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    selling iPad- good price?

    I am going to sell my Husband's iPad 4 he got in the end of August. He passed away suddenly on December 12, 2013. I got myself an iPad air and no family members need or want a tablet. I looked at what they are getting on ebay- 300-330.00 sales but I never sold on ebay and have to ship and...
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    new product covers and cases

    Ok, hopefully apple will be announcing the iPad Oct 22(tommorow). I am going to be totally out of character and pre-order the new iPad. I have to assume that the manufacturers of cases and covers have to be in on the true dimensions for production of peripherals so they are ready for purchase...
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    best cellular provider for iPad?

    I'm going to upgrade my iPad 1 in the next couple of months( waiting to see if rumors of iPad 5 / Oct announcement come across means lower prices of iPad 4 if I wait) I never used the AT&T cellular on my iPad( bought it last year). I have been using my mobile WiFi off my android phone but it...
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    when i get my new iPad 4(or 5)

    I will probably get a new iPad by the end of this month rather than wait for the iPad 5 to come out now that a co-worker wants my iPad 1. Do i just have to connect the new device to my computer to put all of my apps that are on my old iPad to the new one? i don't plan on giving up the old one...
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    Hubby's iPad is listed as mine? can we re-name the iPad?

    Hubby just got his own iPad 4 yesterday. I had set up his iTunes account a few weeks prior when i put his music on his laptop(PC). We set his tablet up at the apple store and registered it under his name. When i plugged in the tablet via USB, the iPad came up under my name's iPad. when I first...
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    Great, now hubby wants his own iPad

    I'm not against my hubby getting an iPad- I wanted to give him my iPad1 when i get a new one by end of this year. He saw the wonders of the tablet and even a tech illiterate as he is saw apple was better than PC tablets. I thought a iPad 3 16 g would serve his needs- Facebook , a little internet...
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    buying refurbished- any negative concerns

    After visiting an apple store and hubby seeing in action- he wants one too. The apple employee did mention a refurbished as a $ saving possibility since we are both looking for one(each). Anybody ever buy refurbished and any feedback or concerns- I would only buy through the apple site .
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    is one mobile hot spot carrier better than others

    I hope this is the right sub forum for this discussion. I am currently using my phone as a mobile hot spot when needed( 2 g for 19.99/month and not locked in) I don't download big files- just for internet, apps, hulu plus for streaming . I can't do anything on the hulu- keeps freezing and...
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    my iPad is possessed

    This just started to happen- when i am looking something up whether is is Safari, app store or iTines. I find what I want to look into- say, an app I click on it to read about it further- the page starts to open, and suddenly I am on my home screen. As soon as i click back to the app store I...