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  1. oouell

    Itunes complicated (Help?)

    I was not loving Itunes a lot, but the last version, Itunes 11.1.2 or sometning like that! Terrible I am reinstalling right now. On win 7 Was wondering , would it be better on win 8? I am a little afraid to use win 8, i just begun.... Thanks if you can help. Was reading help for...
  2. oouell

    Pictures and iCloud?

    I dont understand this forum..... I want to ask à question.... Where?.....not évident....cant see anything..... Voici: I had some photos in my photo folder on ipad 3 -Wanted to try again icloud, so i did! Then the pictures i had before icloud in the photo folder could not be écrase...
  3. oouell

    Spotlight on ios7?

    Spotlight was réally usefûĺ! Were is it on ios7? Please! cant find it ! did once pr 2 Times....not anymore... Thanks for helping Me Using ipad 3 et iphpne 5
  4. oouell

    Mail, l'app d'origine sur ipad , ne fonctionne plus depuis ios6! J'utilise gmail !

    Sur le nouvel ipad, tout est normal, depuis ios6! Sur ipad 2, depuis ios6, je ne reçois rien dans inbox de Mail! J'utilise gmail! Je peux envoyer des messages, mais je ne peux les voir dans le dossier sent! les recevoir...l L'application de gmail, fonctionne normalement, je reçois...