a few..depends on what you like here is a list of the best iPad role playing games
  33. ipadgamer

    Supremacy Wars now FREE!

    Just downloaded this a couple of days ago and been playing it since. Really fun game and you can't beat the price. If you like strategy/action type ipad games you will probably enjoy this one. Just thought I'd let you know. Not sure how long it will be on sale but you can find it here (might...
  34. ipadgamer

    Osmos for iPad on sale for $0.99 (regular $4.99) - Only Today

    Pretty good game and now the price is pretty good, thought you guys might want to know. Here's the link to it: ipad games on sale
  35. ipadgamer

    Move-at-your-own-pace puzzle games

    Not sure if there is a common name for that genre. Could be any of the puzzle / simulation / strategy / role playing I would think you'd find most of them in the puzzle category tho. In any case take a look at this site, it has the games sorted by genre so it is easier to search: ipad Games
  36. ipadgamer

    time management game?

    Try Garage inc
  37. ipadgamer

    Need help with finding unusual games

    If you knew what genre/category you're most interested that could narrow it down. Puzzle Quest 2 is a game that might interest you (or maybe not) You can sort by genre and search for iPad games here: games on the iPad maybe that`ll help you out a little more
  38. ipadgamer

    EA announces a weekend sale on iPad Games a day after Gameoft

    I think in response to Gameloft's sale yesterday (it could also just be a coincidence) EA announced a sale of their own. Their sale is a bit different as their titles are UP TO 70% off (not $0.99 as in Gameloft's case). In any case you are getting top quality ipad games for less so a win-win for...
  39. ipadgamer

    Gameloft announces $0.99 sale on popular iPad games:

    Golf is really good as well. I was pleasantly surprised with how fun it is to play
  40. ipadgamer

    Gameloft announces $0.99 sale on popular iPad games:

    Prince of Persia is not very good. I wasnt happy with that one but settlers and tennis is actually pretty good. I will get golf tonight, that looks promising and I'm kind of curious to see how it plays on the iPad