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    You want to know what I think?

    After a few days use of the iPad I have found it to be a true '20-10' product. For the last 9 years we have had to pronounce the year as two thousand and six or two thousand and one and so on. But now getting to say that the year is twenty ten sounds...well futurey. Point is this; the iPad is a...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Ya I cant call in sick but I do get to use my apple business account to have my apple leeason' buy the unite for me at the store and charge it to my apple business card and I can send my secretary in for it.
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    The iPad is selling like ice in the desert

    THIS is a great summation. Well done. I cant back this anymore other than to say, "Spot on."
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    This is taking to long, I demand Apple speed up time and make it friday!
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    Free iPad stand! made from the box it came in

    How To Make a Free iPad Stand Using Its Own Packaging Material I say Sweet sauce and cool beans I also say, spray paint it black or marker it in black :):ipad-back::)
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    APP Deals.

    Nooooo keep them coming! 4phun is like our web filter for finding the better apps that are not free but are only on a special. also I like the ones that are more made for the iPad only. Thanx again!!!!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    iPad iPad -------------- To hold and to love To touch and to play It is the wait I loath It is such a long delay A slew of apps I will install A compendium of music I will add I will dock it in a shrine, hung on the wall I will let no one touch it, more than a tad Browsing the web in the stall...
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    What size iPad did you buy? And how much space are you using?

    speaking of multi tasking I was reading an article about a study done on the supposeive efficiency of multi tasking among all age ranges. It turns out that regardless of age, humans were not designed to multitask. The group that focused on one thing at a time had almost 300% more efficiency than...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    4phun rocks! Thanks for taking the time to post those nice findings for those of us who 'get' what you are trying to do. Very nice of you. Keep it up buddy!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    The 3G on my iphone is great and for the minimal price diffrence you will allways regardless of wifi or not, have access to all the things the enternet has to offer. :)
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    3:32 am 3:32 AM Sitting at my desk, starring at the ipad dock, waiting, wishing. I close my eyes and take in the sound of rain spattering on my window panes, as I bite my lower lip I can feel the whiskers forming under my lip line and a realization sets in that I have been neglecting general...