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    Conversion App with Extra ~ Fractions, Time hrs & mins, Length ft & inches, Weight St

    Guys, Does anyone have any knowledge of an App that can handle not only common tables but other more daily tasks such as :- Fractions ~ ¼, ½, ¾, ⅓, ⅔ etc. Time ~ Convert items such as 1 Day into Minutes & Seconds. Length ~ Convert items such as Yards into Feet & Inches. Weight ~ Convert...
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    Album in Photos App constantly says 'Downloading'

    Album in Photos App constantly says 'Downloading' ~ Sorted Guys, I have just picked up an iPad Air to replace my iPad 4. I had iCloud used as the recover to set up the Air and everything went well except for two issues (the other issue requires further investigation on my part before looking...
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    Ebay app screen judder whilst scrolling items for sale

    Guys, Since installing iOS 7 I have noticed whenever I try to carry out a viewing of items for sale in the eBay app the screen judders horrendously. It is that strong with the thumbnails jumping back and forth you literally can not view the items satisfactory. Has anyone else noticed this or...
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    Calendar entries deleted

    Guys, Is there any reason why both new and old calendar entries are being deleted after insertion? If I add a new entry it shows as added but if I change the date then go back again it has disappeared. Previously entered items no longer are being shown. However, if I go to my Google Calendar on...
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    Accessing 'Switch Control & Switches'.

    Since changing to iOS7 like others I have been interested in the new features. One such feature is the 'Switches' by using Left or Right Head Movement to control your screen. However, of the videos I have watched that demonstrate the ability I have noted that my menu system is different to those...
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    I had to use my Laptop/Computer today because......

    I'm looking at compiling a list of times when you have had to use your Laptop/Computer instead of your iPad. If you wish to contribute please only post when these times related to items which you would have 'normally' carried out the procedure on your iPad but found due to some restriction you...
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    Dropbox size increases ~ Why?

    I have noticed over the short period of using my first iPad that Dropbox has slowly been increasing in the size reported in Usage. Where I do not understand is how this increase is being met. I do not have any files associated with Dropbox Favourites. I do however open Dropbox files then...
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    App Store not loading

    Guys, Are any of you experiencing any issues in loading content in the App Store? I have tried all evening and although the main App loads if you either try to load the main content or do a search all I get is the spinning icon as it tries to fetch data. Ultimately it informs me it has timed...
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    Calendar App with Typed/Handwritten Note taking & picture import ability?

    It's a long shot but I'm trying to find a Calendar/Diary/Planner App that allows you to add either Typed or Handwritten notes plus insert pictures or photos on select dates. Can anyone suggest any such App please?
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    New so don't spank me just yet!

    Morning Chaps, Yes I'm brand spanking new to the world of Apple...... don't panic, Google is my Friend. Aged 60 (next month) and have years and years of experience in Windows & Android Hardware/Software but zilch knowledge with the iOS platform. I am a heavy user on a couple of Android Forums...