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    Email query re email format

    I have just recently set up The iOs15 mail app on my ipad mini 6. I tried to send a very simple email message - "just a test" from my own email address to my own email address. I sent the email from my newly setup iPad Mini using Mail and was please to almost instantly receive it in the Inbox...
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    Unknown App on Ipad Mini 6

    I have just purchased a new Mini 6. I am a complete newbie to everything Apple but, so far, I have got most things up and running. However I have a weird app on the device in which everything is written in a language which, to me, looks like Japanese. The icon is square shape with the corners...
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    Which iPad do I have?

    Thanks for all your advice. I must be getting too old (see username!) - just after posting I had a peek on the back of the iPad and there it was - 16GB. I have contacted Amazon and complained about the inferior item. I have asked for a fast delivery of the 32GB iPad 2 and simultaneous...
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    Which iPad do I have?

    I ordered a nearly new 32GB iPad 2 from Amazon and an iPad 2 arrived very quickly and in perfect visual condition. Everything seemed to work OK. A day or so after getting the ipad 2 I was playing around with it (as I always do with new gadgets!) and I noticed that under Settings/General/About...