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  1. nbg

    What time do I need to line up?

    I got to a walmart supercenter at 3pm on release date, only 5 people in front of me, was in and out of the store in 2 hours and 15 minutes :D
  2. nbg

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 Is Here for iPad!

    £5.99? Get screwed!
  3. nbg

    you're kidding me - i cant order my apps!!?

    You can't group them in a folder as such (yet), buy hold down on any app for a couple of seconds and they will all wobble, you can then move the app where ever you want it to group apps together.
  4. nbg

    Apple Removes Porn Titles from iBooks Chart
  5. nbg

    Do you wish you had purchased the 64gb?(32gb owners)

    I got the 32gb, in hindsight the 16gb would have done.
  6. nbg


    I downloaded Modern Combat: Sandstorm HD and am enjoying it - anything similar and decent out there? Thanks, Matt.
  7. nbg


    Rolling, can do just a month at a time if you want, plus you don't need them to stop and start, you can do it from the Ipad. I was in Scotland using it last week, excellent reception in towns and cities, still reasonable in some more remote areas.
  8. nbg


    Well done.
  9. nbg

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf $0.99 + more

    I've got an ipad, but I'd still have a go on inferior machines............
  10. nbg

    using headphones

    As wnaylor states, the ipad is tight, give it a proper push.
  11. nbg

    Battery-when to charge?

    Do you ladies want to get a room? For what it's worth, I do the same as I do with my mobile phone and asus web book - run it down to zero then charge it.
  12. nbg

    Could Apple update the iPad very soon?

    "Jobs said it" - this made me chuckle. It could well be this autumn, but you know how long europe had to wait for the hardware........
  13. nbg

    iPad review. iPad Camera Connection Kit review and explained from a photographer pov

    Good review from another perspective. Thanks.
  14. nbg

    Would you do your on line banking on iPad?

    We use it for banking very often on our secure home WI-FI.
  15. nbg

    Disney Launches Toy Story 3 Read-Along iPad App

    This has already been on the app store for a couple of days.
  16. nbg

    ARGH! My iPad is broken...isn't it?

    Just thought, do you have contents insurance? If it includes accidental damage you may well be able to claim under it.
  17. nbg

    ARGH! My iPad is broken...isn't it?

    At least I guess you'll also get something on eBay for it.........
  18. nbg

    iPad as a Reading Material.... in the Bathroom!

    Space Station HD :D
  19. nbg

    ARGH! My iPad is broken...isn't it?

    What happened to it? You don't get a dent in the back without noticing it.