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    iPad Case Reviews

    So what's the link?
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    Predictions for the iPad 2

    Accelerometer and gyroscope are two different things. Speeking of the compass/accelerometer, anybody playing with those night-sky-planitarium apps? Really very cool. Just hold your iPad up to identify what is beyond it. Lot of fun if you live in an area with good visibility and low light...
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    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    Here's another one, but I don't think it would work in bed very well. They call it a recliner, but I think they're talking about the iPad on a table top, not the user in a recliner chair. Don't think it would work on anything but a flat surface. iPad Accessories, eReader Accessories...
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    prompter apps for iPad

    I don't know about preachers, but there is at least one teleprompter app out there. Don't know how well it would work for a whole "sermon" though since it keeps scrolling. Maybe it can talk to an iPhone using Bluetooth so that the iPhone is used as a remote control.
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    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    Seems Steve Jobs is also looking for a way to use his iPad in bed: Here's another product that claims to make iPadding in bed more practical: WedgePad iPad Pillow Not quite sure how well these props would work, but let us know if you...
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    I got two cases. Some thoughts..

    Thanks for the report. I thought the same thing about the little elastic corners in the first one. I use a Belkin sleeve, but I agree with you about the zippers. I need to graduate to something better.
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    I read it in bed like the morning newspaper and frequently watch a movie or one of the ABC TV shows at night. I also jury-rigged a car mount so I always take it on the road now. But right now, I'm on my desk computer. Use that for actual work.
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    Freedom Pro Keyboard

    Any chance it will be the same width as an iPad?
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    theft proof case for shows?

    Oh, I got to thinking. What are you going to use to make interactive presentations? Unfortunately, as we all know, Apple won't let you create your own custom apps and plop them onto the machine. Big brother is alive and well. I guess you could create .pdfs that had graphic hot spots for buttons...
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    theft proof case for shows?

    Yeah, like merriman said, should be pretty easy to fabricate something yourself. You could even cut the bezel out of wood. Stained and polyurethaned it would probably look great.
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    Rubber frame is out :(

    Man, that's awful. I did hear that the screens are easily replaceable so maybe pushing it back in might work. But don't go on my advice!
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    Pretty funny. But think of it. There are certain environments where a man purse looks perfectly ok. Trade shows, airports, subways. But everywhere else, :p
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    This forum is growing fast!

    Absolutely! I've looked for good forums and nothing else I've found is anywhere near as good as this one. One that I thought might be a good forum,, has fallen flat on its face, completely mobbed by spammers hawking their junk.
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    Wired magazine's iPad edition - anyone else tried it?

    Yeah, the pricing is my complaint. I like Wired, but I'm sure as heck not going to pay more for a digital edition. There's too much content on the web as it is and I have to really pick and choose what I spend my time on. It won't be spent on something that is dramatically overpriced like...
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    Apple iPad Case Mod Stand

    Yeah, excellent. Thanks for the tip!
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    Broken Sword for iPad on the Market now

    Nice teeth.
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    Live Traffic Cop

    I've really enjoyed using Trapster when I drive around. I have it set up with the Ozzie voice and get a lot of "known enforcment zone" alerts. But yesterday I got my very first "Better slow down, mate. Live police ahead." And sure enough, about a mile later there he was with his speed gun out...
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    WebMD app now out

    Thanks very much for joining the forum just to share this exciting news with us.
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    The iPad is Not Welcome in Yankee Stadium

    I guess it is their choice. But what the heck do they advertise free wifi for then? Maybe they're afraid people sittting around you will want to watch over your shoulder rather than watch the field. Makes no sense to me.
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    30 Second iPad Stand

    I agree. Very clever but the picture or plate thingee zman shows is a bit better. But its still cool to see new ideas for doing things.
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    iTunes sync problem.

    My complaint about iTunes is that purchased songs (it seems to me) cannot be moved from my iPad to a different device from the one they were purchased on. I purchased some on my desktop machine and some on my iPad. I created a custom playlist with combinations of music from both sources. The...
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    Car Mount for use in Rental Cars?

    This one looks pretty promising: How stable is it? That is, on the end of that long bendable leg, how much does it move around? If I thought it was rock solid I'd jump on it. Price seems reasonable, too.
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    Car Mount for use in Rental Cars?

    I dunno. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be suspending something as heavy as an iPad and its frame from a suction cup on glass. Even my little Nuvi GPS comes unstuck and falls sometimes.
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    GQ Sells Just 365 iPad Apps of Men of the Year Issue

    I'm guessing a different magazine might do better. GQ??? Who reads that?
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    The Axis International Stand ???

    It says available in may. We're halfway through may already so maybe we will see more details soon. Doesn't look too interesting to me. I like to sit back in my recliner and that stand is only for desktop use. Funny how everyone wants to turn the iPad back into a computer monitor.
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    Ipad case --vs-- ipad stand

    Yeah, what's it look like? My neck is sore and my arms are tired. It's gotta be better than the pillow I've been using.
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    first disappointment with ipad

    Pretty strange, Jim. I'm like you and would expect it to get the same signal strength as the other one. Did you try completely shutting yours down, then restarting it?
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    Another Case thread !

    That one looks pretty good, David. I guess you can prop it up in your lap using the flap?
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    Creating new photo folders/moving pics

    Yes, but it's very dumb viewer. It shouldn't just arbitrarily fit every image to the screen. Apple programmers were just too lazy to do it properly.
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    headphones don't work with ipad jack.

    Make sure the plug has two black rings.
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    Creating new photo folders/moving pics

    I copied a couple of images from an email. It looks like there is no option in the Apple photo app to display at real size. It only shows my images expanded to fit the full screen. Unless there is some way around this it sure looks like the photo app is a "bare minimum" piece of junk.
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    I HATE screen protectors

    The oleophobic coating is why u can wipe off fingerprints easily. Once it is gone (as Apple says it will) it may be very difficult to wipe fingerprints off. Since Apple is already stating that the coating will erode over time, I suspect it will be unlikely they'll honor any claim about it being...
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    Creatin interactive magazine for iPad

    It's pretty complicated. You first have to sign up with apple as a developer and download their SDK. If you're not already an object C programmer, you'll very likely need to hire a programmer to create and maintain it. Unfortunately, apple has locked out other development platforms so it's...
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    Check this creative car mount for the Pad...

    Yep, very clever for sure. My only beef with it is that it blocks a/c vents.
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    Just ordered my car mount...

    I want a car mount, too. Don't care for any of the ones i've seen so far so I'm designing one from scratch. I'll report back on how it works out.
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    I HATE screen protectors

    I've been vascillating on this screen protector thing. I'd prefer not to, but I just read in some apple docs that the oleophobic coating will wear away over time. That's making me look at screen protectors as a solution. I'm very interested in other's opinions.
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    Funny iPad text substitution

    I was writing an email today and typed in "WTG" for way to go. Apparently apple thinks "WTF" is more common and substituted it. I "LOL"ed.
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    Creatin interactive magazine for iPad

    Will your magazine be a resident app on the device or will it be a website?
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    here the one question for you gentlemen and ladies here on this forum

    USB port so I can more easily copy files to the device from a flash drive. And speaking of flash, support for flash would be huge!