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    letting somebody borrow your old iPad

    I thought about that but wouldn't you lose all the IOS updates that take so long to perform?
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    letting somebody borrow your old iPad

    I have a friend who wants to buy my old ipad to go on a trip but not really ready to sell it but am willing to let them borrow it. I need to know what the best way to do this would be. Should I just log out of any apps that need a PW fb/Twiiter & then they can log in? erase emails and accts...
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    Google Goggles for iPad2

    I have the Google mobile app and was looking fwd. to trying it on the iPad2 but it says it's disabled for this product when I try to turn it on. Wonder if google will update that now that there is a camera on the iPad?
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    iPad 3G models Verizon labeled AT&T not?

    Picked up a 32GB Verizon 3G at walmart Today and it said right on the back that it was for Verizon, they had only one 3G model left for another person with me and it did not say wether it was ATT or Verizon the guy behind the counter kept saying it would work on both but most in line knew he was...
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    ALL Apps up to Date?

    I had several apps that had updates but have not downloaded them yet. This morning I went to update one of them and when I went to the update page it said there were none now. I have not connected to Desktop so I do not know how they could all be up to date.
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    Desktop Connect - can view, but can't control

    I have been fighting with Desktop Connect all day just to get connected and was able to connect a time or two but had the same isue only saw what was on the screen with no control. The strange thing that I notice about the two paswords is that the deafault is desktop but the two passwords...
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    Best Remote Desktop App

    Anyone try one called Jump desktop?
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    Tv on iPad app seen in NYC cab

    Riding to airport Thursday i n a yellow cab and saw a tech bit on ABC I think about a live TV app called something like OBTV & the said for more info on any of the mentioned apps go to their websight. Well I can't find anything about it. Any one know what they were talking about?
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    Solid case with stand & does not add a ton to the weight

    I am looking for a case for my iPad that will add some protection from small drops or things being put on top of it in the car & so on. I looked at the otterbox but it looks to be a bit overkill plus the weight of it is an issue doubles the weight of the iPad I think I saw. I did buy the...
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    Need a texting app

    I think the cell phone would need to have a Fwd. option for this to work. I looled through my phones options and could not locate anything. Like everyone els I have had the same cell# for years and don't want to give out another # to get text on iPad but would be nice to get them pushed to...
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    Getting a head start on iTunes & apps

    Will not have my iPad for another few days but I have installed iTunes on my desktop and have already downloaded a half dozen apps that I know I want. I just wanted to make sure I will be able to transfer them to the iPad after I get it setup?
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    iPad w/o computer?

    Do you have to have a seperate PC or Mac to use the iPad? I keep reading all rhis stuff about syncing up to iTunes and so on? Will I have to connect it to my desktop anytime I want to add a new app?
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    Anyone order and received an iPad from recently?

    I ordered on 7/11 the Ipad and the case the iPad is sceduled to ship before the case. Case delivery is set for 8/12. A friend just orderd yesterday shipping to same zip and his case is scheduled to deliver on 8/3. Will make me mad if he gets his first after orderng 10 days later then me.
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    Anyone order and received an iPad from recently?

    Any of you that got your iPads a few days early notice if the status on the order page changed or did they just show up early? Did you know you were getting it early ahead of time is what I am asking.
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    GPS app that calculates acreage

    With my old Garmin handheld GPS I can drive the perimeter of a field and it will then tell me how many acres it is. Is there a map app that will do this on the iPod?
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    Need a texting app

    but I think I can figure it out. Maybe
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    Need a texting app

    So if somebody sends a text message to my current cell # it will show up on GV? Kind of confusing.
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    Camera connection KIT

    I ordered the CCK via the APPLE online store but it's not scheduled to ship until 8/26 I really need it for a trip I am going on in a few weeks so I have bid on a few on EBAY with no luck. I got a letter from EBAY today that said the following so I am guess it's a good thing I did not win...
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    Anyone order and received an iPad from recently?

    I ordered on 7/11 32GB-3G and scheduled to ship on 7/26. I might do the same thing if I can get to an A store in a few days and they have that model in stock.