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    Storing files on iPad

    :ipad-keyboard: Save2PDF app in the Appstore of course... It allows importing files from email as well as web pages ftp and the best is any app that allows Print feature, as long as Save2PDF is running in the background it can be selected then save the file while naming it and as it does...
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    What is your job???

    What is My J O B Jubilantly Outlasting Bordem... My J O B is running my business (SoleProprietorship) working as a Service Pro contractor for many Buyers or Vendors in need of Technical Expertise. It can range from working as site technician with Telco, Networking, Computing and or...
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    help please

    Remember that Air Video can convert and stream the video simultaneously saving pre conversion time. If time is of the essence that is, otherwise you can also flag videos from your shared folder(s) for conversion even while you stream another.
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    What is your ipads name?

    OMG I loved your book, it got me daydreaming beyond belief! I don't recall where I found it, perhaps here on the Forums, but I'm sure glad I did. What an original story and I loved the Textee's in the book. I remember reading that story back when the iPad was first shipping and thinking how...
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    What is your ipads name?

    iPadAbble (WiFi unit) and iPadAbble3G (3G unit)
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    Need help can't find this any where

    Clearly you have to get the iPad into DFU mode and do a Factory Restore using the latest iOS. Then restore using a good known backup, possibly one before you Jail-broke or one that was known to work previously. If that fails after restore, set it up as a new iPad, Rinse and Repeat. Had...
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    Creating & Using Hyperlink/URL with iPad software?

    So what your saying, is using Pages for iPad, your making from scratch as well as importing documents made in (?) to the iPad using (?) (iTunes document import to Pages) (email) (another app) and instead of getting a linkable hypertext markup, instead its remaining plain text even after saving...
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    Forms that can be signed

    Signing iPad Documents I use Sign My Pad from Autriv. It's nice to accept my work orders as a PDF in e-mail and open them in Sign My Pad. I can then complete all the information throughout the PDF, no matter what page you choose and also add drawings (using the signature option) and the...
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    iPad sync problem

    Its somewhat confusing reading what you just said too. There is no iPad Tab, but I think you meant Music Tab, which doesn't actually list any music. But in iTunes in the Menu Music on the Left (Not a Tab) shows all your music. I would also check to see what Playlists you have created as they...
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    I have a IPad, but there is no operation system

    Download a new /ipsw from Apple which is ver 3.2. plug iPad into computer with iTunes, may have to put iPad into DFU mode, hold down Option while clicking on restore - browse to the downloaded ipsw file and the iPad will be loaded to factory defaults. Everything on the iPad as it is now will be...
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    Move apps to another page on desktop?

    Using native OS and no Jailbreak, the icons fill top to bottom but can be arranged in any order on the iPad or via iTunes when synching. You don't have to fill a page but they will always fill top down in That order as you add apps. In iOS4 you will have the added ability to manage apps...
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    I just bought my husband a 64g 3 g

    I think that's one if the best gifts a wife could purchase :D I'm happy for the both of you.
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    Skype is installed but no icon to execute it on desktop? ahmm Help!

    Not understanding your incepted use of the iPad, it sounds as though hacking it as a desktop or notebook is the norm for you. You SSH with Linux but aren't aware of a simple spotlight feature one screen over?? Sorry but it sounds like being your first Mac/Apple device, you may want to get...
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    12V charging cable....OK with iPad ?

    Most iPod or iPhone adapters will tell you on the screen of the device after plugging it in, whether it's compatible. Also compare the miliampres rating between the two. If the 12volt adapter is rated lower than the original charger, you should be fine. Some cabling adapters, especially those...
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    ipad screen problem

    Touch Train Mobility Ware Try installing Touch Train from Mobility Ware an iPhone app from the App Store. Attempt once you install it to hit the white pixel in the center of the target. One thing with it being an iPhone app is it will run in a smaller frame unless you hit the 2X. This should...
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    ATT Unlimited Plan Extended.

    I've thought about canceling for a month to test that theory, but two things are holding me back. 1) The pre orders for iPhone 4 begin tomorrow and I have many things to sort with ATT over my family plan. Changing unlimited to 2G/limit on two of the phones and keeping it on the others. 2)...
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    I don't understand why the Apple case is so hard to find?!

    I bought mine with he WiFi pre-orders, since then I have been looking for another locally since I bought the 3G version at Best Buy. I passed up a slightly used one once at a Best Buy I visited while in another town working. It was listed or marked down as $30 and needed a good cleaning...
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    How do you surf

    Active Topics are the easiest on the iPad and updates are immediate. Read an updated post or thread... Tap top of screen to jump back to menus... Tap Active Topics. Rinse repeat.
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    Where's the ARROW keys????

