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    Question about Edit button

    Just wondering why I don't see an edit button on my own posts? I could swear I saw them earlier. (I did do quick post, does that not allow editing?) Just curious... thanks I think I answered my own question by posting again :) I think I got it ... I posted a reply in the iPad news...
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    Any cases to use with existing folio

    I was wondering if in anyone's searches they've seen an iPad case or holder that is similar to a notepad that goes into a folio? I'm thinking an iPad holder that can slide in an existing folio via that cardboard backing of a notebook that slides into folios. Just curios as I'm interested...
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    Hi from Maryland

    Bought a 32gb model on Friday night and have loved every hour since then. I stumbled across this forum as I'm still looking for a good folio case... I still have the original plastic on :) Look fwd to participating and learning.