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    How do I lock screen rotation without the switch?

    i can't figure it out
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    Apple Pencil!

    Since there is not an iPad Pro accessories sub forum yet, I decided to start the thread in here. Who has one? How do you like it? What do you use it for? Which apps support it? I just put my order in today. Should be here in five weeks. Can't wait, I'm stoked after seeing all the Youtube...
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    All my text messages going to my iPad now and not my phone

    just happened after I activated my iPad. How do I make this stop?
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    Does anyone else's iPad 1 crash a lot more often than it used to?

    When I first bought it there would be an app here or there that it would crash on sometimes. As time went on it got more frequent, and with more apps. Now it seems to be crashing too often for my taste. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it something I'm just going to have to live with or is...
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    My low tech iPad exercise bike mount

    The bike had iPod hookups and built in speakers so I immediately wanted to hook my iPad to it. This is my first solution, involving a piece of cardboard, some felt, a little velcro, and my old iPad case. I am going to work on a better solution later, but for now this is working great.
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    Handbrake help?

    Hi, it's been quite a while since I have used this program but I have a handful of video files I would like to convert. I don't remember how to do a whole folder at once or how to build a queue. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Scosche iKit, was it ever released?

    Can't find it anywhere.
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    Desktop connect problems

    Anyone using this app? I bought itmpretty much to replace my USB mini keyboard I use as a remote when watching movies or listening to music on the laptop. I got it to work the first day iminstalled it and now it won't work anymore. Trying to connect via wifi since I'm in the same room as the laptop.
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    Can't sync iPad without erasing

    My hard drive failed a few weeks back. Since I had it replaced I had been working when I had time getting everything off my external back onto the computer and getting it up and running again. Today was the first day I tried syncing my iPad since the crash. It says it can't be synced because...
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    About two weeks ago my laptop crashed

    Hard drive malfunction. I thought I had everything I really wanted backed up, family photos and iTunes, but I was wrong I guess. Lost some really cool Greasemonkey and Firefox add ons that I can't find anymore and every time I browse the web with the laptop I'm reminded of it. So I pretty...
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    Screen brightness issues?

    I use my iPad a lot at night and almost exclusively indoors so I set the brightness pretty low. I have noticed while surfing the past few days that the brightness is not consistent and sometimes out of nowhere the screen just brightens up. Has anyone else experienced this? I have not noticed it...
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    Screen cleaner?

    Seems like everything you buy these days comes with a little cleaning cloth. I have plenty of these things but they don't seem to do the trick on the iPad. They just smear the grease around but don't actually get rid of it. A paper towel works much better but I'm not going to be carrying paper...
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    This new game center thing is annoying

    Is there any way to get rid of the game center prompts whenever I open a game app? I looked in the settings and in the game center app and found nothing. I would just delete it if I could:(
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    Contacts app won't let me add any more contacts

    I have been going through my contacts and entering them into my iPad. After entering just 20 apps it won't let me add another. When I try to it will let me enter the information but the button that says "done" does nothing. I tried hitting the cancel button too and that one won't work either. I...
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    Best iPad apps magazine?

    About two months ago I was in the bookstore. This was before I was 100% sure I was going to buy an iPad. I was killing time and browsing the magazines and saw a THICK guide to the best iPad apps. It was really thick, the thickest magazine on the rack. An inch thick or more. I think it reviewed...
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    Is Zagg the only option for real leather skins?

    I like them, but just wondering if there are more options out there. Seems the colors and options are kind of limited with Zagg and I can't make up my mind what I want. I don't know why I think more options would help me narrow it down, but it's worth a try.
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    So I downloaded Epic Citadel today

    and I am amazed at what the iPad can do. I thought Soosiz and Godfinger were what I was in for! Although not having a controller has made games like Tony Hawk harder than they were on the Playstation so I don't know if Call Of Duty is going to work. I was thinking of point and click puzzle games...
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    2 players on one device games?

    I know of Scrabble and Uno but would like to check more out
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    Problem with iTunes - No "apps" tab under my device

    Hello. I just got my iPad today. I was trying to use VLC Media Player for the first time. According to the directions, I am supposed to have an "apps" tab when I select my device. All I have is Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, and Purchased. I do have an Apps tab in the library section, but I...
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    New member!

    Hi everyone:D I went ahead and ordered an iPad the other day, it should arrive tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. I joined this place mostly to see what all the iPad has to offer but being able to get help if a problem should arise is a great bonus.