    Just a side note on word or letter specific selecting. Obviously one tap and hold you get the magnifying glass, but another quick selection or editing tool is to double tap then long hold. Once you get the right combo you will notice instead of a round magnifying glass, you get a rectangular...
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    Very Odd

    Yes, once or twice in a Barnes and a couple times in a coffee- used bookstore across from my office. Stares n glares and puppy dog tales, makes for an intriguing magical device which everyone seems to sneak a peek or two at this wonderful device. I've had some people so crazy for one after...
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    How many gigs of apps do you have installed?

    5.4 Gigs without The Elements...
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    Tips on draining ipad battery?

    I hit on this very subject in Another Thread here. Being an Apple service tech we calibrate and test batteries in many Mac devices in the service shop. It is best to follow Apples once a month plan, your Apple Care will love you, as will your battery.
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    iPhone 4G / iPhone HD

    I'll be opting for my free upgrade and adding the new iPhone to my iPhone collection. I'm one of those early adopters, much as many in this forum and I never ever regretted being first to use or adopt any Apple product as well as use AT&T which has been absolutely supportive to me and my...
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    May 28th - Most Users Ever on

    Yay for another iPadForums milestone! :D
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    Got my el-cheapo leather iPad case....

    Awe, come on, show us a picture ya know you want to... :p
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    Let's put another shrimp on the barbie

    Have you tried The Early Edition yet? I love to read it as a newspaper in my daily routine.
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    Need a very lightweight case with access to power adapter

    I too have the Apple Case from day one for my WiFi iPad and once I got my 3G 64 iPad it immediately moved over to the case and am thinking of buying another case to use again for the WiFi only version. Mostly because the Apple case has proven to be very beneficial in both protecting and in...
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    Apple iPad Case Mod Stand

    This presentation post gets my vote for the best posting from any others in the entire forum! Especially when its so helpful and in an un-arrogant way, some people just go off and think what they post is final word and not always helpful, especially when it's something they only parrot from...
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    Software transfer from Computer to iPad

    You don't, it's a seperate suite of software. The iPad has the specific iWork version made only for iPad along with special pricing of $9.99 each for Numbers, Pages and Keynote. However any documents edited or created in both MAC and iPad if both versions are to the latest updated versions...
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    How many pages of apps?

    11 pages here, been that way from my first WiiFi unit and syncing with iTunes. It copied all my apps and made an overflow so i removed all the apps not being used currently and have kept it down to 11 since. I then rotate out what is phased out as I replace certain apps with either iPad...
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    Photo albums

    Google, "How to create new album in iPhoto" Result; "Apples very own tutorial" Welcome to the forums, always nice to see new people but even nicer to see new questions. Please make use of the forum search as well as remember Google is your friend, just like us. :)
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    Weird battery life problem

    Something else to think about... I know most of you got your new iPad and on first power up had a little less than or at 100% charge. You may have even noticed it lasting longer on this 100% charge than on any other since then. The thing is and this is directed at all i devices ( as well...
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    Download and payment?

    Something I would like to add here, Yes you can use Paypal if you have a business account with a PayPal supplied debit card. Mine is issued from Paypal but attaches to my normal checking account, if you don't have the funds in the PayPal account, it automatically draws from the checking. I...
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    How to Use BTstack GPS to add GPS to a Jailbroken Wi-Fi iPad

    Kind of vague in some areas, like does the BT GPS function with the native Google Maps app? One of the first things I tried when I got my WiFi only iPad, was to pair a BT GPS to it for mapping and direction. Obviously it wouldn't work, so its nice to see this option now for those who wish to...
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    Upscale hotels now offer iPad to customers

    Could it be any higher than the existing markups found on E-Bay? Perhaps booking a room fore some is in order. While they are at it, a few towels and toiletries make it all that more enjoyable once it reaches home. :p
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    iPad Usability Study Finds iPad Apps Beautiful but Frustrating

    Let me guess, in this study they were using monkeys... After 5 seconds even in an unfamiliar app, most users can assimilate where most controls are and what is functional or not. Those users of iPhones and iPod Touches would be even more familiar, especially when moving to an app on the iPad...
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    Last Night an iPad Saved My Life…

    Huh? Last Night an iPad Saved My Life… Was I tricked into this thread by a misleading title that has nothing to do with the news article? Or was this a typo...
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    Think first!

    I think a lot of people are assuming too much from ayerbusiness post, what I think he meant was whether or not you should buy 3G or WiFi and to take the time while waiting for your iPad to be available/restocked, to make a more justified decision between the two. Funny thing is though, I have...
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    iPad is not a Note taking device

    I agree with each note app I try, it all boils down to the thickness of the hand writing lines. Even above all the added or bonus features, the lines have to look as though your writing not drawing with a thick crayon. Also these are great lists for note taking apps, but one that keeps...
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    Who's having buyers remorse?

    I love that Insurance joke so funny. It just made my day. :D